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Refreshing Waterfalls to Visit on Your Next Goa Road Trip

If you are looking for an idle vacation filled with long picnics and a place with amazing waterfalls, Goa might be the first place that might pop into your mind. Traditionally known among tourists as a party destination, Goa also has plenty of natural tourist attractions to make it a place well worth visiting. You can spend some time in the refuge of nature at the world-famous beaches, or explore the lesser-known yet splendid waterfalls. There are some of the well-hidden waterfalls in Goa that are bound to impress travelers looking for some ideal picnic destinations. If that excites you enough to plan a road trips to Goa, then you can use the below guide to plan your ideal vacation around the waterfalls of Goa. Before jumping to the list of waterfalls, one thing to note is that you should plan your trip during the best time to travel in Goa between the months of November to February. Here are the best waterfalls in Goa that you can plan a trip to for a great vacation.

9 Beautiful waterfalls to visit in Goa

1. Kuskem Falls

No visit to the picturesque Cotigao Wildlife Reserve is complete without a visit to this mesmerizing waterfall. While trekking to this waterfall, you can watch the wildlife of this region that is found in plenty at the wildlife sanctuary. The water descends several meters at this seasonal waterfall and therefore to enjoy it, you need to plan your visit immediately following the rainy season.

Distance from Panaji: 90 Km

2. Kasarval Falls

The waterfall is named after the majestic eagles that used to make their nests in the cliffs that surrounded this waterfall. It is a small yet extremely popular waterfall and an attraction among tourists. There are even legends about the water of this waterfall having many therapeutic properties.

Distance from Panaji: 20 Km

3. Tambdi Surla Falls

One of the most well-known waterfalls that has attracted tourists from all over the country is the Tambdi Surla waterfalls, Goa. Surrounded by the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, this is a pristine waterfall that is a treat to nature lovers everywhere. There are also plenty of flora and fauna to explore around this beautiful waterfall in South Goa. Surrounded by greenery, this place is also a great treat for shutterbugs who want to adorn their social media with pictures of their adventures.

Distance from Panaji: 67 Km

4. Arvalem Falls

Talk of the best waterfalls in North Goa and the name of the Arvalam Falls is bound to pop up in the discussion soon. Apart from admiring the natural beauty of this waterfall, another popular thing to do here is exploring the Arvalem rock-cut caves that had been inhabited in the 12th century by the Buddhist monks. Before that, the legends have it that the Pandavas from the epic Mahabharata made it their shelter for some time while they were exiled. There is also a picture-perfect old bridge which is a popular stop for photography aficionados.

Distance from Panaji: 29 Km

5. Sada Falls

Despite not being easily accessible by roads, this waterfall is a popular trekking spot that attracts adventure enthusiasts from all over the country. There is a trek of almost 4 kilometers that you need to cover for seeing all the streams of this waterfall and that is what makes it so special. The height of this waterfall is almost 200 feet which gives it a spot among the tallest waterfalls in Goa.

Distance from Panaji: 58 Km

6. Charavane Falls

Another waterfall that is surrounded by forests; this is one of the best places to visit around Goa. The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary that surrounds this waterfall provides plenty of flora and fauna that you can see while visiting this waterfall. It is a relaxing waterfall where instead of a steep fall, the water cascades through many steps which also makes it a popular picnic spot. The stones might get slippery and therefore it is advised for you to exercise some caution.

Distance from Panaji: 54 Km

7. Netravali Falls

This is one of the most serene waterfalls that you will come across when visiting Goa, making it also a great romantic escape which you can visit with your special someone. There is also an amazing trek that you can enjoy with your partner and enjoy the clear and fresh plunge pool while visiting this cascade.

Distance from Panaji: 78 Km

8. Hivre Falls

A lesser-known oasis in Goa is Hivre Falls, which has a strong following among the locals who visit this place often. The best part of visiting this place is the possibility of trekking along the beautiful landscape. The creeks that you come across along the trek make it a refreshing and relaxing experience. While it is not the tallest among the waterfalls in Goa, it is definitely an off-beat destination where you can find some solitude.

Distance from Panaji: 55 Km

9. Bamanbudo Falls

If you have been searching for a waterfall in Goa that does not require much trekking and is rather accessible, this is the perfect one. The Bamanbudo fall is immensely popular and the road goes all the way to the fall. You can splash around the cool water by getting into the plunge pool which is refreshing and very accessible. This is the perfect waterfall to visit if you are with a large group of younger and elderly family members.

Distance from Panaji: 85 Km

Once you have decided on the waterfalls that you wish to cover in your trip, you can refer to the road map and maybe even cover more than one waterfall in a day. Accordingly, you can take a self-drive car for a road trip which will give you the freedom of traveling anywhere and everywhere while saving you a ton of money in taxi fare. You can consider the car rental from Revv for the sanitized and well-maintained cars and flexible extensions offered by the company. Download the Revv app today to choose the perfect car for the Goa road trip.


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