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12 Best Night Hangout Places in Mysore

Mysore the city of rich history and culture has an equally happening nightlife. There are some amazing night spots like pubs, laser light shows, royal palaces and musical fountains that are open till late at night. The nightout places in Mysore have an amazing ambience, good music and quite fun to explore. 

12 Best Nightout Places in Mysore:

1. Maharaja’s Palace Illumination Show


The Ambavilas Palace in Mysore puts up an amazing light show at night that makes it one of the most interesting night out places near Mysore. The grand palace lights up and there is light and sound show that gives you a peek into history. This turns out to be a spectacular show with deep dark sky as a backdrop.

2. Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens is also nightout places in Mysore. Take a relaxing stroll with friends and family and enjoy the dancing light fountain show that happens only after sunset. The rainbow coloured lights and laser lights flash tuned to the water’s choreography accompanied by music. The crowds of Mysore visit this place with friends and family.

3. St Philomena’s Cathedral

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St. Philomena’s Cathedral is a grand neo-gothic style church with exquisite stained-glass windows. After a hard day’s work if you are looking for some peace and solace and want to stay away from the bustling life visit the Cathedral’s candlelit prayer room. 

4. Mysore Night Walk

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If you really want to tour the city after the sunset schedule a Mysore Night walk and enjoy the beauty of this historical bustling city nightlife. Visit the important landmarks, markets, lakes and grand palaces after the sunset and you can also check out the night out places in Mysore road. The night walk takes approximately 2 hours.

5. Road Pub

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The Road-Pub located in Doora in Mysore is designed with an organic theme in mind with stones, glass and wood. This gives you a organic outdoorsy feel. It keeps alive the theme with its dim lights and vintage car and bike structures as a decor. Enjoy the live music from Djs and enjoy the cool vibe of the place.

6. Khedda Lounge Bar

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Khedda is the hangout place for college goers in Mysore. The dim lights, comfy sofas and soothing music makes it one of the best night out places near Mysore. Unwind after a long day, at Khedda’s posh ambience which is very welcoming. Taste the finest spirits and vintage wines here at the lounge that makes it one of the places for night out in Mysore. Listen to the coolest music and taste their amazing spread as you spend a night in Mysore.

7. Infinit Lounge Bar

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Infinit Lounge Bar is one of the best night out places in Mysore to enjoy a drink in the fresh air. The beautiful rooftop bar offers an excellent array of appetizers, and Indo-Chinese dishes. Try out their host of cocktails and mocktails which serve as perfect accompaniments to their tasty food.  You can also opt for the live food counters.

8. Pelican

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If you are looking for a bar to sip that beer with appetizers then Pelican is a no frill bar for that perfect hangout. Bring your friends or just spend some time with yourself with a drink in this bar. Mostly youngsters flock here to grab icy cold beer. They have spicy bar snacks like garlic chilli potatoes, pakoras and tandoori chicken.

9. Purple Haze

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Dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, this is the place for cool rock music and swanky interiors. This is a place which caters to your love for retro music and attracts the crowd for that vibe. Located in Vijay Nagar, Purple Haze is one of the most classiest places in Mysore that retains the charm of old world rock music with an exotic collection of beverages.

10. Opium

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Located in Bangalore-Nilgiri road this place is quite a hit with party animals. Its dim lights and a cozy ambience makes it really trendy. Mysore has too many good pubs and this is one of the best. The cool swanky ambiance and excellent service makes Opium a favorite for pub goers. Sip on that perfect draft beer or eat the spicy chicken kebab and enjoy your night.

11. Devraja Market

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An important place to visit in Mysore at night is the Devaraja Market. The photo buffs love this market for its colorful spread. From local artifacts, handicrafts to flowers this place comes alive after sunset.If you want to capture the real Mysore, then a trip to Devraja market at night is the best. It has around 800 shops and you can bargain your price at an affordable rate in the Devraja Market. The local shops also love the tourists.

12. Ashoka Road

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If you are looking to buy jewelry and a locally made piece, then Ashoka Road is the perfect place to head to. Sparkling with lights and jewelry this place attracts not only buyers but just tourists who want to get a taste of the local life. You can sit and bargain and get that unique piece of jewelry you always wanted.

So based on what your heart desires, you can choose any spot from this list and plan a trip to the place. Do not stress if you need a car, you can always count on the self drive cars rental in Mysore from Revv for a stress-free tour of the city. Get a glimpse of the exotic Mysore night life and do not burn a hole in the pocket with the cab fares too.


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