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Best Nightout Places in Hyderabad- Making it a Night to Remember!

You’re finally in Hyderabad and want a fun night out. Wondering what to do and where to head? Well it’s best to acknowledge that everything can’t be done in a single night. However, with the right information and resources at your disposal, you can certainly make it a night to remember.

When talking about the best nightout places in Hyderabad, here’s presenting a somewhat quirky and eclectic list of options covering everything from pulsating nightlife hangouts to the serene and tranquil.

11 Best Nightout Places to Visit in Hyderabad

1. Two Forts

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The Golkonda Fort is surprisingly one of the best nightout places to visit in Hyderabad and the sound and light show is what you should aim for, to start your evening. This has a narration by none other than the living legend Amitabh Bachchan and there is background music provided by another legend, Jagjit Singh. The Warangal Fort is another place where you can view a sound and light show that is equally illuminating in terms of information and details. Both shows take up to an hour in most cases and are held several times every evening.

2. Charminar

One of Hyderabad’s most iconic destinations, the Charminar is a sight to behold at night! In fact, you should certainly relish the chance to enjoy the view of the imposing structure at night when there is low traffic and you can gaze upon the amazing lighting as well.

3. Moula Ali Hill

Another of the best nightout places in Hyderabad for those preferring serenity and tranquility, the Moula Ali Hill offers you a gorgeous view of the city. This takes on a whole new dimension at night, making it a unique nightlife hangout for sure!

4. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café requires no introduction and the one in Hyderabad is as buzzing as the rest of them! The ambience is top notch and so is the food and beverages. You can get a taste of the best here at Hard Rock Café along with enjoying performances by some of the best and biggest names in the industry.

5. Altitude Lounge Bar

One of the best nightout places in Hyderabad to truly live it up, Altitude Lounge Bar scores major brownie points for its amazing views of the Hussain Sagar Lake and also for the hip vibe and great music. This is one of the best jaunts for late-night partying!

6. 10 Downing Street

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Party peeps should certainly set store by 10 Downing Street which has a more relaxed and intimate vibe. This is the perfect nightout destination with friends for the lovely music, karaoke nights and other events and attractive deals on both the food and brew.

7. Shamshabad Go Kart Track

Wondering why an activity as innocuous as go-karting makes it to a nightlife list? Well that’s Hyderabad’s charm for you! This is for adventure and fitness enthusiasts or simply those looking for a spot of unconventional fun. You can zoom along on this track with your friends till 4 AM the next morning. Yes, this is true from Monday to Saturday while it remains open till 12 AM on Sundays.

8. Necklace Road

Late night drives are the best and this thoroughfare is named after the stretch in Marine Drive that is known as the Queen’s Necklace. This has a lovely boulevard with gorgeous lake views and is an ideal spot to while the night away, cruising along in style with your loved ones. Don’t forget to put on some great music alongside!

9. Café Abbott

If you are looking for a late night haunt to simply chill with your pals and possibly dig into a light meal or a smoothie, Café Abbott is the best place! This offers the ideal midnight snacking ambience along with tantalizing flavored hookahs that will have you lounging back and truly relaxing after a hard day!

10. The Moonshine Project

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This lounge café and resto-pub is one of the best nightout places in Hyderabad for getting a glimpse into Hyderabad’s local artistic talent. The beverages are delicious and so is the food while the ambience is truly comfy by all means.

11. Pirate Brew

Pirate Brew will get you into the groovy spirit, quite literally! The pirate ship based theme is a novel concept and Karaoke nights are immensely popular on Wednesdays here. The huge menu of food and drink items will keep you hooked. The public performances are truly amazing to say the least!

To talk about Hyderabad’s nightlife hangouts, we can go on and on but as they say, it’s got to stop somewhere! Hyderabad offers the very best pubs, lounges, bars, clubs and what not! It’s also got some of the most unique and eclectic night hangouts for those interested in going off the beaten track.


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