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Steep in festive fervour by taking a road trip to Rajasthan!

Who can challenge the cultural richness and the inherent heritage of Rajasthan? The State that speaks so much about the diverse history of the land and sings the saga of the ancient rulers has some equally enchanting lakes, deserts, and even upholds some wonders of Mother Nature. But do you know what is even more attractive about this place? Well, the same glamour of its lakes and deserts and regality of the palaces is exuded in the celebrations of the various   festivals. We challenge that you won’t find the same aura and ambience in any other part of the world – you should experience (at least once in your lifetime) the zest and zeal with which Rajasthan celebrates festivals.

Festivals are to be celebrated happily and with great vigour, isn’t it? And what are you doing this year to make the most of the festivities? Well, we suggest travel to Rajasthan! It’s an enchanting experience altogether to actually live each and every festival celebrated so profoundly here. And not just religious vibes, the festivals celebrated here are actually somewhat related to our cultural heritage as well. If you want to have a totally out of the world experience of celebrations and festivities, then Rajasthan is the place you should be in!

Important things to consider when taking a road trip towards Rajasthan!

  • Best time to visit Rajasthan — When you have festivities and celebrations in mind, there is no such best time to visit Rajasthan. Just keep in mind the time of the year in which the festival you have in mind is celebrated. You’ll never feel the scorching heat, the over pouring rains, and spine-chilling cold mar the extreme happiness you find here.
  • Types of visits recommended— Apart from enjoying the festivals of Rajasthan, do go for sightseeing while you are here. You can also take a historical tour or try the famous desert safari. And of course, the religious visit to various locations is also possible when you are in this State.

Travel through the most diverse State to enjoy the festivities to the hilt!

You shall be amazed at the various hues that comprise the spirit of the State of Rajasthan. On one side, you shall be able to experience the urban posh luxuries in the modern cities like Jaipur, on the other side not very far away from the major cities and town you shall get to experience an unadulterated rustic rural lifestyle that would warm your soul and amaze your sensuality. Even the historic places come alive from the pages of textbooks as festivities and the celebrations thereof often revolve around mythology and historical events of the land. As you drive across the State to enjoy the festive fervour, you shall be amazed to be transported to a seemingly different world altogether. Isn’t change what we look for in our holidays? 

1. Teej in Jaipur

One of the most important festivals of Rajasthan is Teej and it’s celebrated during the month of July. We suggest you visit Jaipur during this festival to experience the rich culture of Rajasthan. The festival dedicated to Goddess Teej is celebrated with great grandeur with a procession of decorated elephants, horses, and camels seen across the city. You’ll be totally mesmerised by the colourful attires of women during this festival — and don’t forget to taste Ghewar and Malpua especially made for this festival.

2. Makar Sankranti in Jodhpur

Well, every person on the Earth would have heard about the enthusiasm the Rajasthani people show during the International Kite Festival celebrated on Makar Sankranti. But if you want to experience the traditions, visit Jodhpur during winters. Makar Sankranti marks two things – one, the Sun’s journey to the Northern Hemisphere; two, the end of winter season. This means it is time to celebrate life and living, and the people of Rajasthan do so with utmost enthusiasm. There are a lot of things to do in Rajasthan in this festival time. You can actually learn to fly and handle kites and even fight with it, apart from bursting fireworks and enjoying the famous til (sesame) sweets during this festival.

3. Diwali all across Rajasthan

Diwali is the main festival celebrated in Rajasthan. In November & December month too you shall find the hangover of the celebrations lurking in the air. Not just a certain city, but you’ll see the entire State adorned like a bride during this season. The festive vibes in the atmosphere are totally charismatic and the lights all around the place are charming. The diwali celebrations in Rajasthan include special Pujas in the Temples, bursting of crackers and fireworks, dressing up in festive finery, and even devouring the different kinds of sweets made here. 

4. Winter festival at Mount Abu

Get ready to be marvelled by a show of talent and art in the Winter Festival that is held during the winter months in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Yes, Mount Abu is one of the most popular hill stations here priding in having some very prominent tourist attractions in Rajasthan, but the charm of this festival is totally different. You’ll find talented artisans, poets, and craftsmen from the entire State participating in this festival with great vigour and enthusiasm.

5. Brij Holi in Bharatpur

Celebrated just a few days before Holi during the summers, the Brij Holi is a very famous festival of Rajasthan. Although Bharatpur is not one of the major cities in Rajasthan, but you shall see a huge crowd congregating for celebrating Brij Holi with much pomp. The splash of colours, the great dances, alluring music, worshiping of Lord Krishna, taking a dip in the Banganga River – all these make the celebrations buzz with activities. 

6. Urs in Ajmer

The Urs festival is celebrated at the Shrine of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti each year during the Islamic month of Rajjab. You’ll see a total change in atmosphere of the city during this festival and celebrations. People from all across the world come to attend this festival especially during this time. And if you are visiting Ajmer during this time, don’t forget to visit the key attractions like Anna Sagar Lake, and Dhai Din ki Jhopdi. Oh, surely don’t miss the soul stirring Qawwali. 

7. Pushkar Camel Festival

If you are looking for unique experiences during road trips to Rajasthan during festival time, then visit Pushkar during winters or specifically at the end of November when the Camel festival is organised. This festival sees a large number of camels decorated and adorned beautifully. The fair also brings together other talents like snake charming, animal parade, and beauty contests. And this isn’t all, get your hands on some very exceptional handcrafted stuff in the shopping places in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

8. Kolayat Fair in Bikaner

Bikaner is an important city of this State which prides in having some very prominent ghats and historically important locations. During Kolayat, you’ll see all the 52 ghats of this city adorned beautifully with lights. And the special treat from the locals in the form of sweets, milk pudding, and sugar dots shouldn’t be missed at all. 

9. Mewar Festival in Udaipur

The charm and elegance of Udaipur is definitely famous across the globe. This city of palaces and forts is beautifully decorated during the great Mewar Festival. You’ll be awed by the excellent talents shown by the locals in the form of dances, folk songs, and other performances. It’s during the summer that you’ll find this festival celebrated here and a drive during this time is totally worth experiencing.

10. Bundi Festival in Bundi

Bundi celebrates an extravaganza of culture and traditions most astoundingly. You can view some of the extraordinary competition of moustaches, turban tying, kabaddi, and camel riding. The grand procession during this festival makes it a must to attend. 

These festivals are surely grand and fabulous, but these aren’t all! You should also drive towards Alwar to celebrate Matsya Festival during winter, the grand Desert Festival in Jaisalmer during February, and the great Cattle Fair in Nagaur during winters. And the best companion you could have in this happy journey is a comfortable car hired from Revv in Rajasthan. So, are you ready to indulge in this journey of happiness and cultural richness?


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