Now Mumbai Residents can Get a Car Subscription Easily Through Revv

Mumbai is the fastest growing metropolis of the country. You will see a huge revolution of urbanisation happening in this city. And you want to grow with the city too. Who doesn’t want to progress? Especially in a city like Mumbai everyone dreams of earning more and getting promoted to better standards of living. But what about your conveyance? Do you have the convenience of a personal car to commute throughout the city? Or are you simply dependent upon the public transportation of the city even after spending so many years in Mumbai?

So, if you are dreaming owning a car, then perhaps it is time you realised your dream. But we understand that even the lifestyle of this city is pretty expensive, and no one can manage to buy a brand-new car by simply flipping fingers. Well, yes there are other options like loans and getting a car on lease, but we all know that the commitments and even stress of opting for these measures can be tremendous. And that is why most of you leave your dream of owning a car and go for renting a cab or simply urge for the loans. But have you ever heard about a car subscription?

Everything you should know about car subscription in general!

The concept of car subscription in India has been introduced just a few years back and has been an instant hit amongst the people out here. It is a simple procedure wherein you subscribe to a car by paying a reasonable amount as the down payment in car subscription and then enjoy the services of the vehicle at your own disposal. Though you use the car as per your choice, but you aren’t bound to pay for the insurance or the maintenance of the vehicle. This is done by the company for you. And later when you are done with your subscription, you just have to return the car back with no strings attached. So, isn’t this method a truly convenient one to enjoy the luxury of a car?

Benefits of car subscription plans!

Naturally, we can’t instigate you to go for this procedure without a detailed explanation of the benefits of car subscription. And these are what we have listed below:

It is a no commitment plan

Normally even when you lease a car, you are worried of the commitment of paying the fixed sum each month. This is enough to stress you for the entire period. And if you are buying a car, you are entitled to care about the vehicle, park it properly, maintain it, repair it, pay for the insurance, etc. In comparison, car subscription is an ideal procedure wherein you aren’t entitled to any losses or maintenance of the vehicle throughout the period that you use it. These are all done by the company.

You get the freedom to choose your vehicle

Since budget and maintenance isn’t an issue, you have the freedom to choose the vehicle that you like. You see a lot of brands like Mahindra and Toyota offering plans for car subscription in Mumbai and even in other cities of the country in various models. So, pick your desired model and brand and enjoy the best experience of driving.

Flexible ownership

By flexible ownership we mean that you aren’t restricted to have the car for the entire period that you signed for. You can dissolve the contract any time you want by consulting the company which offered you the subscription and even make a new one with another model after this. And if you want to increase the period, then there is no hindrance for this as well.

New and second-hand cars available

When you are going for car subscriptions, you don’t have to only subscribe to a vehicle that is newly bought. You can even opt for a used car and get the subscription for the same. Here basically, you are the king and everything depends upon your choice and preference.

The procedure to subscribe a car in Mumbai from Revv!

Mumbaikars, you can easily enjoy driving around the famous Marine Drive or visit the Juhu Beach in your own car with your family. Wondering how? Just follow the below listed procedure for Revv car subscription in Mumbai and then the luxury is all yours.

1. Select and reserve your car

In order to subscribe to a Revv car, just visit their official website and browse through the various options of vehicles available for car subscription. Now choose your favourite car’s brand, model, and colour. You should also decide if you require a used or brand new car and then reserve your pick.

2. Rapid processing

Now the next procedure is done by the company for you. They’ll check your car subscription eligibility by calling you and getting all the required details like KYC, address and identification proof, driving licence details, etc.

3. Pick your plan

When your verification is over and your profile is approved for car subscription, you have to pick your plan for the same. You can either go for a monthly car subscription or simply pay the down payment for it. You will also have to fix a returnable security deposit with the company during this time.

4. Preparations of your car

Now when everything is fixed, the company prepares your vehicle to be delivered to your place. If you are opting for a brand new car, it takes time to book the same and process all the documents and deliver it to your location. While if you have preferred a used vehicle, then this car is cleaned and sanitised and then delivered to you.

5. Hassle free car usage

Now the vehicle is yours and you are free to enjoy its services as long as you want. You don’t have to go for the monthly maintenance of the vehicle or even pay the insurance fees — everything was included in the subscription plan and contract with the company. 

6. Extend or exit anytime

With Revv, you can be sure that your preference is of prime importance. Like if you want to extend your car subscription plan beyond the date that you registered for, the company would oblige to your needs happily. And if you want to quit before the time ends, even then your preference is taken into consideration.

So, isn’t it easy to get a car subscription from Revv? Now you don’t have to adjust with your daily conveyance and travel plans. With the car subscription option available in Mumbai, your life can be more comfortable and that too without many commitments.


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