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Cool Summer Vacations in The Hills of Kerala? Plan Your Road Trip Now

Summers are scorching hot! There is nothing dreamy about this season. Yes, but you get a lot of time to dream during this period, thanks to long days and the coinciding summer break. And guess what, you even have ample time to fuel your wanderlust during this time. And if you aspire to spend your summers in the most romantic, cool, and admirable location, then think about Kerala. The Venice of South India is certainly a dream destination – it is not without reason that Kerala is known to be God’s own country.

When you plan to explore a place that is like a paradise on earth, whose landscape and greenery are almost legendary, you don’t go for a bird’s eye view – you get up, close, and personal. Nothing can bring you closer to the people and the land than road trips to Kerala in Summers with the able and apt amenities of Revv car rental services. You’ll not only be excited to reach a wonderfully astounding place, but even the journey itself would be worthy and enjoyable. The scenery along the roadway is truly enticing (well, you never expected anything less!) and even the roads connecting Kerala to other prominent cities are maintained and well managed (making your road-trip pretty plain sailing). 

Very essential things to consider when travelling to Kerala!

Most suitable time to visit Kerala — The best travel time for travelling to Kerala is from September to March. But the magic in the climate is perennially present. Your summer vacation trip would be just as phenomenal. 

Things to do in Kerala — Get ready to enjoy a whole lot of exciting activities and things to do in Kerala:

  • Sightseeing
  • Boating
  • Wildlife exploration
  • Visiting religious places
  • Experience living in houseboats
  • Water sports
  • Hiking
  • Walking on trails

Spend a wonderful summer vacation in top 10 hill stations in Kerala this year!

You have already seen those enticing pictures of the backwaters of Kerala innumerable times. Tempting, aren’t they? But did you know that the hills are equally adorable and mesmerising? Almost mystical! So, why not explore them? If you want a comprehensive guide to the best places to visit in Kerala, then keep reading:

1. Munnar

Want to get a glimpse of one of the “oh so beautiful”tourist attractions in Kerala? Then head towards Munnar. Known for its rich and exotic tea gardens and fabulous sceneries, this place has a romantic nip in the air all-round the year. Visiting Eravikulam National Park, a stunning destination in Munnar, KTDC Tea Country, Mattupetty Dam and Lake, and Tata Tea Museum is a must when you visit the heavenly Munnar.

2. Ponmudi

One of the most mesmerising hill stations in Kerala is Ponmudi. It takes you back in time when nature and greenery used to rein the Earth. You’ll definitely forget the tension back home and all the urban life chaos when you see the narrow pathways and the picturesque view of the hills with some charming mountain plants and flowers and wonderful butterflies. Golden Valley, Meenmutty Waterfalls, and Golden Peak are definitely worth visiting places when you are here.

3. Silent Valley

Silent Valley is one of the most alluring and coldest places in Kerala in summer. Since it’s rarely visited by a flock of tourists, they call it Silent Valley. But the mind-blowing flora and fauna of the location, the hills with pure air and green carpet over them and the magical aura of this place would make you rejuvenate inside out. Don’t ever return without visiting the Silent Valley National Park that’s a home to rare species of animals like Nilgiri Langur, Malabar giant squirrel, etc. 

4. Vegamon

If you aspire to have some adventurous time along with tranquillity, then do drive towards Vegamon in Kerala. Of course, the green meadows, lush greenery, forests, and lovely hills are always there to welcome you. But you can enjoy the adventurous activities like paragliding in the mountains as well during the summer months. Thangal Para, Mundakayam Ghat, Vegamon Hide-out, and Ayurveda Spa are the must visit places here.

5. Peermade

Another cool and calm hill station of Kerala, this place bears a temperature of around 5-15 degrees Celsius during the summers. You’ll love the fabulous greenery and rich, fresh ambience of this destination. Named after the famous Sufi Saint, Peer Mohammed, this place provides lots of amazing places to visit like Valanjanganam Waterfalls, Thrisangu Haven Resort, and Our Lady of Good Health Church.

6. Malampuzha

If you really want to enjoy a nice time viewing fantastic waterfalls in Kerala, the exquisite rock gardens, and even having a gala time in the amusement parks, then Malampuzha is the destination to head to! It has the Siruvani Waterfalls which is truly a magnetic cascade of water falling in a heap below. Then there is KTDC Garden House that lets you enjoy some of the very refreshing moments of your life and more. In short, you’ll find something enticing for everyone when you visit this place in Kerala.

7. Gavi

One of the most popular Kerala hill stations and a paradise for nature and river lovers, Gavi is known for its pure and magical serenity. Apart from falling for its magical water-body and lovely scenery, you can also enjoy a plethora of activities here like boating, trekking, wildlife exploration, bird watching, etc. Neer Veezhcha Waterfalls is the most famous tourist attraction that is worth visiting in Gavi.

8. Thiruvambadi

A very lovely and peaceful hill station near River Iruvanjippuzha is a home to many enticing waterfalls and magnificent natural views. If you are a true nature lover, you’ll bless us for suggesting this ravishing location. The Arippara Waterfalls, Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary, Varkala Black Sand Beach, and Sattva – The Awakening Garden are truly stunning locations to admire in Thiruvambadi.

9. Ranipuram

Ranipuram is another unexplored and unadulterated hill station of Kerala that has some really refreshing flora and fauna. Located in the Kasargod District of this State, it’s a nice place to break away from the hustle of city life. Apart from the magnificent rainforests and lovely green valleys, the Talakaveri Temple, Bekal Fort, Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary, and DTPC Ranipuram Resorts are some lovely destinations of this place.

10. Kalpetta

A truly admirable and dreamy destination to enjoy your summers perfectly is Kalpetta in Kerala. The magical aroma of coffee plantations, lovely greenery, and alluring hills make this place a true heaven on Earth. The stunning Pookode Lake, Mapaddi Garden Village, Sentinel Rock Falls, and Olive Resorts are the pride of Kalpetta.

Aren’t all these destinations truly lovely and adorable? Well, do you have some more time to spare? Then you should definitely visit the other cool and dreamy locations of Kerala like Vythiri – best place to rejuvenate yourself, Malayattur – a serene hill area also known as the popular Christian Pilgrimage destination, Ranni – the best place for wildlife lovers, and Wayanad – a home to lovely waterfalls, lakes, and natural bounties. In short, Kerala is truly a great location that has everything magical to impress the traveller in you.  


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