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10 Getaways near Vadodara Perfect for Welcoming New Year

It’s time to bid adieu to 2021 and enter 2022 with a big smile on our faces. And sitting at the couch, watching on television how everyone else is enjoying the 31st December night will not actually bring a smile to your face. You need to make a plan to go out for that. What can be better than going away from your city for a few days and welcoming the new year a little differently?

If you live in Vadodara, you can choose several places nearby. The list of places to visit near Vadodara is long. So, let us take a look at top yearend getaways near Vadodara.

10 Top yearend getaways near Vadodara

1. Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

Winter is the right time to visit the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Since the weather is cold, you can see more animals in their natural habitat. One of the weekend getaways near Vadodara is Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary where you can spot several animals like wolves, Indian flying foxes, jackals, the Indian giant squirrels, hyenas, etc. You can also spot python here. The sanctuary is surrounded by hills and bamboo and teak trees can be found in abundance. This is a great place if you want to spend the 31st December night with the wild animals.

Distance from Vadodara: 81.4 km

2. Gandhinagar

Named after the Father of the Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Gandhinagar is one of the places near Vadodara that you must visit. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage. The architectures of the temples here are captivating. You can also visit the Khadi Gram or Khadi Village where you can learn how to make clothes.

Distance from Vadodara: 134 km

3. Ahmedabad

Also called the Manchester of India, Ahmedabad is one of the best tourist attractions around Vadodara. Some of the attractions that you can find here are Sabarmati Ashram, Kankaria Lake, The Adalaj Stepwell, Sidi Sayyed Mosque, The Calico Museum of Textiles, etc. It is one of the most beautiful and planned cities in Gujarat and you must visit the place.

Distance from Vadodara: 111.5 km

4. Daman & Diu

If you want to spend your new year’s holidays in a tranquil environment, you must head to Daman & Diu. The coastal place is a paradise for peace seekers. You can find the strong influence of Portuguese culture here since the Portuguese ruled the place for more than 450 years. You can find several outstanding architectures and worth appreciating art and crafts here. Do not forget to try the mouthwatering food here.

Distance from Vadodara: 252 km

5. Silvassa

Since this place also had a Portuguese colony, you can find the Portuguese influence in Silvassa also. One of the main attractions here is the Lion Safari, Wildlife Park. You can visit this place to spot the majestic Asiatic Lions. If you are fond of Warli painting, you can buy lots of them here as you can get them handmade. This is also a great place for adventure lovers as you can opt for trekking and nature walk.

Distance from Vadodara: 270.8 km

6. Toranmal

Toranmal is one of the best destinations near Vadodara where you can find yourself surrounded by verdant green hills. The major attractions here are Lotus Lake and Yeshwantpur Lake. If you can manage to visit the place during the monsoons between June and August, you can find the Lotus Lake filled with lotuses. You can also visit the Gorakhnath Temple, which gets overly crowded during Maha Shivratri.

Distance from Vadodara: 304.4 km

7. Mandu

Mandavgarh or Mandu is an old fort city that is surrounded by stone walls. The two most popular attractions here include Jami Masjid and Hoshang Shah’s Temple. The architectural styles of these attractions are Turkish and Afghan. You also must visit the Jahaaz Mahal, which reflects the golden age of architecture of this place. The palace looks like a ship anchored in a waterbody.

Distance from Vadodara: 315.6 km

8. Mount Abu

This is certainly one of the best winter places near Vadodara which is often appreciated for its scenic beauty. Mount Abu is located on a high rocky plateau and you can witness some of the most beautiful sceneries here. Along with sightseeing, you can also be a part of several adventures here. One of the attractions here that is frequented by tourists from across the world is the Dilwara Jain Temple. The ornamental carvings of the temple are flawless and gorgeous. The other attractions in Mount Abu include Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Guru Shikhar Peak, Peace Park, Trevour’s Tank Toad Rock, Sunset Point, Abu Road, etc.

Distance from Vadodara: 336.1 km

9. Udaipur

The regal city of Udaipur is another place that you can visit from Vadodara in just a few hours. Apart from the Rajput-style palaces and forts, you can also enjoy the view of the picturesque panorama here. While you are here, you must take a tour of Lake Pichola, City Palace, Ambrai Ghat, Bada Mahal Eklingji Temple, Vintage Car Museum, and Shilgram.

Distance from Vadodara: 343.7 km

10. Jawhar

This is a hill station that you can visit to witness the ancient architectural marvels. This once used to be the camping point of Shivaji and his army. You can sit by the gorgeous cascading waterfalls here while unwinding in the pleasant weather.

Distance from Vadodara: 345.7 km

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