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Road Trip To Serenity – Explore The Soulful Tirthan Valley from Delhi

Peace, tranquillity, and beauty together are rare to find. But when you do get all these in a single place, then the magic is incredible. Well, don’t we all think of travelling to such a magical location someday and enjoy the beauty of nature in a mesmerising ambiance? So, how about living your dream this year and heading to such a location in India? We are sure even you are enticed and excited to discover such a splendid location of the country with us. 

There are some really rare places in India which we can call heavenly! And one of these is the Tirthan Valley. Located at a far off northern corner of the country, surrounded protectively by the Himalayas, and looking sombrely over the lush valley, it’s a stunning destination sprawling for about 1600 meters alongside the Tirthan River near Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. Then, how about planning a road trip from Delhi to Tirthan Valley to enjoy such awesomeness? 

Top things to keep in mind when travelling to Tirthan Valley!

  • Best time to travel to Tirthan Valley — The best time to travel to Tirthan Valley is from October to May when the weather is clear and the land is dry for your trekking and adventurous activities.
  • Things to do in Tirthan Valley— There are some very exciting things to do in Tirthan Valley like skiing, paragliding, camping, trout fishing, trekking, river rafting, wildlife exploring, and sightseeing.
  • Distance between Delhi to Tirthan Valley — The distance between Delhi to Tirthan Valley is around 557 kilometres.
  • The best route for the Delhi to Tirthan Valley journey — The best route to opt for the Delhi to Tirthan Valley journey starts from the capital towards Manali to Kullu and finally to Tirthan Valley. While the other route takes you via Shimla towards Jalori Pass to Tirthan Valley.

Important stopovers between Delhi to Tirthan Valley

While you are driving through the roadways to this incredible location, why not stop at the most deserving places to visit around Tirthan Valley that come in your way?

1. Shimla

Shimla is the most charming city of Himachal Pradesh and simply an astounding destination to stop at while you are headed for the Tirthan Valley. Do stop at the Mall Road to shop and eat, visit the Kali Bari Temple and Shri Hanuman Mandir on your way, and also explore the Scandal Point and State Museum of Shimla.

2. Manali

Another fabulous and romantic place that comes in your way as you travel to Tirthan Valley is Manali. The natural beauty, wonderful waterfalls, and heavenly weather of Manali make it one of the most charming hill towns of the country. And passing through this place without stopping would certainly be a big loss. Do visit the Van Vihar, Solang Nala, Jogini Falls, and Manu Temple when you halt at Manali.

3. Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass is also an enchanting place to stopover between your exciting journeys. The breathtaking view of the Himalayas from here is definitely going to win your heart. And what’s more, if you visit the Manimahesh Lake, Chetni Kothi, and other waterfalls here, then the time spent here is going to be rejuvenating to the hilt.

Get a gripping experience at the Tirthan Valley through a road trip!

This nice destination that you’ve just reached is like a blissful dream. Yes, it’s a marvellous location and you will be exploring the best points and places of this valley while you are at this place. So are you ready for the most memorable experience of your life? 

4. The Great Himalayan National Park

Located in the most green and lush area of Tirthan Valley is the home to numerous unique mammals and birds of the county. This Great Himalayan National Park is one of the best and extensive wildlife viewing destinations of the country. And what’s more, you can even enjoy camping at this National park apart from spotting the rare animals of the country.

5. Tirthan River

Do stop at one of the best attractions during the road trip to Tirthan Valley — the Tirthan River. It has a unique charm and picturesque beauty — as if you are watching postcard images of nature. You’ll love the zip line river crossing at this place apart from fishing for your favourite fishes and enjoying your meal near the river side. 

6. Serolsar Lake

Enriched with medicinal properties, the Serolsar Lake is a popular tourist attraction in Tirthan Valley. From lush greenery around to the magically pure water and perfect backdrop, everything is purely captivating around this lake and just how!

7. Chhoie Waterfall

One of the most alluring locations to visit while travelling in Tirthan Valley is the Chhoie Waterfall. You can reach here simply by trekking from a nearby village for around 40 kilometres and enjoy the most mesmerising waterfalls of your life. The gush of cool water cascading from a spectacular height, the intense and lush greenery around the water with the poise of rocky terrains and the grandeur of the Himalayas hovering as a backdrop – certainly, a view to die for. 

8. Jibhi

If you want to enjoy living in colonial styled tents at a superbly rich green destination amongst the most ravishing views and toast at the perfect campfire, then do visit Jibhi. It’s a small village near the Tirthan Valley which is everything beautiful and credibly worth visiting.

9. Budhi Nagin Temple

When you have travelled so far, you might as well visit the famous Budhi Nagin Temple located at the far corner of the Tirthan Valley but still has devotees rushing to pray here.

10. Raghupur Fort

The ruin of one of the greatest forts of yesteryears — the Raghupur Fort is certainly an impressive monument to visit while you are exploring the Tirthan Valley. The stunning scenery around the old walls of this fort would surely take you back to time and keep you glued in a magical trance.

11. Shringa Rishi Temple

It’s a splendid temple with aristocratic wooden interiors and unique architecture. The Pagoda styled temple is surely religiously significant, but is a famous tourist attraction too for the sheer serenity it offers.

12. Gaidhar Waterfall

It’s a wonderful waterfall located amidst the lush and rich Gaidhar Forest. Providing a tough but picturesque trekking route and lovely waterfall, this naturally blessed place will provide you utmost solace. 

So, don’t all these capturing locations make the Tirthan Valley an enticing location to explore? We hope you’ll soon get a self-drive car rental from Delhi from Revv and head for this admirable journey at the earliest.


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