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How Car Rentals are Beneficial in Metro Cities in India

India is growing rapidly and millions of Indians living in urban areas are constantly looking for the ideal place to reside that can help their career and enables them to opt for a modern lifestyle. The pace of India’s growth over the past few decades has ended up taking a toll on the infrastructure and living conditions of the metro cities. Even as these metro cities in India have been overcrowded, the inflow of people moving to these cities has not dwindled and it often requires the residents of the metro cities to compromise on several facilities. One of the trade-offs that many metro city residents are making is car ownership. For various reasons, many people these days are hesitant in going ahead with the decision of buying a car. Under these circumstances, car rental has come up as a great option for those who want to have all the benefits of car ownership but do not want to put up with the hassles that often come with it. Let us see some challenges of owning a car in the metro cities of India and how do the benefits of car rental allow us to counter these.

5 Reasons to rent a car in metro cities of India

1. Parking

One of the biggest problems that haunt the car-owners of metropolitan cities is the issue of parking. While the newer localities that are being developed have often car parking included in the accommodations, many old buildings and residential areas were originally designed for two-wheeler parking only. In these places it is a common sight of having to park the car away from the building, searching for parking space, and difficulty in taking out the parking.

Solution – One of the benefits of car rental benefits in metro cities is that you can determine the size of the car according to your parking availability and also determine the duration for which you need the car. This may result in minimum parking duration of the car and maybe you won’t need parking at all.

2. Pollution

Pollution in the metro city is a common problem. That is why it is essential to maintain your ride in optimum shape so that it can conform to the pollution tests. This also results in vehicles that are a bit old are not being given the clearance to be driven in the metro cities. You can also face government decisions such as a ban on certain vehicles, and odd-even driving as seen in Delhi. 

Solution – The car rental by reputable providers such as car rental from Revv is well-maintained and also you can choose the one that matches the laws and regulation.

3. Maintenance charges

The traffic in the metro cities can often lead to the cars suffering from scratches and minor dents, no matter how carefully you drive. In case of your own car, it can cause you not only to feel terrible but also force you to spend an additional amount from your pocket.

Solution – Most of the rental cars come with insurance and you’re only liable to pay a limited amount which means that you do not need to spend extra to repair the car. The minor scratches and dents are also easier to deal with provided you transparently inform the car rental company of any such incidences.

4. Cost of Living

The metro cities are some of the costliest places in the country to live in. The cost of living therefore often goes through the roof. On top of that, the fuel charges add to the agony of the car owners. The EMIs, insurance, maintenance, road tax, registration, and many other charges are also required to be borne by the car owners.

Solution – The car rental benefit during high fuel charges is that you can simply minimize the usage of the car. This helps in minimizing the charges that are recurring such as EMI. You can also opt for a rental with the fuel included so that you are not paying too many extra charges besides the rental amount.

5. The flexibility of movement

One of the essential parts of living in one of the metro cities of the country is that you are always on the move. Whether you are moving to a different place within the city or moving to a different city, one of the commitments that you have is a car. You need to find a proper parking space and in case of a different city, you would also need to transport the car to the new city.

Solution – If you are shifting to a different city, you can simply return the self-drive car rental and take a new one in the new city. The sanitize car rental from Revv is available in all metropolitan cities and most of the big cities. There is no need for you to arrange for the transport.

The above solutions make the car rental from Revv perfect for someone who lives in the metro city and needs to have a car with themselves. It helps in maintaining the budget through the rising prices and you can free up your money from being tied down with car ownership. You can even take the self-drive car rental and travel out of the metro cities to some of the beautiful tourist destinations for a few days. Download the Revv app today to explore the Revv car rental plans, prices, and models and see how can you benefit from the car rental service.


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