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Handicraft Destinations in India that You Must Take Road Trips to

India is a land of creative people. And one of the most creative things you will see here is the handicraft items. The majority of handicrafts items here are made by hand or by using simple tools. Those items can be used for decoration, aesthetics, religious purpose, and even for livelihood. Producing these items needs precision and great skills. These skills and knowledge about handicrafts are passed from one generation to the other. The materials used for making handicrafts are bones of animals, cloth, wood, metal, clay, gems, bamboo, leather, marble, and coconut shells. Some of the popular examples of handicrafts are Kanjivaram silk sarees, Muga mekhela chadar, Kolhapuri chappal, Pattachitra, Madhubani painting, etc. Each state in this country has its own handicrafts. Let us today talk about handicraft destinations in India.

10 Famous Handicraft Destinations in India

1. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is certainly one of the top destinations for handicrafts in India since you can find some of the most popular handicraft items and art here. Some of the types of handicrafts that you can find here are Kondapalli toys, Kalamkari art, Banjara needlecraft, etc. Each of these is popular not only across the country but the world.

Things to do: You can visit the villages where these items are made and even take some tips from them

2. Bihar

Bihar could make its name in the history books and be known for its rich history. Apart from history, the state is also popular for coming up with beautiful handicrafts. One of the most popular handicraft items produced by this state is the Madhubani painting. The other one is Sikki grass craft.

Things to do: You can visit the several attractions in Bihar and also take a tour of the places where these handicrafts items are made

3. Chattisgarh

As you step into Chattisgarh, you will start seeing glimpses of handicraft items. The state has earned fame for its mastery in bell metal handicraft, bamboo craft, clay art, godna art, wrought iron craft, cowrie craft, Kosa, etc. These items are an excellent choice for decorating your house.

Things to do: Apart from shopping for these items, you can visit several tourist attractions in the stateΒ 

4. Goa

No, we are not talking about the party here. We are discussing the famous handcrafted items that are produced by Goa. Next time when you visit Goa, make sure you go for shopping all the funky handicraft items that you will find all across the state. Some of the popular items you will find in Goa are Seashell craft, Azulejos or Hand-painted tiles, Brassware, Wooden lacquerware, and Papier mache.Β 

Things to do: From visiting beaches to clubbing, from taking a tour of the churches to shopping, you can do many things in Goa

5. Gujarat

The creativity in Gujarat is nothing unknown to us, right? From some of the best tourist attractions to popular cuisines, Gujarat is famous for several things. One of the things that we must talk about is handicrafts. You can find sarees with the most beautiful zari work here. Also, the items made of beadwork are something to appreciate.

Things to do: Visit the popular attractions and shopping of handicraft items

6. Himachal Pradesh

Perched in the lap of Mother Nature and the majestic Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is one of the states in India that attracts tourists from across the world. From the perfect weather to local culture, everything is just too good about this state. And when it comes to showing creativity, the state leaves no stone unturned. Wood projects, carpetry, set embroidery, artwork, wool fabrics, making shawls, leathercraft metalwork, paintings, and stone craft, you name it and get it. Next time you visit Himachal Pradesh, make sure there is extra room in your bag for these items.

Things to do: Visit several places in the state and indulge in shopping

7. Jharkhand

Are you a fan of paintings? Then you are certainly going to love Jharkhand and its indigenous handicrafts. The Jadupatua Painting and Sohrai Painting of Jharkhand have found a special place in both national and international markets.

Things to do: A must visit this state for shopping of these paintings

8. Karnataka

From some of the top colleges in the country to popular tourist destinations, Karnataka is often chosen as one of the most sought-after states in the country. When it comes to handicrafts, the state strives hard to keep its name in the top 10. Karnataka is popular for stone carving, doll making, ivory carving, Mysore paintings, wood carving, and sandalwood craft.

Things to do: You can visit a number of places and their attractions in this state and when you are done go buy some beautiful handicraft items

9. Kerala

Kerala is beyond backwaters. As we discuss handicrafts, you can find metal jewelry, metal and wood carvings, granite statues, coir products, and lacquerware here.Β  You can also buy Kathakali masks and wonderful Coir products here.

Things to do: Go to villages where these handicraft items are made and gain knowledge from the craftsmen

10. Maharashtra

Home to Bollywood, Maharashtra has to be mentioned in the list of states that produce handicraft items. Some of the popular handicrafts you will find here are Warli painting, Kolhapuri chappal, Banjara embroidery, Dhurrie weaving, seashell craft, Bidri ware, metal embossing, etc.

Things to do: Visit several nooks of the state to find these handicrafts

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