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5 Best Compact SUV Cars in India for Rental

A road trip is the best way to unwind yourself. No matter how tired you are or how monotonous your life has become, a road trip can fix it all. And if you could get some friends who want to accompany you on the road trip, it can become even better and more interesting. As we talk about one such trip, a car plays a vital role. We cannot just take any car for a road trip. The best that you can take is a compact SUV. There would be enough room to spread your legs and find yourself a seat.Β 

As we talk about compact SUVs in India, you will come across quite many of them. So, let us take a look at some of the best compact SUVs in India that you can consider.

5 Best compact SUVs in India in 2022

1. Hyundai Creta AT

Talking about the exterior of the car, the overall length is 4300 mm, the overall width is 1790, the overall height is 1635 mm, and the wheelbase is 2610 mm. You will get enough boot space. It is a 5-seater car with fuel type diesel and transmission type automatic. It is certainly one of the best SUV cars in India at present.

2. Maruti Brezza

While you are looking for SUV cars in India, you cannot just ignore Maruti Brezza. It is also a 5-seater compact SUV that is known for being spacious. The fuel type of this car is diesel and the transmission type is manual. You will get a boot space of 328 liters, and the numbers of cylinders are four. The fuel tank capacity is 48.0. You can get this SUV on rental very easily.

3. Mahindra XUV

If you are eyeing the 7-seater SUV cars in India, you can choose Mahindra XUV. The car is known for its robustness. It is one of the best SUVs with both excellent interiors and an exterior. The fuel type of this car is diesel and the transmission type is manual. This is one of the best mileage SUVs in India.

4. Hyundai Venue

You often see Hyundai Venue these days running on the roads. Well, this is one of the best compact SUVs in India because of which it is in high demand. This 5-seater car has petrol fuel type and automatic transmission type. You will never regret getting this car for your road trip.

5. Mahindra Scorpio

Ever since this SUV was launched, it never saw a dip in its sale. This is in fact, one of the most sought-after and best SUVs in India.Β  This is the best 7-seater SUV in India which manual transmission type and diesel fuel type.

There are several upcoming SUV cars in India with better technology. However, as of now, you can choose any of the cars mentioned above. The SUV prices in India are not that pocket-friendly and these are not at all budget cars. Therefore, the best option is to rent an SUV car. Are you wondering now where to rent the car from? Well, fret not, especially when you have the option of Revv. Car rental from Revv is not difficult at all. You just need to follow a few steps which are mentioned herein below:

  • Get started by downloading the Revv app on your digital device. You can find the app on either iOS App Store or Google Play Store
  • Once you have installed the app on your device, you have to log in to the app with your registered mobile number
  • Once you are in, you have to click on the car rental tab
  • You will be required to choose the date and time of your trip
  • Now find yourself on the page of cars
  • You can use the filter to find the SUV cars easily
  • Choose a car of your choice and proceed towards booking it

The process is very simple and the app is super user-friendly. The best part of taking a car on rent from Revv is that you can do everything online. The car will be delivered to your doorstep. After using it, you can choose for either the car to be picked up from the same address or leave it anywhere in the city and inform the company about the same.

What can you expect from Revv’s car rental service?

Revv is a trustworthy company that deals in car rental and car subscription services. With the car rental service of this company, your life only becomes easier. Want to know how? Here you go:

  • Affordable: The car rental service offered by Revv is lighter on pockets. The car rental service starts at just INR 339 per day.
  • Self-drive option: With their service, you do not need to wait for the driver to come and pick you up for the trip. You can be the driver of the car you have taken on rent and can start the journey whenever you want.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitized: Before a car is delivered to you, it is taken for deep cleaning and thoroughly sanitized. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the cleanliness part at all.
  • Doorstep delivery: As already mentioned, you do not need to go anywhere to pick the car up. It will be delivered to your address by the Revv executives.

When you are choosing Revv over the many competitors in the market, you can trust the company without a second thought. You will get not just any car but a well-maintained car in the best condition. Now get the Revv app and start looking for the SUV car you need.


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