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10 Best Fuel-Efficient Cars for Subscription in India

A road trip to a destination makes the journey very lively and full of fun. If you can’t plan road trips coz you don’t have a personal car then you should know in India, car subscriptions are available in almost all major cities. You need to spend approx 15,000 per month to drive an excellent hatchback car as your own. For rental cars, you have no maintenance responsibilities, only recharge the fuel and get going. 

But the rising fuel price has become a factor to consider while you are on the road. These 10 best fuel-efficient cars will save your wallet from bleeding and give you guilt-free fun.

10 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars for Subscriptions

1. Maruti Suzuki Alto

Alto K10 is considered as one of the best fuel-efficient cars for subscription with an astounding mileage of 24.02 km/l. That makes it the best choice for economical long drives and the rental charges Alto K10 is also very budget-friendly, i.e. approx Rs. 11,000 per month. The new hatchback model has lots of modern convenience and safety features, like ABS, airbag, etc. Also, the interior and exterior have premium looks, and the newly tuned-up petrol, diesel, or CNG engines will charge your holiday vibes. 

2. Hyundai Grand i10

This top hatchback car has excellent build quality, lots of space of knee-room, and headroom for the passengers at the rear seat. That makes the Grand i10 the best car for a small family holiday trip with all the safety measures and modern features like wireless phone charging, an infotainment system controllable via a phone app, and others. Also, this model is extremely budget-friendly, and the diesel variant provides a millage of 24.95 km/l in long drives and available at an easy subscription of approx Rs. 16,000 per month.  

3. Maruti Swift

Swift is one of the most liked hatchback models in India, and whether you prefer diesel cars or petrol cars, Maruti Swift will surely fulfill all your needs. It a very fuel-efficient car and the petrol variant provide a stunning millage of 23.20 km/l in long drives. Top features, like power steering, ABS, and airbags are available in this model that makes it a perfect package for a family vacation. You can rent a Swift in almost all major cities, and the subscription rate will be around Rs. 15,000 per month.  

4. Maruti Baleno

It is a luxurious car with essential safety features like airbags, child safety locks, door ajar warning, central locking, ABS, and EBD. An additional speed alert system is available in this car that gives audible warnings once the speed reaches over 80kmph as a passive safety feature. Hence, this model is preferred by many in long drives for efficient security measures. Also, it is remarkably fuel-efficient and can give a mileage of 23.87 km/l in long distances. Baleno is available for subscription in all major cities for Rs. 17,000 per month. 

5. Hyundai Santro

Santro is one of the best cars for subscription in India, with a striking mileage of 20 km/l in long drives. That makes this a very economical hatchback with attractive looks. The comfort level of the car on highways is also pretty good. Thus, Santro eventually became the ideal car for small families. You can subscribe to a Hyundai Santro as a value-for-money option, and the rental charge will be approx Rs. 14,000 per month. 

6. Hyundai i20

It is a budget-friendly car model with an excellent mileage of a maximum of 25 km/l in long drives along with all safety features. That includes six airbags, ABS, central locking, power door lock, child safety lock, and anti-theft alarm. Also, this model is very comfortable for long journeys with a spectacular interior setting. For these reasons, it is one of the most liked hatchback models available in India, and you can subscribe to an i20 for approx Rs. 16,000 per month in all major cities. 

7. Renault KWID 1.0

KWID is known for its overall performance. It provides a good fuel efficiency of about 23 km/l, and the outlook of this car is also very gorgeous. The SUV-Inspired styling, large boot space, ground clearance, touch screen, parking camera, and in-built navigation system makes it the smartest hatchback car. Also, essential security features like airbags, seat belt reminders, ABS, and EBD are present in this car. You can rent a KWID 1.0 for approx Rs. 15,000 per month and take your family on a joyride. 

8. Maruti CIAZ

If you are fond of sedans, then Maruti CIAZ will be the best sedan car for subscriptions with excellent fuel efficiency. This car gives a mileage of 22 km/l on the highways and approx 20 km/l on city roads. That makes it very pocket-friendly. Also, you will have a very comfortable journey with your friends and family when you rent a CIAZ for a vacation outing. The interior and exterior design of this car is very pleasing with all essential safety features. The monthly rental charge for CIAZ is approx Rs. 25,000.  

9. Hyundai Verna

Verna is known as the best car for women in India, and if you are planning a road trip with your girl gang, then Verna will be the perfect choice for you. This model ensures utmost comfort with excellent fuel efficiency, i.e. up to 25 km/l in long distances. Safety measures like airbags, ABS, central locking, child safety, and power door locks are available in this car. Also, conveniences like rear reading lamps, rear-seat center armrest, and cup holders in front and back are available for additional comfort. The rental charges for Hyundai Verna will be almost Rs. 24,000 per month. 

10. Tata Tiago

Long drives in Tata Tiago are exciting for the smooth engine performance and fuel efficiency. You can take this car through any terrain, and especially if you are a beginner will love the driving experience. Also, this is a budget-friendly car and you can get this at a monthly rental of Rs. 16,000 approx. You can compare other car model’s subscription plans and prices with Tiago, to get a good deal. 

Start dig out your bucket list for travel and book your favorite fuel-efficient car subscription from Revv to drive to the destinations on your list.


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