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Explore The Wilderness on a Road Trip to Pench National Park

If it is going to be a family road trip, you can consider visiting a national park as it will not only be interesting for the kids in the family but also can learn a lot about flora and fauna. One of the most popular national parks in central India is the Pench National Park. Established in 1975, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the national park is spread over an area of 257.26 km2. It started as a sanctuary in 1965 and got the status of a national park in 1975. In 1992, it was enlisted as a tiger reserve, and also called Pench Tiger Reserve. While you are here, you can spot deciduous forest, saja, bijiayasal, amaltas, lendia, haldu, salai, dhaora, amla, and fauna tigers, deer, Indian wolf, Indian leopard, sloth bear, jungle cat, fox, wild dog, porcupine, monkeys, striped hyena, etc. 

While you go on a Pench safari in this national park, you can explore the Pench forest, the core of which is called Mowgli Pench Sanctuary. It has received one such name because of the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. 

For a perfect road trip and an amazing experience at this national park, you can plan the trip between November and May. The park is open for visitors between 6 am and 10.30 am, and then after a gap of four and a half hours, the national park again opens for three hours between 3 pm and 6 pm. Do not plan any trip to this national park between July and September as the park remains closed during this time of the year. The Pench national park safari booking can be done online even through third-party websites. Twice a day, open jeep safaris are allowed from each gate. 

Pench National Park is certainly one of the most popular as well as interesting places in Madhya Pradesh where you can take your family without any hesitation. There are many MPTDC accommodations as well as rest houses where you can stay overnight and enjoy a safari in the morning hours. Nevertheless, if you can spare some time and want to visit the nearby places which can add fun to your road trip, you can consider the following options:

7 Best Places to Visit Around Pench National Park

1. Ramtek

It is believed that Lord Rama sojourned here during his exile, and ever since then Ramtek has been a popular destination. It can also be one of your best road trips to Ramtek, and it is located at a distance of only 60 km from Pench National Park. The temple here is also a fine example of Indian architecture.

Distance from Pench National Park: 60 km

2. Khekranala

This tiny hamlet is just the perfect destination for nature lovers as you can find yourself in midst of verdant greenery. It is also a great place for trekking enthusiasts. You can find a huge lake here where you can even set your camp and enjoy some time in the peaceful environment here.

Distance from Pench National Park: 25 km

3. Sanchi

For one of the best road trips in India, you can plan a trip to Sanchi as well. It is one of the oldest Buddhist destinations in the country where you can still find ancient Buddhist monuments and even their remnants. You can find the old stone structure here which was built in the 3rd century BC by Ashoka. You can learn a lot about the culture and literature of Buddhism.

Distance from Pench National Park: 300 km

4. Kanha National Park

If you are a wildlife enthusiast and you want to see even more species of flora and fauna, you can drive further to Kanha National Park. The national park covers an area of 940 sq km and you can also see varied topography.

Distance from Pench National Park: 200 km

5. Pachmarhi

Located at a height of 1100 meters, Pachmarhi is certainly one of the most beautiful places that you can visit after Pench National Park. From monuments to naturally formed caves, you can find several attractions here. Apart from these, you can also find waterfalls here. If you are fond of adventure, you can also choose trekking to the hills here.

Distance from Pench National Park: 150 km

6. Chikhaldara

As soon as you enter Chikaldara, you will be engulfed by the aroma of coffee here. This beautiful destination is in Maharashtra and is the only place in the state where the coffee plantation is done. The hill station is the ideal place where you can unwind yourself and enjoy some time with your family. You can also take a tour of the attractions here which include Bhimkund, Gwaligarh Fort, Narnala Fort, and Muktagiri.

Distance from Pench National Park: 300 km

7. Lonar

Quite popular by its other name ‘Land of the Crater’, Lonar gained popularity as one of the tourist destinations for its Crater Lake. The lake was naturally formed around 50,000 years ago as a meteorite collided on the surface. This is the only saltwater lake in the basaltic rock in the whole world. This is why Lonar has also been a scientific research spot for a long time. This is a great place for a short weekend as the town is under the blanket of verdant greenery and it will soothe your eyes for sure.

Distance from Pench National Park: 400 km

Before you start your trip, make sure you are aware of all the road trip routes, so that you can cover the distances in the shortest possible time. You can also make it a self-drive road trip by renting a car from Revv. You can visit the website of Revv or browse through the app to find the kind of car that will be suitable for you and your family.


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