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Maruti Subscription from Revv in Top Cities in North India

Gone are the days of waiting for those cabs that would take hours to reach you or even cancel the ride, especially when you need to go somewhere urgently. These days, many people are opting for the idea of a monthly car subscription. The biggest benefit is that you can enjoy all the luxury of having a car without making a major financial investment. All that you need to pay is the monthly subscription fee to the company.

Over the years, car subscription in India has seen a new height. Even at the time of COVID-19, you do not have to worry about commuting through public transport as you have the option of subscribing to a car. Now the only questions that may pop-up in your head are which company to rely upon and what brand of car to choose. One of the best companies offering car subscription services in the country at present is Revv. And the best car company is Maruti. In fact, Maruti cars are majorly used in India and even if you get stuck on the way with the car, you can find a servicing center nearby.

If you are looking for a Maruti subscription in North India, you can get in touch with Revv and choose the car that you want to subscribe to. Whether you are in Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, or Jaipur, you will be able to get the subscription services in all of these cities and many other major cities of India. However, the monthly fees for the subscription service in these cities vary from one place to the other. Taking for example; Maruti cars for monthly rent in Delhi starts with INR 11,099. The car that you will get for this monthly fee is Maruti Alto K10. If you are subscribing to the same car in Chandigarh, the monthly fee will start at INR 11,899; and in Jaipur, the monthly subscription fee is INR 12,199 for Alto K10. Therefore, when you decide to subscribe to a Revv car, you must check the fee of the particular car in your city and accordingly proceed.

Maruti car subscription is one of the most sought-after services from Revv that is available in almost all the cities. Apart from Maruti, one can also check out some more car brands on the website or the app of Revv. Some of the car brands that you will get in Delhi from Revv include Tata, Honda, Maruti, Toyota, Hyundai, and Mahindra. You must check the Revv website or the Revv app to find the brand of your choice from the company.

The process of the car subscription is very easy. And to make it even quicker, you can install the app on your phone and go through all the cars that are listed as per your city. Once you decide to subscribe to a particular car, you would be required to specify the date, time, and period for which you need the car. Once you make the payment, you can sit and relax and wait for the executives from the Revv team who will visit you within a couple of hours. As the formalities are done, you can provide your ID proof which can be anything like a Passport, an Aadhar card, or a valid driving license. Now that we know how to get a car subscription from Revv, let us also discuss some of the benefits of car subscriptions in India.

5 Advantages of Maruti car subscriptions in North India

No Downpayment, No Loan

While getting a car subscription with Revv you do not need to worry about putting in a lot of money as the down-payment for getting the car in your possession. That means no need for you to come up with a large amount as down-payment and no need to take a loan with the burden of paying it back through an EMI. The insurance, road tax, and all other expenses are taken care of by Revv so that you do not end up paying anything extra to your subscription fee.

Flexibility to cancel or extend anytime

The Revv subscription provides the option to extend your subscription to any period as you see fit. Similarly, you can also decrease the subscription period by just paying the agreed fee difference. The flexibility also extends if you are moving from one city to another as you can return your car to your old city and take a new car from the new city without any gaps in your subscription.

Share the Subscription

If you want to do so, you can share the Revv car subscription with a friend or family member. For this, you need to submit the KYC details and documents of your partner and inform Revv about the same.

Free Maintenance

Revv also takes care of the maintenance of the car that you will be subscribing to. It means that the Revv executives will pick up the car at regular intervals as agreed with you and take it for maintenance. Once it is all carried out, the vehicle will be dropped at your doorstep without you needing to spend any time or money on it.

Possibility to Own

Revv has New as well as Unboxed cars available on subscription. The new cars are ordered directly from the showroom and apart from the make and model of the vehicle, you can even choose the color since it is especially ordered for you. The Unboxed vehicles are used vehicles in excellent condition that have been used for less than 3 years. You have the option of paying an agreed-upon fee and acquiring the vehicle from Revv if you want, just like you would with a leased vehicle but minus the compulsion to do so.

These advantages make vehicle ownership through Revv an excellent option and a great choice for people looking for a great option to have their favorite Maruti car without having to pay the hefty amount to do so. Just download the Revv App or visit the Revv website, choose your city, and start exploring some of the best cars of Maruti available in your city with a Revv subscription.


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