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Benefits of Hiring a Mahindra Car from Revv in Chennai

One of the metropolitan cities in India, Chennai is an old city that has been a favorite of many. Chennai is also one of the educational hubs in the country that has gained enough attention since it is the home of some of the best colleges in the country. And if you are a travelholic, the city is a great choice for you too. You can find several attractions within the city. And if you want to explore the nearby areas, you will get even more options. All you need is a car that you can take to places and enjoy small and long trips. 

Where do you get a car from?

Well, getting a car in Chennai is the easiest thing you can do. There is no need to make the down payment and buy a car since you can opt for a car rental in Chennai. Now that we are talking about car rental service, let us discuss some of the benefits of it.

1. Affordable rates

Unlike buying a car, hiring a car is very affordable. Especially if you hire self-drive car rental from a company like Revv, you will get the services at the most reasonable rates. All that you need to figure out is the kind of car you want. 

2. Flexible

With Revv, you can enjoy flexibility. Although you would be required to select the starting and end date and time of the trip, you can change it as per your need. You can simply update the company about the same. 

3. Safe

If you are not very good with strangers, a self-drive car rental is the best for you. There is no chance that a driver can misguide you and you have a difference of opinion with him.

4. Privacy

As you travel with your family, you will of course talk about things that you do not want everyone to know. This is when a self-drive car rental service can be helpful for you. You can drive the car, take as many stops, choose the routes that you are familiar and comfortable with, and talk about anything that you have in mind. There is absolutely nobody to hear you other than your own people.

5. Sanitized

If you take the car rental service from Revv, you will surely get sanitized car. As a customer books a car from Revv, the executives quickly take the car for deep cleaning, and then it is followed by sanitization. Even when the car is handed over to the customer, they ensure sanitization once again. 

6. Varieties

At Revv you can get a wide variety of cars. You can find almost all the automobile brands and each type of model. You can choose the car as per your choice and need. if you are the kind of person who likes using varieties of cars, you can change the car almost every month.

7. Doorstep delivery

What can be better than a car being delivered to your doorstep while you are keeping up with your busy life, right? Well, Revv offers doorstep delivery of cars. At the time of receiving the car, you will be asked to show your original Driving Licence and photo/address proof. Therefore, you must keep them handy.

Which car manufacturer to choose?

The question is valid since there are so many car manufacturers in the country. However, if you want to stick to the local options yet the best, you can opt for Mahindra. As a matter of fact, the Mahindra cars are the favorite of not only common people but several Bollywood celebrities as well. Among the self-drive rental cars, Mahindra cars are one of the most sought-after ones. Well, in that case, let us check out the benefits of Mahindra Car for rental service.


One of the top features of Mahindra cars is their sturdiness.  The bodies are so well-made that Mahindra MM50 is even used by the Indian Army. This specific car, Mahindra MM50 has actually been designed so that it can be used on rough terrains. The other two very successful Mahidnra cars that are used for patrolling on the borders are Mahindra Rakshak and Mahindra Marksman.


Mahindra and Mahindra is a totally Indian brand with its inception in 1945. The brand was started as Muhammad and Mahindra; however, the name later was changed to Mahindra and Mahindra. The Mahindra cars are used for private, rented, and even commercial use; and apart from all these, these cars are also used in the Formula E car racing championship.

mHawk engines

One of the best things about the Mahindra car is its engine. They use mHawk engines, which are considered the best engines in the automobile industry. Some of the popular SUVs in which this engine is used are Thar, Bolero, Scorpio, XUV500, etc. In one of the Expos, the company even showcased mStallion engines.

Best SUVs

You can find some best SUVs from Mahindra. From Thar to Bolero, from Scorpio to Alturas G4, the majority of the most sought-after SUVs are from Mahindra. You can even get compact SUVs such as XUV300 and XUV500 from Mahindra.

How to book a Mahindra car for rental?

As Mahindra car hire in Chennai is concerned, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The foremost thing to do is to download the Revv app on your device from Google Play Store or iOS App Store
  • Now find the car rental tab and click on it
  • Now select the start and end date and time
  • Now choose the car that you want to hire
  • You will find a page now where you have to enter a few details about yourself. On the same page, you have to put a tick mark if you want to drop the car at any location in the city.

Once you do all these, you can wait for the car and make plans for the trip.


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