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Celebrate Women’s Day at These Exciting Places in Delhi with Your Girl Gang

Delhi is certainly one of the places where you will love every bit of it. And if you are a woman and have a bunch of friends in the city, you will have several places to go to. Since Women’s Day is around the corner, you can come up with some plans to explore the city with your female besties. The best time to travel to Delhi is between November and March. These are the months when you do not have to be bothered about the weather condition. Let us now discuss some of the best destinations in Delhi for women.

10 Best places in Delhi  for girls gang

1. Moti Bagh

If you want a break from the monotonous visits to restaurants with your friends, then choose the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. This is one of the most amazing and fun places in the city where you can indulge in activities such as sports climbing walls. You can relive your childhood days here with your friends.

  • Entry fee: INR 150 /session
  • Opening time: 9 am – 1 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm (Mondays are off)

2. Nehru Planetarium

Wondering if you are school kids that you will choose this place? Well, this is also one of the places to visit in Delhi with friends, especially if you are an astronomical fan. You can find out so much information about the galaxy that was not known to you yet. It is certainly not one of the happening places in Delhi but very interesting for sure.

  • Entry fee: INR 60/person
  • Opening time: English show – 11:30 am and 3 pm; Hindi Shows – 1:30 pm and 4 pm; duration of a typical show is 30-35 minutes

3. Hauz Khas

When it is about a women’s day celebration with friends in Delhi, you just cannot skip on Hauz Khas. You will have so many things to do here such as visiting Deer Park, a fort that overlooks the pristine lake. And when you get a little into the party mode, you can find yourself in the pubs and cafes. If you have time, you can even take a tour of the bookstores and beautiful art galleries here. A quick tour of Hauz Khas will surely get you in a good mood.

  • Entry fee: Varies
  • Opening time: Varies

4. Paint Ball

One of the top destinations around Delhi for ladies this women’s day is Paint Ball. Located in Sector 44, Noida, you can enjoy the American-style camo, Rock shot Paintball, and Lock ‘n’ Load, the arrangement of which has been made all indoors. Visiting this place with your girlfriends will surely add a lot of fun to the day.

  • Entry fee: NA
  • Opening time: 10 am to 6 pm

5. Shahpurjat

If you want to go with your friends to a fun place where there is a lot of scope for shopping and you can even indulge in some sumptuous food, then Shahpurjat is the destination for you. You can find everything chic here, from designer gears to quirky accessories. You can also get the outfits customized. Shahpurjat is surely one of the best places where you can hang out with your friends.

  • Entry fee: NA
  • Opening time: Depends where are you going

6. Indian Habitat Centre

With an open-air complex, art galleries, book clubs, music, and dance performances, and American breakfast options, you can find it all at Indian Habitat Centre (IHC). This is certainly one of the places in Delhi that you must visit, especially if you live in the city. 

  • Entry fee: Free of cost at IHC; INR 1800 for two at American Diner
  • Opening time: 8 am to 10 pm

7. Theaters

Theater culture is still prevalent in Delhi. Therefore, you can come across several theaters in the city. You can find an old-world charm in the theaters in Delhi. Some of the popular theaters in Delhi are Shri Ram Centre, Akshara Theatre, Kamani Auditorium, and the Little Theatre Group Auditorium.

  • Entry fee: INR 100 to INR 500
  • Opening time: Varies

8. Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is a one-of-a-kind place with its branches in Delhi. If you go to Dilli Haat, INA, you will be able to come across handicraft items, clothes, and cuisines from various states in the country. You can spend almost an entire day at Dilli Haat without being bored.

  • Entry fee: INR 20
  • Opening time: 10.30 am to 9 pm

9. Delhi Drum Circle

If you are looking for something unique to do with your friends this women’s day, you must take part in Delhi Drum Circle. You can play various musical instruments here, sing, and dance on the beats of music. The places where it is held mostly are Deer Park in Hauz Khas Village and Aurobindo Marg.

  • Entry fee: NA
  • Opening time: Alternate Sundays

10. Old Delhi

Old Delhi is not just a part of Delhi, it is an emotion. You can eat some of the best non-vegetarian food items here. You can take a tour of the structures that were made by the Mughals. Some of the major attractions in Old Delhi are Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Fatehpuri Masjid, Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, Nicholson Cemetry, etc.

  • Entry fee: Varies
  • Opening time: 9 am to 8 pm

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