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Fully Sanitized Revv Cars on Rent Available for Self Drive

There were days when not having a car meant commuting from one place to another through one of the public transports. Well, public transport is not at all bad and may even save you some money but it certainly is not convenient and safe, especially in a situation of an ongoing pandemic. Therefore, one of the options that you can opt for without a second thought is a reliable self-drive car rental service. A large number of people these days are choosing car rental services as safe and sanitized car rental become available in more cities and at affordable rates.

While we are talking about self-drive car rental services, let us shed some light on the several advantages of this particular service.

1. Affordable

Car rental services are quite affordable and becoming even more so due to the growing competition in this sector. If you are the kind of individual who maintains a limited budget every month, this is a great choice for you as you have to pay only a particular amount to the car rental company and enjoy the service for the rest of the month.Β 

2. Choice of cars

As you look for a car rental service, you will come across a wide variety of cars. You can choose from a variety of cars and use them the way you want. You can choose the car that you want to drive based on the various options that are available such as body type, fuel efficiency, brand, fuel type, engine capacity, model, etc.

3. Door-step delivery

You can choose a car rental company that delivers the car to your doorstep. This will save you time and you also will have lesser chances to contract the Coronavirus. It is also very convenient as you do not have to spend your efforts trying to locate the warehouse or storehouse.

4. Easy return

You can return the car when you think you do not need it anymore. And in case you want to extend the period of the car rental service, you can just inform the company about it and just like that, you can return the car to the company. You do not have to worry about paying excessive charges even when you are extending your rental period.

5. Drive independently

If you use public transport, you have no control over the timings when the vehicle will move from one place to the others. However, when you use a car rental service, you can use it at your convenience. Since it is a self-drive car rental service, you do not have to be dependent on a driver at all. Instead, you can drive it to places that you want.

Now the only effort that you have to put in is finding a car rental company that you can rely upon. While you are looking for a reliable company, you can any day consider Revv. When you go for the car rental service from Revv, you will not only get a car that you can take to many places but you can also get the assurance that the car has been cleaned and sanitized properly before it was delivered to you. Revv conducts a thorough car sanitization process and ensures that every inch of the car has been cleaned as well as sanitized properly.

Let us check the car sanitization process done by Revv.

1. Executives exercise personal hygiene

Before getting started with the process of sanitization, the executives first wash their hands with soap or handwash and sanitize with an alcohol-based sanitizer. They then wear personal protective equipment or PPE such as masks, face shields, gloves to minimize the chances of cross-transmission

2. Sanitizing the cabin

To clean the cabin of the car, the executives first clean the dirt and grime and also use disinfectant chemicals so that even if there are micro-organisms present on the surfaces, will be cleaned. For the car seats, a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is used so that even the tiniest dirt that we cannot see with our naked eyes, is removed. After this step is done, a sanitizer with 70% isopropyl alcohol is used. Even if there is any virus, this process removes all of it.

3. Cleaning the glasses

The executives clean the window panes using chemicals. They use disinfectants to clean these areas and make sure that not even an inch of glass is left dirty. Cleaning the glasses is one of the most important areas that the Revv executives make sure of covering.

4. Disinfecting the high touched areas

While Revv promises hygienic cars on rent, they make sure the most touched areas are thoroughly cleaned. Door handles, dashboard, each of the buttons and knobs, grab hand brake, steering wheel, gear shifter, seatbelt buckles, seat adjustment levers, handles, touchscreens, sun visors, and all through the cabin, are some of the areas that are properly cleaned with disinfectants.

5. Servicing the air conditioner

While the Revv executives clean every corner of the car, they make sure that even the air conditioner is properly serviced. This helps in cleaning the bacteria or fungi that sometimes harbor there.

Revv ensures that the Covid-19 protocols are maintained in every step and the customers only receive sanitized cars. The drivers wear PPE gear while dropping the car at the doorstep of the customers. The customers are also offered a paperless receipt so that contact-less delivery is done.

The car rental from Revv is a lifesaver for people who are looking for a good alternative to public transport but do not want to invest too much money into getting a car of their own. You can also find a safe, sanitized car subscription from Revv if you are looking for using the car for a longer period. Do visit the Revv website or download the Revv app for finding some great vehicles at your disposal.


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