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Discover The Best of Mountains and Nature at Manali During Summers

Bright sunny days are always positive. But sometimes the heat makes you sweat incredibly. Don’t you think it’s time to get rid of this unbearable heat? Even if for a while? No, we aren’t talking about relaxing in an air conditioned room. There’s something else you can do to chill better and get over this sultry weather. Well, how about travelling to a cool and exciting place these summers? A hill station maybe? Like Manali – the queen of Himachal! 

Himachal Pradesh is a gem in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. You get to explore all the wonderful hill stations, temples, waterfalls & river, food outlets, shopping places, etc. when you visit Himachal. But the most amazing town of this impressive State is Manali. The beauty of Manali is truly magnetic. The snow-clad peaks, wonderful greenery, and gushing cascades of water are the dominating factors of this place. Well, that’s just the trailer of the beauty you get to view at Manali. There are more attractions to keep you glued and mesmerised. And believe us, these are truly mind-blowing. So, don’t drool more. Pack your gears, climb behind the steering, and get going on the road trip to Manali in summer. 

Essential tips to consider when travelling to Manali this summer!

  • Best time to explore Manali — The best time to travel to Manali and the area around it is from October to March. Rest of the time, the weather is alluring but the adventurous activities aren’t open.
  • Top things to do in Manali — Looking for the top things to do in Manali and around? There are exciting activities like skiing, river rafting, paragliding, etc. to try here. You can even enjoy excellent sightseeing at Manali along with visiting the prominent temples and monasteries in this place.
Ensure captivating summer Holidays by visiting the wonderful Manali in Himachal Pradesh!

We are sure you want your road trips to Manali be total hit! So, start the journey by visiting these alluring places in this town. And if you have time, there are some places around Manali which are equally fabulous — you can visit them as well. 

1. Rohtang and Solang Valleys

The all-time favourite of the tourists, ranking as one of the top destinations in Manali — Rohtang and Solang Valleys are pure magic to explore in summers. If the ice-clad view of the mountains and the pristine area around it weren’t enough, you will get to see an exciting range of unending pine trees as well. You’ll also get to enjoy some fabulous adventure activities in these valleys like paragliding, parachute riding, trekking, and even rock climbing.

2. Bhrigu Lake

Now Bhrigu Lake is one place that you’ll hear a lot about when you inquire about the places to visit in and around Manali. This Lake is located near Manali in Kullu district and lies at a very high altitude. The enchanting meadows and mesmerising valleys are surely going to give you the most magnificent feelings of your life. The snow on the hills takes away all your summer worries and makes you love the climate and the scenery more.

3. Gulaba

One of the very charismatic tourist attractions near Manali is Gulaba, a small village with everything charmingly beautiful. The best way to enjoy this village is by camping at this location and trekking to its extreme corners. With unmatched beauty and very enticing snow filled peaks and roads, this place gives you major positive vibes while you are here.

4. Arjun Gufa

This place is in the list of essential things to know about Manali. It is a legendary cave lying at a high altitude at Manali near the River Beas and close to the Prini Village. You’ll find the tourists naturally attracted towards this location because of the noteworthy sceneries you get to see while you drive towards this location. Even when you are at this cave, you get to enjoy a wonderful feeling of being surrounded by the most magnetic natural beauty around.

5. Bhuntar

A trip towards Bhuntar at Kullu, near Manali, in your safe and sanitized car rental will be quick and convenient. This wonderful Lake of Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by outstanding meadows and splendid valleys. The incredible stretch of grasslands is enough to take your breath away and the peaceful feeling you get at this offbeat location is the most amazing thing to experience.

6. Old Manali

Want to experience an old school charm at Manali? Well, then Old Manali is the place for you. You’ll find the rustic looking houses. Even the food served here is truly authentic Himachal Pradesh cuisine which will give your taste buds a special treat. Visit Old Manali by contacting Revv for self-drive car rental to enjoy the distinct charm of this awesome town. 

7. Hidimba Temple

Want to spend a devotional time away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Well, then Hidimba Temple is where you should head to. It is a famous ancient temple dedicated to the wife of Bhima (of Mahabharata fame). The three days festival at this temple is quite renowned and you may attend it too.

8. Kothi Village

Get mesmerised by the truly beautiful snow-clad mountains and enchanting valleys around Manali at the Kothi Village. This magnificent place offers a real charm for nature lovers and a lot to explore while you drive around this place.

9. Jagatsukh

The capital of Kullu District, Jagatsukh, is a real picturesque destination with natural greenery and very enticing valleys and meadows. You’ll love the peaceful ambience and scenic beauty of the place.

10. Keylong

The valleys of Keylong have all the excitement and enticement for you. The cold weather of this place makes it all the more magnetic and amazing.

In short, Manali is one of the most romantic destinations of the country with some really stunning places to treat your eyes. You can indulge in the magic more by visiting the astounding Chandratal Baralacha Trek, the iconic Gauri Shankar Temple, the picturesque Rosy Waterfalls, and do enjoy yourself truly at the Manali Clubhouse.


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