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10 Top Venues and Events in Goa for New Year Celebrations

Can any other place in India beat the fun and party vibes of Goa, especially during the new year time? Well, very unlikely! Goa is certainly one of the most happening places in India that you must visit at least once. And if you are planning to welcome the new year in Goa, then you have just made the right decision. New Year celebrations in Goa is a dream for every party lover. From the beach parties to the clubs, pubs, and casinos, being in each or any of these is worth it. Here are some of the new year party places in Goa that you can be at.

10 Best New Year Party Places in Goa with Pictures

1. Café Mambos, Baga

If you want to dance to lively music and witness live performances but at the same time want to avoid a lot of crowds, you can visit Café Mambos in Baga. The open-air lounge here is the biggest attraction why so many people prefer visiting this café.

Entry fee: INR 1500 for two 

2. Paulo Cruise, Panjim

New year party in Goa 2022 on a cruise. Sounds fun? Well then go ahead and make it happen by booking your tickets fast. You can dine, drink and dance without caring about anyone here. Just let loose and enjoy the four-hour cruise party here.

Entry fee: INR 3,600

3. Boat Party, Panjim

It will be a similar experience for your new year 2022 party in Goa. You can try the mouthwatering seafood while sipping on the best drinks and then dance till you get really tired. The three hours boat party can be one of a kind which you are going to remember all your life.

Entry fee: INR 6,360

4. Titos Bollywood Discotheque

What is a Goa new year party 2022 without hitting the discotheque? Titos is certainly one of the places in Goa that is meant for party lovers. You can enjoy Bollywood music and even can dance to them. And once you are a little tired, you can sip on some nice and smooth drink. The ambiance here is very good, the liquor is smooth and the crowd is classy.

Entry fee: INR 2799 for two

5. Sunkissed La Cabana

While there are many party places in Goa but the beach parties always steal the show. You can dance to the beats of the DJ, drink like there is no tomorrow, and get ready to welcome the new year. The most exciting part is, you can enjoy the party here till dawn. Too eager to go there?  You would need an entry pass; so, start looking for them. 

Entry fee: INR 1,999 per female

6. Club Cubana

The neon-lit nightclub is certainly one of the venues that you should be if you want to dance all through the night on the beats of DJs. Located near Arpora beach, this is one of the most happening nightclubs in Goa that every party freak should go to.

Entry fee: INR 1500 for two

7. Shaktipat Edition 3

This is one of the most sought-after party places in Goa for its trance music and trance culture. This place is not like the other options in Goa. Shaktipat Edition 3 is known for its one-of-a-kind new party called Goa Gil Nimba.

Entry fee: INR 5000 for two

8. Hilltop

This place is also popular for trance music. If you are someone who loves parties and waits for the new year party, then Hilltop is the place you should be at. If you go to this place in the day hours, you will not find anything and may even not believe that it will look completely different at night. From food to music, and the overall vibes, everything is superb here.

Entry fee: TBA

9. Sinq

A lounge resort, private poolside, an outdoor bar, and resident DJs; you are going to see all these when you go to Sinq. This is one of the best nightclubs in Goa and certainly one of the best places to be in during the new year party. Before you visit this nightclub, make sure you are wearing the right footwear as you have to dance to the electrifying music played by the DJs.

Entry fee: INR 1800 for two

10. 9 Bar

Located on the top of Vagator Hill, 9 Bar used to be an outdoor dance space. However, it was changed into a clubbing spot and now is one of the favorites of the party lovers. From the mouthwatering food to an amazing sight, and of course the cost-effective prices here, everything is perfect at 9 Bar.

Entry fee: INR 1000 for two

11. Curlies

If you are the kind of person who does not prefer visiting nightclubs at all, then Curlies is your thing. This is a shack with rooftop seating. There won’t be loud music here but you can enjoy the super delicious Goan dishes, quirky cocktails, and sumptuous desserts. You can also find a Flea market here, where you can indulge in shopping.

Entry fee: INR 1500 for two

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