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Enjoy The Best Christmas Vacation Wheeling Near Alluring Hyderabad!

YYayy! It is Christmas time again and thankfully you are going to get some days off from your work to enjoy fully. Have you thought of anything you would like to do during this vacation? Well, still thinking? Let us suggest you take off for a road trip to some alluring places near your city. We are sure, you will love celebrating Christmas in some other destination than your home and the perks of travel are obviously the beautiful feathers on your cap of experience.

Hyderabad is a culturally rich place. The city of Nizams has everything to offer you in the most hospitable way. And after you’ve explored its offerings like the heritage sites, the famous adventure sports, the impressive mosques, the delicious food, and even the local markets, can try exploring the magnificent locations around the city. Get behind the wheels for a road trip that would let you enjoy the vicinity of Hyderabad at your will and whim. 

Important things to keep in mind when travelling near Hyderabad!

  • Expected temperature in and around Hyderabad during the Christmas time — The average temperature in Hyderabad during the winter months (that is during the Christmas time) is around 14 degrees Celsius.
  • Expected activities around Hyderabad— If you are looking for the things to do in Hyderabad and the famous destinations around it, then get ready for a cultural trip, religious journey, wildlife interests’ trip, and sightseeing.

Enjoy Christmas in a unique way by travelling at some spectacular places near Hyderabad!

Hyderabad is located around some of the prominent states of the Southern part of India. That is why; you will get to see lots of exciting destinations surrounding it. And if you are searching for the best road trips near Hyderabad for your Christmas vacations, then keep reading:

1. Nagarjunasagar

Nagarjunasagar is the most suited place for best road trips near Hyderabad in the Christmas holidays. It has beautiful gushing waterfalls, lakes, and fascinating natural beauty to keep you enticed throughout the journey. And winters here are all the more pleasant for people who love the chill because of the lakes that makes the air cooler.

Distance from Hyderabad— 160 kilometres.

2. Srisailam

Consider it one of the most amazing destinations near Hyderabad for a road trip. This place actually brings out the old city charm because of the archaic ambience. The visit to the caves, the boating experience, and the tiger reserve is enough to make your Christmas holidays more wonderful.

Distance from Hyderabad — 215 kilometres.

3. Gulbarga

Gulbarga is that sweet destination that lets you peep in the past secretly. It’s actually one of the best nearby Places to Visit from Hyderabad that offers adventurous activities, visits to the dams, temples, mosques, and much more. Your Christmas holidays are surely going to be completely mesmerising when you visit here. 

Distance from Hyderabad — 230 kilometres.

4. Kurnool

One of the naturally rich and fabulous places to visit within 400 km from Hyderabad, Kurnool, has a charming influence on its guests. Enjoy a complete family vacation by watching wildlife and unique birds. The monuments found here are totally captivating as well. And obviously the winters make the ambience all the more enchanting making it more pleasurable to explore those walk trails.

Distance from Hyderabad—218 kilometres.

5. Adilabad

It’s a small but primitive location near Hyderabad which prides in having some really ancient monuments under its wings. What’s more, the wildlife sanctuaries here are ready to amaze you and the lakes and waterfalls will make your winter holidays even better. Visit here to enjoy the most fabulous holiday trips away from Hyderabad.

Distance from Hyderabad — 305 kilometres.

6. Belum Caves

If you are searching for weekend getaways from Hyderabad, then Belum Caves are perfect for you. They have some really astonishing caves which are truly spectacular and intriguing. And the large hillock and the Buddha temple are enough to provide you the experience of serenity in your trip.

Distance from Hyderabad—  320 kilometres.

6. Hampi

Are you looking for short road trips near Hyderabad in winters? Then head to Hampi. It’s a collection of the most astounding remains and ruins of the pasts along with the iconic temples found here. You wouldn’t want a better way to enjoy the Christmas vacations than visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site, especially if history and archaeology interest you.

Distance from Hyderabad 385 kilometres.

7. Horsley Hills

If you want to enjoy your Christmas vacations in the laps of nature and around some fabulous scenic beauty, then visit Horsley Hills. The excellent landscapes, the natural mountains and alleys are sure to give you a fantastic visual treat while you are here.

Distance from Hyderabad — 540 kilometres.

8. Dandeli

If you and your family are just crazy about water sports and other adventurous activities, then ensure that your Christmas vacation happens at Dandeli. It’s certainly a paradise for adventure lovers. You will find lots of activities like River rafting, kayaking, mountaineering and trekking at this place. Apart from these, you can also experience a fabulous wildlife spotting and exploration of the caves.

Distance from Hyderabad — 575 kilometres.

9. Pench National Park

Have shorter holidays this Christmas? Don’t worry, you can visit the Pench National Park which prides in having some of the most unique and exclusive wildlife of the country. You can enjoy a splendid time at this place for a rejuvenating experience.

Distance from Hyderabad — 660 kilometres.

10. Warangal

Want to get teleported towards the ancient times? Then visiting Warangal should be in your list. The exotic architectural sites found here, the wildlife sanctuary, and the beautiful lakes would make your trip fulfilling.

Distance from Hyderabad – 140 kilometres. 

These locations are sure to bring you happiness and blessings (of tranquillity and peace) as well during the Christmas time. And if you want to explore more destinations, then you can also check Badami – which is an architectural marvel, Karimnagar – for exclusive Vedic time ruins, Pattadakal – a spiritual destination, Nalgaonda – the magnetic city, Medak Fort –the marvellous location of Hyderabad, Bidar – the historical example of excellence, Singurdam – the wildlife sanctuary, and Ananthagiri Hills that prides in having some heavenly landscapes. And to add the comfort factor to your trip, hire a car in Hyderabad from Revv, and hit the roads worry-free.


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