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Witness The Historic and Aesthetic Splendor of Udupi

The quaint town of Udupi is also often called the temple city and is often frequented by pilgrims from various corners of the country. This Karnataka city is also famous for the Udupi food, which is delicious and one of a kind. Although the place is better known for the number of temples it has, you can also take a tour of the best places to visit in Udupi. Here is a Udupi travel guide for you, which is divided into places that can be visited in and around the city. Let us get started:

9 Best places to visit in and around Udupi

Places to visit in Udupi

1. Malpe Beach

One of the Udupi places to visit is certainly Malpe beach. It is a natural port where you will also find Mogaveera folk community of fishermen, living their daily life. The beach is also called Malapu, and is visited by tourists for the clean sands and gorgeous sunsets. You can also indulge in some thrilling water sports and even take a tour of St. Mary’s Island. It is a perfect place whether you are going with your friends or family.

2. St. Mary’s Island

St. Mary’s Island is an archipelago of four islands, named North Island, Coconut Island, Darya Bahadurgarh Island, and South Island. The island gained popularity for the basaltic rock formations, which are believed to be the result of volcanic activity. The rocks are pillar-shaped and date back to the Madagascar time of India. The place has been listed by the GSI as a geological monument.

3. Pajaka

Another tourist attraction in Udupi which is a must-visit one is Pajaka. It is a small village that is famous for being the birthplace of Sri Madhavcharya, who is the founder of Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi. Some of the things which you must observe here are the house of the saint which is well-reserved, an impression of the feet of Sri Madhavcharya which is close to his house, a banyan tree which locals believe to had been planted by the saint, and the Vidyapeeth where children of the village learn the Vedas and Sanskrit.

4. Sri Krishna Temple

Udupi Sri Krishna temple is one of the most famous attractions that you must visit in this city. The temple dates back to the 13th century and was founded by Vaishnavite seer, Saint Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya. You can have the darshan of the Krishna idol in the temple through a silver-plated window which is called Navagraha Kindi. Before paying respects to the deity in the temple, the devotees as well as tourists can take a dip in the sacred pool here.

5. Corporation Bank Heritage Museum

One of the places to see in Udupi is the Corporation Bank Heritage Museum. The building of this museum is more than 125-years old and was once the home of the founder of the bank. Later it was converted into a museum. While you are here, you can find vintage coins from various periods as well as countries. You can also see currency notes from different countries until the recent time. You can also learn the history of banking in Dakshin Kannada and come across resources such as credit counseling center as well as financial research center here. The museum is also called Coin Museum.

6. Anantheshwara Temple

One of the famous things in Udupi to do is visiting temples, and while doing so, you cannot miss out on visiting the Ananteshwar temple. It is certainly one of the most popular religious centers in the city which was built in the 8th century by the Alupa dynasty. This is the temple where Sri Madhavacharya is believed to have taught his disciples about the Dvaita philosophy.

Places to see around Udupi

7. Jomlu Theertha

Jomlu Theertha is one of the places near Udupi to visit without a miss. Located in the thick forest of Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, this is no less than a gem. The waterfall looks gorgeous as it cascades down the rocks from a height of 20 meters. This is a great place for people who are fond of swimming or going out with family for a picnic. Jomlu Theertha is located just 38 km away from Udupi.

8. Tadiandamol

Tadiandamol is surrounded by lush green tea estates, and located at an altitude of 5724 feet above the mean sea level. It is one of the trekking places near Udupi which is preferred by tourists who love adventures. For a successful trekking experience, you must get started early in the morning. The place is situated at a distance of 212 km away from Udupi.

9. Kudremukh

If you are looking for one of the hill stations near Udupi, Kudremukh can any day be considered. The picturesque view, dense forests, and green meadows will surely make you fall for the place. While you will be in the lap of nature, you can also visit Kudremukh National Park here to spot various flora and fauna. The distance between Udupi and Kudremukh is 89 km.

10. Coorg

If you ever wish to visit further Udupi, you must plan a short trip to Coorg. It is one of the tourist places near Udupi that you must visit, especially if you love enjoying the greenery. There are both natural as well as man-made marvels here. As you enter the town, the aroma of coffee and spices plantations will fill your soul. The town is located at a distance of 190 km from Udupi, which means you can reach within 3 hours and 15 minutes.

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