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Wanderlust to Wilderness? Drive to Tadoba-Andhari National Park from Mumbai

Does it always excite you to watch the phenomenal animals walking with their natural power and grace? Do you always feel at home amidst wilderness? Do you feel oneness with Nature? Or are you looking to break free from the humdrum of daily life in a concrete jungle? If experiencing nature and wildlife up-close-personal excites you, why don’t you take a break from the tedious life by driving to the nearest wildlife sanctuary at the earliest? an easily drivable location from the park

We are sure you know that there are some really incredible National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. Each of them is significant in their own ways and has something captivating to offer you. However, the Tadoba Andhari National Park of Maharashtra is one of the oldest and prominent ones in the entire country. There are obviously lots of grounds for this importance, but the very significant reason is that it’s one of the few 47 tiger reserves of the country and one with a good number of them nesting safely. Naturally, a drive to this national park is what your heart desires, especially when you are located in Mumbai, an easily drivable location from the park. 

Things to keep in mind when travelling to Tadoba Andhari National Park from Mumbai!

Best time to visit the Tadoba Andhari National Park — The best time to travel to this national park is from October to May – this is the time window when the park welcomes visitors. If you visit here during the summer period, which is from March to May, you get to spot lots of animals but be prepared to bear the scorching heat. Whereas the winters from October to February are the most pleasant time to go, but you’ll spot lesser animals during this period as many hibernate during the winter months.

Distance from Mumbai to Tadoba Andhari National Park— The distance from Mumbai to Chandrapur District, where this national park is located is 860 kilometres which takes around 18 hours of uninterrupted drive. 

Things to do at the Tadoba Andhari National Park — Get ready to experience lots of exciting things to do in the Tadoba Andhari National Park like:

  • Jungle safari
  • Bird watching
  • Boat ride
  • Religious trip
  • Night safari

Enjoy the visit to Tadoba Andhari National park

Your road trips to Tadoba Andhari National Park from Mumbai are going to be super comfortable because the roads from the city to this national park are well maintained and nicely constructed. Now that the drive is unruffled you surely have loads of energy stored for exploring the park and vicinity.

1. Diverse vegetation of the park

Though the Tadoba Andhari National Park is a dry forest with dense vegetation, you’ll still find some rare foliage in this park. You’ll be surprised to see teak covering a large area of the park along with exclusive flora like hirda, bija, dhauda, salai, palas, axlewood, and black plum. 

2. Lovely ambience of the park

The Tadoba Andhari National Park is one of the most pleasant places to visit because of the lovely ambience you can find here. The vast green meadows, undulating valleys overlooking the wonderful hills create a wonderful aura in the place.

3. One of the biggest tiger reserves of the country with other rare animals to spot

The Tadoba Andhari National Park is also a famous tiger Reserve and wildlife sanctuary having a large number of tigers in the place. The recent figures mention that there are about 88 tigers inhabiting in the park which is actually an impressive number. You’ll also find other rare species of animals in this sanctuary like the shy sloth bear and wild dogs.

4. Boat experience at the Irai Lake

Another main attraction of the Tadoba National Park is the serene and calm Irai Lake. These back waters provide you a wonderful experience of boating and watching some rare species of birds like kingfisher, cotton goose, etc. enveloped by the most scenic natural backdrop.

Time for boat ride — 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

5. Jeep safari for tiger spotting and wildlife explorations

You have to leave your self-drive car rental at the parking zone of the National park and opt for the very famous and interesting jeep safari to explore the wildlife and spot the tigers in the sanctuary. Yes, it’s slightly difficult to spot them all, but it’s actually a very wonderful quest to search and find these wild beasts relaxing in their natural habitats.

Time for the jeep safari — 6:00 am –8:00 am morning entries and 2:00 pm –4:40 pm for afternoon entries. 

6. Bird watching at the Tadoba Lake and River

The great Tadoba Lake and Kolsa River finding its way through the National Park are the hotspots for bird watching. You’ll find lots of exclusive types of them like the oriental honey buzzards, Indian pitta, white eyed buzzards, Indian rollers, etc. And guess what? Spotting some crocodiles around the lake is entirely on the cards at this park as well.

7. Unique experience of log-hut stays and camps

You can have a fabulous experience of staycations in Tadoba National Park in the rustic log huts set up by them. You’ll find these in the buffer zone of the park and some comfortable amenities are available for you as well. There are also some well-maintained camps available for your stay just near the National Park too. So, you can so that you can choose between tenting camp-style or experience the log-cabin lifestyle. And if you are tired after the safari and exploring the land, hit back and enjoy scrumptious meals served to your room. 

8. Night safari

Night safari was recently started by the authorities in Tadoba Andhari National Park. But remember, this is only available in the buffer zone from Junona Gate after three hours of sunset. It is actually a wonderful way to explore the sanctuary after the sun says goodbye and spot the rare tigers and leopards in their natural settlements. Not to mention being awed by the beauty of a night amidst a deep forest. However, if you want to try this incredible safari, do make it a point to opt for prior booking.

9. Find the most attractive butterflies in the Butterfly Garden of the park

The Butterfly Garden near the Agarzari Gate of the Tadoba National Park is certainly a must visit spot to give you some really delightful view of the most splendid butterflies there.  You can even click some pictures of the nectar plants and vibrant species of butterflies.

10. Pay a visit to the very serene Ramdegi Area

Ramdegi, a really serene and charming rural area in the Chandrapur district, is one of the most pleasant places in the vicinity of the National park. Amidst the viridian greenery, stands the Lord Rama Temple proudly which is said to be a very important mythological place for Lord Ram is believed to have stayed here for a while during his 14-year exile. About 400 steps from this temple is the huge Buddha Statue of the Buddha Vihar that has a serene aura. It is believed that even the wild animals boldly and freely walk to these spiritual places in the darkness of the night.

If you are a true wildlife lover, you’ll definitely enjoy each moment you spend at the Tadoba Andhari National Park. It’s definitely an enriching and exciting experience that should be noted down in your travel diaries. Or a travelogue or vlog may be? Just remember to get a sanitized car rental from Mumbai towards this location from Revv so that your entire journey is seamless, safe, and comfortable. 


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