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Get a Car Rental for Famous Holi Celebration Hotspots in Mumbai

Holi is a dream festival – the day when the air is full of laughter and gaiety! Each year you actually count the days when you can say goodbye to the drab days of winters and welcome the hues of spring — it would almost seem that as a symbol of welcoming the new season, people play with colours. Well, that is the spirit of Holi! (Apart from the mythological history.) This festival of colours has a unique charm and distinctive ways of celebration in almost all parts of the country. You won’t get any two States celebrating this joyous festival in the same manner. So, this year we are suggesting you to celebrate the dream festival at the dream destination — Mumbai.

They call it the Mumbaiya Holi! The nickname that this festival got especially in this city of dreams. Do you know why? Well, because the charm and vigour of this festival is totally out of the world in this city. You just can’t count the number of people at the events, (thousands, in case you are wondering!). You will get each and every celebrity almost bathing in colours with the locals at the Holi parties and almost the entire city is drenched in colours and adorned with lights because of the celebration. Now, are you also enticed to be a part of the Mumbai Holi celebration of 2021?

Very essential factors to consider when driving to Mumbai for Holi celebrations

  • The dates of celebrations of Holi in Mumbai in the year 2021 — The date of celebration (events and parties) of this festival in the city varies at different locations. But most of the happening parties are held on the day of the festival itself – 28th March 2021.
  • Other things to do in Mumbai during the Holi festival — When you are driving to Mumbai to celebrate Holi in the Mumbaiya style, don’t limit yourself only to the parties and cultural events. There are lots of things to do in this city as well like taking a tour to the iconic tourist destinations of Mumbai like the majestic Gateway of India, the UNESCO world heritage site — Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the magnificent Queen’s Necklace, and the amazing Elephanta Caves. There is also the very famous temple in the city, the Siddhivinayak Temple where you can spend some time observing devotional rituals during this festival.

Celebrate the most memorable Holi of your life in Mumbaiya style

Before we proceed talking about the best places to spend your Holi festival grandly in this city, let us inform you that Holi celebration in Mumbai is also celebrated with astounding fun and vigour at the beaches of the city. The Chowpatty Beach, Juhu Beach, Gorai Beach, and Aqsa Beach are full of over-enthusiastic locals ready to welcome you with a fabulous festive spirit and make your festival totally explosive. But in case you are looking for some mind-blowing venues and exhilarating events of Holi in the city, then we have it all listed here:

1. The Mumbai Holi Festival Tour

You are very lucky! This year, there’s a special tour organised towards the famous hotspots in Mumbai for Holi celebrations starting from a day before the festival after the burning of Hollika and continuing for the next two days. This tour will let you enjoy a quite comprehensive view of the city amidst the rush of colours and festive spirit in the air. You’ll be totally impressed by the excitement and get submerged deep in the festive spirit.

  • The date of the event — Tentatively from 27th March 2021 to 29th March 2021.
  • Entry fees for the event — Approximately 2000 INR.

2. Holi Special Camping

Give your traditional Holi celebrations a break this year and head to Dahanu Chikoo Farm in your self-drive car rental. This is the most exciting and unique event of Mumbai during the Holi season because it lets you enjoy the experience of camping in a natural ambience along with some rocking music and DJ and lots and lots of yummy food. (Of course, the colours and thandai aren’t taken care of too!)

  • Date of the event — 28th March 2021
  • Entry fees to the event — 1800 INR

3. Sunrise to Sunset Festival

If you are one of those who consider celebrating Holi in a very sustainable manner, then there is a chance to enjoy this festival with herbal colours as well. As the beaches are the best holi celebration destinations in Mumbai, just drive towards Kalamb Beach in Mumbai to enjoy this festival with lots of zest and zeal. You will find super excited souls like you who will be dancing on your favourite Holi theme tunes and enjoying lots of huge glasses of thandai along with the famous Mumbai snacks and food. Even the rush of colours would be unstoppable at this event.

  • Date of the event — 28th March 2021
  • Entry fees of the event — 1900 INR.

4. Rang Barse Holi Festival

Take a sneak peek into the rich culture and festival in Mumbai through the most terrific Holi party organised at Babasaheb Thakre Ground, Bhayandar. The constant rain of colours at this festival is really exciting. You will find the DJs at their best and music the loudest. Yes, you will get lots and lots of yummy delicacies to have as well. But beware, this will be only vegetarian. The thandai glasses at this event would be unstoppable, so gear up to enjoy to the hilt.  

  • Date of the event — 28th March 2021
  • Entry fees of the event — 2000 INR.

5. Colour Splash

The excitement is unlimited at the Colour Splash Holi event at Country Club in Andheri Mumbai. You will find a large number of tourists awaiting this event with anticipation because there would be celebrities performing live here, the famous DJs of the city, and even the yummiest varieties of cuisines of India served in an exquisite way. 

  • Date of the event — 28th March 2021
  • Entry fees of the event — 499 INR onwards.

6. Bollyboom Holi Bash

Mumbai is a celebrity hub. If you want to catch the Bollywood stars live, then the MMRDA ground at Bandra – Kurla Complex in Mumbai is the place where you should spend your Holi at. It is a royal event where you will find all the famous celebrities of B town and prominent personalities of the city along with tourists attending the event and dancing on the tunes of colours and joy with you. You’ll be overjoyed by the exotic Mumbaiya style party where Bhangra and Garba dances are performed as well. 

  • Date of the event — 28th March 2021
  • Entry fees of the event — The entry fee of this event is yet to be disclosed.

Just as the city of dreams is unstoppable, even the Holi events and parties here are unlimited. You can enjoy more of such awesomeness at the Rang De Holi Festival organised at Racecourse, Zoom Holi Fest organised at the top hotels in Mumbai, Supermoon Holi at JVPD Grounds, and the various parties organised at the various resorts of the city. And since you are opting to hire a car in Mumbai during Holi from Revv, reaching all these locations would be easier and quicker for you. 


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