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Your Complete Guide to The Road Trip from Delhi to Gangotri

Gangotri, a small town of India, has always been in a prominent limelight because of its mythological and religious significance. This pilgrim town is the birthplace of the river Ganges, a river held in high reverence as per legends. Lakhs of devotees and tourists alike especially visit this small town of Uttarakhand just for the devotional purpose. However, the buck does not stop there. The steep slopes of the mighty mountains excite the adventure aficionados, the spectacular sceneries act like a magnet for nature lovers, and the rush of rivers never fails to impress the water sports lovers! So, when a place is so dynamic — you are tempted to experience and explore the place up close. So, how about driving from Delhi to Gangotri to traverse at your own pace?

You might have inquired a lot about the various ways to reach this destination from the Indian capital city. But so far, the road trips to the Gangotri from Delhi have proven to be the best ones. They let you explore and marvel at some of the stunning destinations and locations that come on your way while you travel towards this magnificent hill station. And when the journey and the destination are so alluring, it’s natural to plan for it in advance (what fun it would be to count the days!)!

Essential things to keep in mind when traveling to Gangotri from Delhi!

  • Best time to visit Gangotri — The best time to travel to Gangotri is from October to June when the roads and valleys are dry and favourable for road trips.
  • Top things to do in Gangotri — Looking for things to do in Gangotri? Well, there can be loads of exciting activities as well like the water sports, trekking, and hill climbing, and even visiting the prominent temples of the place.
  • Distance between Delhi and Gangotri — The distance between Delhi and Gangotri is 497 kilometres which takes around 14 hours to reach if you aren’t halting anywhere.

11 Top destinations to visit Delhi to Gangotri Trip

Places to halt at during the trip

You will find some top attractions during the trip which you shouldn’t definitely miss while you are driving to this location.

1. Dehradun

Dehradun is one of the best hill stations of Uttarakhand that you should stop at during your journey. It has the best sceneries and natural beauty to gaze at.

2. Mussoorie

From Delhi, you are basically headed for road trips to Uttarakhand. And Mussoorie is one of the most enticing hill stations of this State that lets you enjoy some exquisite sceneries apart from the perfect weather.

3. Chamba

Chamba is another wonderful place that comes in your way but has absolutely lovely greenery and some very magnificent vibes.

The wonderful trip to Gangotri through road trips!

Whether you are in for religious road trips to Gangotri or for some adventure and fun, you are definitely going to have an awesome time if you are heading to all these enticing locations:

4. Ganges Glacier

Located around 4238 metre above the sea level, the Bhagirathi Glacier starts at the Chaukhamba and merges in the Gaumukh. This glacier has a really enticing view and holds your attention and admiration. This water of Ganges is considered to be the purest and spiritual which can heal any diseases. If you are visiting here, you will definitely enjoy the captivating view of this glacier and can even take a dip in the holy water.

5. Dodital

If you love scenic lakes and beautiful sceneries, then the Dodi Tal is the best location to view in Gangotri. The log cabins and mesmerising sceneries make it a magical camping destination. You can spend some time boating on the lake during the summer months and gaze at the beauty of the frozen lake during the chilly winters.

6. Kedar Tal

The Kedar Tal is located at a height of 4425 metres above the sea level and has the power to enchant you at the very first sight. The fabulous hills and breath-taking lake with the beautiful surroundings make it all the more enticing and exciting s place to visit during your stay in Gangotri.

7. Harsil

Take a car rental from Revv and head to Harsil, that’s around 2 kilometres away from Dharali in Gangotri if you want to view some really natural beauty and even mesmerising waterfalls. You can climb the captivating hills and enjoy viewing the lush apple orchards while you are touring this location.

8. Gangotri Temple

This is the most sacred temple in Gangotri, and you’ll see devotees flocking this temple throughout the year. The prominent temple dedicated to Goddess Ganga is said to fulfil all your wishes when you pray here. And if you are done with praying at this temple, take a stroll around to enjoy the scenic backdrop.

9. Gangotri National Park

You’ll be simply awed by the fascinating beauty of the Gangotri National Park and wildlife sanctuary. The bountiful flora and fauna is a fantastic feature of this location, no doubt! But even the trekking routes and natural surroundings are beautiful enough to captivate you.

10. Auden’s Col

If you are a true trek lover and mountain climber, then this place will obviously be your dream destination. The beauty of this location is superb during the winter months — but even if you are visiting the Auden’s Col during the summer, you will find a fantastic trek route to keep you thrilled. The thick layer of pine trees and lovely species of flowers look all the more alluring making the place look just out of the storybook.

11. Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal is that lovely location that looks mesmerising in every weather. You often find such picturesque locations only in travel postcards. The beautiful green valleys, the lush looking meadows, and the wonderful feeling of watching the shepherds leading the herd of sheep, the ambience is totally magical and rustic — and you will love spending some time in this peaceful location.

With a self drive car rental, you’ll simply find your way throughout the town of Gangotri easily. And if you some more time, do visit Dharali which is a nice river region with a special temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Tapovan – that is nice adventurous place in Gangotri, Uttarkashi — the place where you can pay homage to Lord Vishwanath at the temple of the same name, and Gomukh Tapovan Trek which is another admirable trekking route. After visiting all these locations of Gangotri, you’ll surely have the best memories of your life and best photos for your travel scrapbook!


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