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Mumbai to Goa – The Fun Road Trip

Goa- the very name brings to our minds flashes of beautiful beaches, pristine churches, a food board to die for, and of course, an amazing party culture with vibrant crowds from all over the world. No wonder it’s the dream destination for reasons galore! Be it a bachelor’s trip or a honeymoon, a family vacation or a corporate off-site- Goa remains a universal favourite! When it comes to Mumbaikars, Goa claims the top spot as their preferred weekend getaway and why not? Bollywood buffs would remember how Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai comes up with an impromptu plan for a Mumbai to Goa road trip and the very next morning, the three friends are seen on their way!

It is actually that easy for Bombay-wallahs, given that the Mumbai to Goa distance by road is not much! Are you one of those lucky souls too, soon to embark upon a Mumbai to Goa road trip by bike or car? Well, we have a few handy tips and facts for you to make life easier!

Best time to Visit Mumbai to Goa Road Trip

For starters, Mumbai to Goa by road is never a bad idea, no matter what time of the year it is! And being in Mumbai you can simply get behind the wheels on a whim and set off! However, keep in mind that Goa remains extremely packed from mid-December to end of January, thanks to the countless tourists who visit the state for the lure of Christmas/year-end parties, gala events, and what not! If you want to experience all that madness, you need to make advance plans for accommodation. From October to mid-December and from February to mid-June, the tourist traffic comparatively takes a dip, but it is still advisable to make your bookings in advance if you are planning to undertake a Mumbai to Goa road trip by self-drive car.

On the other hand, the rest of the months hardly need any planning; you can simply drive down even on a last-minute plan. Also note that in the monsoons, Goa is quite cheap, with not many tourists around, and also enchantingly green landscapes to savour. However, driving down during the monsoons might pose some challenges.

Gearing up

NH 17, the west coast interstate highway, is one of the best in India, though during or after the monsoon, you might experience some bad patches. In our opinion, get some basic servicing for your trusted vehicle and you’ll be good to go. Brakes should be at their best, since travelling through the Ghats would need you to negotiate several bendy bits. The lights and indicators should be in order, and your toolkit should also be in place, in case you need to change a wheel. When you settle for a road trip from Mumbai to Goa with Revv cars, you surely don’t want your car to be soiled with salt water and sand; just get some rubber matting and you are all set.

Hitting the Roads

The trip takes a total of about 11 to 15 hours, depending on how many pit stops you’ll make. We would recommend you to start at around 6am or even earlier if you can, to avoid heavy morning traffic. There are two common routes for the Mumbai to Goa road trip and it is up to you to decide which one would suit you better.

  • Mumbai to Goa via NH-4

Route: Mumbai to Pune via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Pune-Satara-Kolhapur-Belgaum (NH-4)

Belgaum to Goa

This route is preferred by many as the road is simple, smooth and straight, thereby helping those with motion sickness. However, there are numerous toll booths along the way. You will require approximately 3 hours to reach Pune through the 6-lane expressway that merges with NH-4. Keep following the latter until you reach Sankeshwar. This is a concrete four-lane road minus any scope of onward coming traffic. Satara, Kolhapur and Sankeshwar will be the main milestones, with the first two being good places to stop for lunch as there are many eateries. If time permits, you can visit the Rankala Lake, Panhala Fort, and the Jyotiba Temple on your way too. The next stop would be Belgaum where you can stay for the night. One of the most popular places to visit between Mumbai to Goa road trip, this place is well-known for the Belgaum Fort and the Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary. If you have an extra day, you can explore this place. The final stretch from Belgaum to Goa takes only about 3 hours with the drive being very smooth.

  • Mumbai to Goa Via NH-66

Route: Mumbai-Panvel-Pen-Kolad-Khed-Chiplun-Pali-Sawantwadi-Goa

This will be a really scenic journey, with the route being a visual treat in the form of paddy fields, coconut and areca nut plantations. You can also opt for a beach side halt at Ganpatiphule, which is one of the top weekend getaways from Mumbai. However, this is a very winding road; so if you or any of your co-travellers have motion sickness, this is not the ideal route. The luxurious greenery all around will really keep your eyes pleased, while the other senses can feast on the sounds of the regional birds and the distinct smells of forests to enhance your experience. Since this is a commercially important route, you will find the road lined with hotels, restaurants, repair shops, and petrol pumps. If you are a bird lover, you should surely stop at Karnala Bird Sanctuary, in the Taluka of Panvel. This small yet beautiful sanctuary is home to over 150 species of birds. Within a few hours you will reach Pen, a port city with historical importance. It has emerged to be a major centre where huge Ganesha idols are made for worshipping. Kolad, Indapur, and Mangaon are other small towns that you will cross. Another popular halt for travellers is Chiplun, around 200 kms from Panvel. Located on the banks of the River Vashishti in the Ratnagiri district, this place is famous for its waterfalls, the Parshuram temple, Kokum, and of course, the famous Ratnagiri mangoes.

After that, the NH 66 leads you to Sindhugarh which was built by Hiroji Indalkar. It is a fort on the coast of the Arabian Sea which has been featured in many Hindi movies. Following that, you reach Sawantwadi and after a drive around the Ghats, you finally reach Goa-your ultimate destination.

So what are you waiting for? Plan an idyllic trip to the beach-lovers’ paradise with your trusted car and a bunch of your favourite people in tow! You are sure to have the time of your life without a doubt.


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