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Rekindle Your Senses to Visit The Picturesque Budget Holiday Destinations from Kochi

If you love Kerala backwaters, if you are in awe of the jaw dropping beauty of God’s Own Country, exploring Kochi and its vicinity is surely in your bucket list. It is not for nothing that the place won the accolade of the Queen of the Arabian Sea. From sensuous surroundings to warm hospitality, from delectable cuisine to gorgeous artistry, from sombre pilgrimage to adrenalin pumping water sports and adventure activities – this area has something for everybody. 

Post pandemic, as the first rush of panic has been taken into stride, we are all looking for safe yet economic ways to break the barriers of the four walls of our homes and fuel our wanderlust. When you think of budget getaways from Kochi, the list can be endless (almost, literally!). And what could be a safer way than to drive in a private car, armed with masks and sanitisers, and steep into the sights and gifts that dot one of the most picturesque locations in the entire world. 

Important things to keep in mind when taking a road trip from Kochi.

  • Best time to visit Kochi — The best time to visit Kerala and the popular holiday destinations from Kochi is from October to February. There are no torrential rains or scorching heat to disturb your smooth drive across the cities during this time. And the nip in the air is very pleasant, inviting – almost energy inducing.
  • Types of visits recommended— You should definitely take a trip in and around Kochi if you are an adventurous soul, nature lover, and love lazing along with the ebbs and tides of the sea waves.

Explore 9 inexpensive destinations around Kochi

Before you set out to enjoy your holidays from Kochi, remember to check the innumerable home stay options — houses and cottages with characters and persona opening their heart and hearth for your convenience and comfort. You not only get a feeling of home away from home, but also get to taste the best local cuisine made with love and compassion. Now let’s concentrate on the destinations to drive to! 

1. Munnar

If you are tired of living in a concrete jungle and are pining to revel at the richness of natural beauty, then Munnar is the place you ought to visit. This place is just heavenly with lush green tea plantations, spice gardens, and rivers meandering to meet the horizons. In short, Munnar is a treat for nature lovers and explorers and the best place for short budget holidays from Kochi. Feeling the need to vent pent up energy? Try the adventure and water sport activities. 

  • Distance from Kochi –126.2 km
  • Things to do in Munnar – The most common things to do in Munnar is visiting the tea and spice gardens, sightseeing, and adventurous activities.

2. Alleppey

This is one of the most famous and amazing nearest tourist attractions from Kochi in Kerala. You just can’t visit Kerala and not go to Alleppey. The city of lakes is an idyllic place to relax and relish the hospitality by nesting in one of the picturesque houseboats in the cyanic backwaters.

  • Distance from Kochi by road – 60 km
  • Things to do in Alleppey– Boat stay, boat rides, and sightseeing.

3. Kanyakumari

One of the favoured budget holidays from Kochi could be to Kanyakumari. It’s an incredible location that is also very famous for pilgrimage. You’ll find some architectural glory from ancient times in the form of prominent temples. There is also no dearth of beaches and natural beauty here. So, be it boating, paying religious tributes, or relaxing near the village, this place has it all. 

  • Distance from Kochi — The distance from Kochi to Kanyakumari is 294 km.
  • Things to do in Kanyakumari — Beach walk, water sports, pilgrimage, and sightseeing.

4 Vagamon

We call it the most idealistic place near Kochi to enjoy a fruitful family picnic on a budget. The beauty hill station that is known for its lush green forests and excellent valleys cannot be described in mere words. Get lost in the pine forest, trek along the hills, or attend a mountaineering camp – you shall return home recharged. 

  • Distance from Kochi by road — 110km
  • Things to do in Vagamon — Sightseeing, trekking, mountaineering.

5. Thrissur

If you are a history buff, you are certainly going to be impressed by Thrissur. A short drive from the city, this place boasts of some spectacular architectural gems. The churches, the temples, and the photogenic locations that this place has to offer make your trip worthwhile. 

  • Distance from Kochi — 85 km.
  • Things to do in Thrissur — Pilgrimage, sightseeing, historic and cultural exploration.

6. Mysore

It is a city of palaces and has its own distinct Mughal charm. The list of grand forts and palaces here are never ending and a trip towards this city to explore all of them would be the best decision of your life. Do check the Tipu Sultan Palace, Philomena Church, and Chamundeshwari Temple when you are here.

  • Distance from Kochi – 346.5 km
  • Things to do in Kochi – Palace explorations, sightseeing, pilgrimage.

7. Athirapally

It is one of the most adorable locations near Kochi and is known for the largest waterfalls in the country. You will also be dazed by the beauty of milky cascading waterfalls and the surrounding natural beauty. The pictures clicked amidst these scenic locations are perfect for a magazine cover!

  • Distance from Kochi – 67km
  • Things to do in Athirapally – Enjoy nature and go for jungle safari.

8. Ezhattumugham Nature Village

It is a stunning river village located in the outskirts of Kochi. You should definitely check this place if you want to view the intriguing scene of the river getting divided into seven streams.

  • Distance from Kochi – 47km
  • Things to do in Ezhattumugham Nature Village – water sports adventure, nature walk and visiting the water park located here.

9. Trivandrum

If you don’t mind long hours behind the wheels, Trivandrum has something for everybody. The azure sky meeting the sylvan sands bordering the cerulean sea – Kovalam beach — take a deep breath – don’t you feel rejuvenated already? Not a lazing soul? Adventure in your mind? Trivandrum offers a plethora of recreational and water-sport activities. Want to punch in pilgrimage? Visit the historic Padmanabhaswamy Temple and pay homage to Lord Vishnu. 

  • Distance from Kochi – 207.2km
  • Things to do – laze, beach fun, water sports, adventure, nature walk, and visiting temples.

If you think the buck stops here when we think of budget getaways from Kochi, then you are in for a surprise. The list can go on and on. Fort Kochi, Marayur, Pathanamthitta, Ponanni – this coastal belt of the Western Ghats offers many such beauties, each with a bouquet of unique offerings and picture-postcard-like backdrop. What’s best? Exploring them in a rented car from Revv won’t even dig a deep hole in your pocket. Itching to get started, aren’t you? 


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