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Motor from Mesmerising Mumbai to Majestic Mountains of Mount Abu

The city life of Mumbai can be the most exciting part of your life. But do you feel overwhelmed by the mad rush and the hustle and bustle time and again? How about taking a tranquil time out? Yes, we are talking about going to the most talked about hill station of Rajasthan— Mount Abu! This State that’s known far and wide to be a scorching desert land prides in hosting a breath-taking destination – Mount Abu — that can become your favourite hotspot for a serene staycation.

Mount Abu tops the list of hill stations in the North-Western part of India. It not only treats you with some dazzling mountains and captivating waterfalls, but also holds a special place in the realm of religion. And if you are opting for road trips from Mumbai to Mount Abu, then you’ll get to enjoy the gradual transcend from the busiest roads of Mumbai to the calmest pathways in Mount Abu.

Essential things to remember when driving from Mumbai to Mount Abu!

  • Best time to travel Mount Abu —The best time to travel to Mount Abu is throughout the year because this place has a distinct quality of being ever inviting always!
  • Essential things to do in Mount Abu — The top things to do in Mount Abu are bird watching, sightseeing, visiting the prominent temples and monuments, trekking, mountain climbing, and camping.
    The distance between Mumbai to Mount Abu — The distance between Mumbai to Mount Abu is around 756 kilometres which takes around 14 hours of uninterrupted drive.
  • Best route to take to drive from Mumbai to Mount Abu — There is only one road route suggested to drive in a self-drive car rental to Mount Abu. And it starts from Mumbai taking you to Daman, Surat, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad — finally leading to Mount Abu via NH48.

Pit-stops between Mumbai to Mount Abu journey—

There are some really enticing places to stopover between your journey from Mumbai to Mount Abu. Halting at these destinations even for some time would definitely enhance your mood and get you some rest as you drive for hours in a car rental from Revv.

1. Devka Beach

After driving for about 190 kilometres from Mumbai, you’ll reach Devka Beach in Daman. The pure water and magnifying seashore make it all the more beautiful – relaxing here would surely refresh you when you stop at this location.

2. Mirasol Lake

Now when you have discovered a mesmerising natural beach, it’s time to visit a manmade Lake at Daman which is very popular among the tourists. You will find a fantastic location to click some awesome pictures and even take some time off from the long drive.

3. Dahanu Mahalaxmi Temple

You will definitely cross the Mumbai to Surat highway while you are travelling towards Mount Abu. The famous Dahanu Mahalakshmi Temple at this location is a must visit if you want to pray before you move further on.

4. Vadodara

Vadodara is a progressing city of Gujarat that prides in the best textile mills of the State. Halting here for snacks and refreshments and even strolling in the flea market is a must to make your journey worthwhile.

Enjoy the most fabulous time at Mount Abu – a majestic hill station!

The road trips to hill stations are always considered refreshing. Do you know why? Because you get to enjoy the most pleasant weather and enticing surroundings around you! And Mount Abu certainly excels and leads the chart. Read about the best locations to head to when you are visiting Mount Abu.

5. Dilwara Jain Temples

One of the very stunning and top attractions of Mount Abu is the cluster of Jain Temples like the Vimal Vasahi, Khartar Vasahi, Mahavir Swami, Luna Vasahi, and Pithalhar. The most prominent feature of these temples is their astounding architecture and fabulous décor that’s made up of marvellous stones. Even if you aren’t much of a spiritual believer, visiting these temples to be amazed at the natural beauty is a must.

6. Nakki Lake

One of the best places to visit in Mount Abu is the Nakki Lake. They say, this lake was dug by God himself and that is why the lake changes shades and colours as per the changing shade of the sky. The stunning beauty of this lake is one important reason to visit it, no doubt, but boating in this peaceful place is surely a lure too. You may also enjoy the delectable snacks at the nearby stalls (Psst: don’t miss this – visitors swear by the tasty snacking options).

7. Peace Park

We all crave for inner peace, isn’t it? The Peace Park of Mount Abu is certainly going to help you delve deep into your soul. It has everything that’s green and totally ravishing and refreshing that lifts up your mood instantly. The huge variety of plantations found in this park is commendable and you can even take a guided tour to know all about them briefly.

8. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

This magnificent hill station in Rajasthan also prides in having one of the most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries. With around 250 species of birds and animals, you’ll find a very rich list of flora and fauna here. What’s more? You can even enjoy sightseeing around this sanctuary apart from trekking in the nearby area.

9. Guru Shikhar Peak

You just couldn’t miss this grand peak of Mount Abu – the Guru Shikhar Peak. Located inside the wildlife sanctuary, it especially requires a special mention because of the most stunning views and mind-blowing surroundings. Even the famous temple named Guru Dattatreya is located at this peak which attracts devotees like a magnet.

10. Achalgarh Fort

Built centuries back, the Achalgarh Fort of Mount Abu is one of the finest locations to view in this hill station. The ancient architecture of this fort is a true marvel. And even the prominent temple located at this fort makes it a famous tourist attraction of this destination.

Excited to head to all the places in Mount Abu? We know all of them are great – each in their own way — and important too. But let us suggest something travel to all these and even more awesome places like the astounding Sunset Point, the beautiful — Abu Road, the mind-blowing Toad Road, and the very wonderful Honeymoon Point when you are here, but only by maintaining the post-Covid “new normal” safety standards and protocols.


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