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10 Amazing Beaches in Indian Coromandel Coast

There are some really enchanting bays in the entire world! Bay is basically a stretch of land near a large water body. And isn’t India lucky to be surrounded by one of the most bewitching bay, the Bay of Bengal? Yes, it’s a triangular shaped beautiful bay that touches some parts of our country, Sri Lanka, Andaman Nicobar, and Bangladesh. And naturally where there is such a wonderful coastline, the existence of pristine beaches is mandatory.

Beaches are a fabulous destination to unwind. No matter if you are looking for a relaxed soft surface, a seducing ambience to charm you up, or a rushing sea to let you feel alive, you’ll get all these (and more) at the beaches. And we are talking about heading to some of the beguiling beaches, then why not try visiting the beaches of Bay of Bengal? We are sure you’ll bless us for bringing up this idea! 

Top things to keep in mind when travelling to the beaches of Bay of Bengal!

  • Best time to visit the beaches of Bay of Bengal — The beaches around the Bay of Bengal mostly don’t bear a tough and extreme summer or get devastated by the monsoons deeply. So you can head here during any season. But the best time to visit beaches of Bay of Bengal is during the winters. The temperature here would be around 2 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius (just imagine the pleasant ambience to cheer you up during this cool weather!).
  • Things to do in the beaches on the Bay of Bengal— If you want to know about the things to do on the beaches, then stay assured, you can indulge in lots of experiences in these beaches. You can enjoy bathing in the sea, chilling on the sand, trying watersports activities, and also experience paragliding in these beaches.

Have a fun filled time at the beaches along the Bay of Bengal!

If you are looking for the best way to spend your upcoming holidays, then do consider going for a road trip to beaches of Bay of Bengal. And if you want to know why we are harping on this point so much, then read on about the exquisite beaches dotting the coastline of the Bay of Bengal, and the special activities awaiting you here.

1. Digha Beach

Digha Beach at West Bengal is an appealing beach lying just at the corner of east Midnapore. The calm sea, the tantalising sand, and magnificent sun shining from above makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. And if you love water sports, then don’t miss visiting Digha Beach at any cost. You’ll get a lot of opportunities to explore water sports at this place.

2. Chandipur Beach

Have you ever been mesmerised after visiting any place? If not, then get ready to happily be surprised by the Chandipur Beach in Odisha. It’s a mysterious beach that’s also called a hide and seek beach. Wondering why? Well, because during the low tides the beach is seen receding for about 5 kilometres. And on normal days no such change is found in the area. This is what brings lots of travellers to explore this beach. And if this factor isn’t enough to intrigue you, then you can just hit the beach to enjoy the water and the calm sand.

3. Chandrabhagha Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach is actually one of the most famous and one of the must visit beaches of Bay of Bengal. You’ll see that this beach is nearby the majestic Konark Sun Temple in Orissa and that’s why it holds a lot of religious importance too. The devotees who visit this temple to pay homage to the deities do visit this beach to take a dip and also spend some time with family at the beachside. Apart from this religious importance of this place, even the beauty around this beach is noteworthy.

4. Shankarpur Beach

No matter how many famous beaches you head to, the fun of enjoying the water sports on beaches that are secluded and offbeat is something totally amazing. And this is the experience that you can expect at the Shankarpur Beach in West Bengal. It’s also a popular fishing harbour. 

5. Puri Beach

You would have definitely heard about the famous Jagannath Temple in Puri. Just nearby this temple lies the Puri Beach. If you travel by road, the distance from Puri Beach to Jagannath Temple is just around 2 kilometres. So, pay homage at the famous and significant temple and head over to this beach to relax and unwind. Apart from the regular water sports activities, you’ll find lots of beachside fun and stalls here as well. 

6. Talasari Beach

Here is another very irresistible beach near Bay of Bengal. We call it the Talasari Beach and believe us you’ll be totally mesmerised by the beauty of this place. The intoxicating sunset, the clean water, and the softest and cold sand make it the most inviting location to try for a day’s picnic. Don’t forget to click some ravishing sunset images when you are enjoying this captivating beach near the Bay of Bengal.

7. Marina Beach

You’ll be totally mesmerised by the beauty of one of the best urban beaches of the country – the Marina Beach of Chennai. It has a vast coastline and lots of fun activities awaiting you to have some extravagant fun here. Even the beauty of the luscious sea and the softest sand is totally magical.

8. Rushikonda Beach

Now let’s talk about one of the most alluring beaches of the Bay of Bengal, the Rushikonda Beach. It’s a nice little pretty area with attractive looking golden sand, tall coconut trees, and gleaming sea. Need us to tell you anything else about this beach? 

9. Thoothukudii Beach

The Thoothukudi or Tuticorin Beach is a famous port city of Tamil Nadu. It’s totally incredible to look at and is an inviting and fascinating coastline.

10. Tajpur Beach

Tajpur Beach is one of the most popular beaches of east Midnapur, West Bengal. The charming beauty of this beach has made it one of the best picnic spots amongst the locals.

The magic of these beaches isn’t just limited to their location, but also because they have so many activities and excitement to offer you when you travel to these locations. But yes, commuting towards them can be an issue if you aren’t opting for a self drive car rental from Revv. This vehicle would be totally comfortable and can help you reach these exotic beaches within no time. 


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