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Explore The 10 Untapped Beaches in Odisha via Road Trip!

Oh! Did we hear Odisha and beach together? Well, it seems odd, right? You thought it was Puri – and the game got over? But let us unveil the biggest mystery today. Odisha, rightly known as India’s best kept secret destination, has been in talks recently because of the religiously prominent and culturally important places the State is so rightly proud of. But do you know that even the beaches located here are getting featured everywhere and intriguing the tourists? Yes, you heard it right. Odisha’s beaches (or should we say all the beaches in general) are gaining lots of favouritism and popularity across the nation — and if we believe the numbers, the fame is going to reach beyond the national boundaries soon.

So, what makes these beaches in Odisha so famous? Well, to quench your curiosity here — you’ll have to travel there yourself. And we know that you are more than eager to explore this unexplored location now like the other wanderlust souls are. But we suggest — opt for road trips to Odisha to visit all these extraordinary beaches located here and come to know them up, close and personal. Only then the joy and the exploration of your journey would be comprehensive.

Important things to consider when visiting the beaches in Odisha!

  • Best time to visit the beaches of Odisha — The best time to travel towards the beaches of Odisha is during the winter months as beaches are absolutely calm and soothing during this time.
  • Activities recommended at the beach area in Odisha — We couldn’t count the things to do in Odisha beaches. You can enjoy the calm swim in the sea, enjoy the water sports offered here, or simply try fishing or sightseeing.

Escape to the 10 magnetic beaches of Odisha through a road trip!

Adjectives like solidarity, calm and serene are often used to describe Odisha! And why not, with a coastline of 480 kilometres, the famous beaches in Odisha attract visitors like magnet towards it. You can actually visit more than 10 beaches in Odisha and still want to explore some more of it. Enough of bragging. We know you’d be curious to know more about these locations in detail and here we are listing the most alluring beaches of Odisha below: 

1. Konark Beach

The Konark Beach is located just nearby the Konark Temple and that is why you can imagine the rush and popularity of this beach. You’ll love the tranquility of this space and the gorgeous sunset in the evenings. (We recommend you not to visit here during the day because of the extremely hot climate.) Do give a try to all the water sports activities on these beaches for a fun time with family and friends.

2. Chandrabhaga Beach


The pride of India, awarded with the Blue Flag certificate, the Chandrabhaga Beach is the cleanest beach of the country. You’ll absolutely love the shimmering, pure sea and smooth and soothing sand of this beach. And that’s not all, there are lots of fairs and events organised on this beach during the festive seasons and you should definitely hit this beach to enjoy them. But if you love serenity and solitude, then pay a visit during the off seasons!

3. Puri Beach

Puri is a fabulous confluence of pilgrimage and beaching! You’ll find thousands of devotees and pilgrims visiting here to pay a tribute to Lord Jagannath and that’s how they spend quality time at the Puri Beach as well. Here you would also find lots of religious events and fairs being organised which can be extremely enjoyable. But if you like building sandcastles, picking up seashells, chatting up with the fishermen (and watching how they fish), lazing on the sand (complete with massage by local masseurs), and taking a dip in the cool waters – even then this beach would be ideal for you. Oh, and if you get hungry, simply hit the seafood stalls for some lip-smacking fish and crab fries. Also explore the handicraft stores dotting the area and swoon at the craftsmanship of the weavers of the State.

4. Swargadwar Beach

Swargadwar Beach, off Puri beach, is another profound and buzzing location of Odisha where you shall find pilgrims and tourists thronging all year round. It’s the perfect picnic spot with some quiet corner pockets for the lone travellers as well. 

5. Gopalpur Beach

Gopalpur Beach is a true delight to nature lovers. And if you want to see the mesmerising views around it on a first-hand basis, then climb up the lighthouse located on this beach. We are sure you’d be astonished with the glimpse of the nearby tourist attractions from this beach.

6.Gopalpur Beach

Ramchandi Beach in this place adds to the popularity of this town. It’s named after this Goddess and is called as one of the best exotic beaches of Odisha. You can spend a relaxing time on the beach — and when you’re done, don’t miss to hit the local stalls outside the beach to get some really fabulous goods that are specially sold here (who doesn’t love mementoes from a trip?!). 

7. Chandipur Beach

You will be amazed by the Chandipur Beach when you visit here. It’s very well known as the vanishing beach because the sea disappears automatically for some time and comes back in the normal tide on its own. This phenomenon happening twice a day is enough to leave you dazzled and captivated.

8. Paradeep Sea Beach

Blue waters dazzling your vision, warm sun kissing your cheeks, and calm wind blowing through your hair, sounds tempting? Well, this is what you’ll experience at the Paradeep Sea Beach in Odisha. It’s one of the most alluring sightseeing places and certainly is one that would blow your mind. So, indulge in the most beautiful experience of your life when you visit this beach. 

9. Baliharachandi Beach

If you haven’t heard about the Baliharachandi Beach at Odisha, then your records aren’t updated yet. It is one of the famous holiday destinations in Odisha, located at a distance of 27 kilometres from Puri city. Not just the religious importance of this place due to the shrine of Goddess Baliharachandi, but also because of the magnetic beauty of this beach, you’ll find tourists flocking this beach almost all days of the year.

10. Baleshwar Beach

If you are in a mood to spend some time on your own and just chill in an open atmosphere, then head to Baleshwar Beach. The ambience at this location is enough to give you the much-needed break from the city life and connect with yourself in solitude.

Well, what do you think now? Can you challenge the reasons why these beaches have gained so much popularity worldwide in a very short period of time? From the location of the beaches to the local offerings of these places, and even the sceneries surrounding them, all are truly impressive, and the positive vibes are truly infectious. And if you are driving through all these locations in a rented car from Revv in Odisha, then we guarantee you’ll have no complaints and no regrets post this journey.


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