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What are The Necessary Things to Take While Going on a Road Trip in a Pandemic?

The Covid-19 has made us delay our travel plans for more than a year now. However, the situation is not the same as it was last year. Now we know how to keep ourselves safe from the virus and all the precautions that we need to take. We are better prepared now. And, as travel is concerned, the safest at this point of time as fully complying with the social distancing norms are the road trips. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the safest mode of traveling during the ongoing pandemic is walking or solo driving. Well, walking is good but it won’t take you to distant places. So, the option that is left is solo driving.

The ones who are yet to own a car, can opt for a car rental service and drive to places that their heart desires. You can take a sanitized car on rent so that there is no worry about contracting the virus. Well, when you decide on a place that you are going to visit and might even stay at for some days, you must follow the protocols and take care of the following points.

9 Road trip essentials during pandemic

1. Sanitation and hygiene

Hygiene is one of the most important things that you have to maintain, whether you are indoors or outdoors. Even if you receive a sanitized car, you must sanitize it on and off all through your road trip to prevent germs. And while you do so, you must wear gloves and use alcohol-based wipes. Try to sanitize your car as much as possible.

2. Double-masking is a better idea

If you want to take extra precautions and are concerned about the safety of kids, using double masks is any day a better idea. And it is even prudent if you wear a surgical mask first and then the next layer would be of a cloth mask.

3. Hand sanitization

One of the Covid-19 safety rules is sanitizing your hands. While you are traveling, it is best if you sanitize your hands as much as possible. Try using an alcohol-based sanitizer so that it can keep the germs, bacteria, and even the virus to some extent, at bay. However, if you first wash your hands with a good quality handwash and then sanitize it, you might get better results. Also do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water before taking a meal.

4. Car emergency kit

Imagine a situation that you are driving through a highway and the car faces a breakdown. In this pandemic, most of the car repair shops by the highway have been closed. Therefore, keeping a car emergency kit handy is highly advised. Some of the essential things that the kit must-have, include fundamental tools, a car jack, a puncture repair kit, an LED torch and fuses, jumper cables, etc. You can get this kind of kit online very easily.

5. Power bank

We often underestimate the importance of power banks. Especially when you are going for a long road trip, power banks can be a big-time savior. Keeping the phone charged all through your road trip is very important and there is no point in taking a chance.

6. A first-aid kit with a thermometer

Necessary medicines, crepe bandages, band-aids, sprain-relief gels, anti-allergens, are some of the stuff that must be there in your first-aid kit. Apart from these, you also must keep safety pins, scissors, and tweezers. You can also consider keeping insect repellents as well as sting relief solutions. While you are getting your first-aid kit ready, do not forget to keep the very important thermometer. Even if you feel a bit uneasy, this kit is going to help you.

7. Dry snacks

While the majority of the roadside dhabas are maintaining the Covid-19 protocols; it is still a better idea to be dependent on yourself for the kind of food you eat during the trip. You can get as many chips, biscuits, cakes, and even cuppa noodles, as you want. You can store them for a long period. To satiate the quick hunger pangs, you can use these food options, and avoid eating at the dhabas.

8. Paper soap and tissue papers

Carrying liquid soaps and towels can be a little difficult for some people. Also, once the towels are wet, drying them up is another task. The best alternative to these is paper soap and tissue paper. Try using the paper soaps as much as you can during your road trip.

9. Water bottles

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the most important mantras that you should never forget in life. Whether you are relaxing at home or having the fun of your life in an awesome hill station, keep on taking sips of water as much as you can. This will keep you hydrated and you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

While you are considering all these points, make sure you travel after lockdown, provided your city or the desired destination is under lockdown. Also, you must plan road trips routes, because, in a situation like this, surprises during the road trips will not bring a lot of joy. If you are aware of the routes, even the long hours on the road will feel good.

And as you consider renting a car, you can take car rental from Revv. You can get precisely the kind of car that you are looking for, and for as much time as you want. The self-drive car rental service from Revv is totally safe and you can plan the entire trip at your convenience. You can even install the Revv app on your phone from Google Play Store or iOS App Store and start looking for the car that catches your attention.


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