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8 Romantic Places in Maharashtra Perfect for Couples

Life is beautiful when we are with our loved ones, right? Well, whether you have recently got married and looking forward to spending some nice time with your partner or you are on a short vacation with your bae, you can actually choose some of the best places for couples in Maharashtra. From forts to caves, from beaches to hills stations, you can find several options in Maharashtra to make your trip even more romantic. So, let us discuss some of the most romantic places to visit in Maharashtra.

8 Romantic destinations for couples in Maharashtra

1. Lavasa

Lavasa is a planned city with a beautiful manmade lake. You can find a lot of Italian-style architecture and colonies here. You can take a long walk here with your partner and enjoy the mesmerizing view of this one-of-a-kind place.

  • Best time to travel: September to March
  • Things to do: A tour to Lakeside Promenade center, Temghar dam, visit Bamboosa to find out facts about bamboo products

2. Lonavala

If you want to spend time with your partner in a place with pleasant weather, then Lonavala is the right choice for you. You can find misty for while to enjoy some of the best views of the verdant peaks here. Being in the lap of Sahyadri hills is a different feeling altogether which you should not miss at all. This is certainly one of the most romantic places in Maharashtra that you should visit soon.

  • Best time to travel: July to September
  • Things to do: Buy peanut cakes (Chikkis), take a tour of the ancient Karla and Bhaja caves, trek to Duke’s nose, and enjoy the view of sunset at Lion’s Point

3. Khandala

We all know the name of this beautiful hill station because of our Bollywood films. If both of you are fond of adventures, you must visit Khandala on your couple’s trip to Maharashtra. You can indulge in several adventure activities and get to know each other even better.

  • Best time to travel: July to September
  • Things to do: Indulge in rock climbing at the Tiger’s Leap, take a stroll at the Bhushi Lake, and explore the Lohagad Fort

4. Kamshet

When you are in Kamshet, you can experience fun and know about history. Apart from these two, you can enjoy the eye-catching sights, which make it one of the best places for couples in Maharashtra. So, if you are in a mood to add some thrill to your romance, you must head to Kamshet.

  • Best time to travel: October to May
  • Things to do: Visit Shinde wadi hills to experience paragliding, enjoy scenic views at Pawna Lake, visit the ancient caves of Bhedsa

5. Pune

One of the major cities in Maharashtra, Pune is certainly one of the best places to be, especially for couples. If you want to stay a bit away from the bustling city, you can find several romantic resorts near Pune where you can book your stay. These resorts have all the amenities and facilities to keep you comfortable and entertained all through your stay. You can also visit the city and the nearby places at your convenience.

  • Best time to travel: October to February
  • Things to do: Paying visit to the Halwai Ganapathi temple, trying the mouthwatering food at the Deccan Gymkhana, and going on treks to the Kalsubai Peak Trek, and Rajmachi Fort trek, a tour of Shaniwarwada

6. Alibaug

If you are in no mood for hill stations, then Alibaug should be your destination. This is one of the best romantic places in Maharashtra where you can find a beach and spend some awesome time with your partner. You can get the Goa vibes here on the beaches of Alibaug. You can find some of the best honeymoon resorts in Maharashtra here; however, make sure you book your stay even before starting your trip.

  • Best time to travel: November to March
  • Things to do: Enjoying the view of the splendid sunset at the beaches, photography

7. Mahabaleshwar

Undoubtedly one of the best places for couples to visit in Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is often visited by people from across the country. The thick woods and tranquil surroundings make this place one of the most sought after, especially by couples. Apart from being close to nature, you can also indulge in several other activities here.

  • Best time to travel: November to February
  • Things to do: Visiting Mapro Garden as well as the Elephant’s Head point, sitting by the lake, taking a tour of the historical battle site of Pratapgad

8. Panchgani

When you are in Panchgani, you will not be bored even for a second. There is a number of attractions here, which you can explore. Apart from those, you can also visit the beautiful scenic sites to enjoy your trip to Panchgani. Make sure you book your stay at only the best resort here to make your trip even better.

  • Best time to travel: September to May
  • Things to do: You can visit attractions such as Kaas Plateau, Table Land, Kate’s Point, Mapro Garden, Sydney Point, Devrai Art Village, Rajpuri Caves, etc.

There is a number of romantic things to do in Maharashtra and you will surely have a fun time in the state. All that you need to do is to choose the destination, book your stay, and take a self-drive car rental from Revv. To check out the options for cars, you can download the Revv App on your smartphone from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.


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