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Explore Royalty by Driving Towards Lavish Palaces and Forts of India

You can’t describe India in just one adjective. You require an entire dictionary to praise this blissful and rich country. From having unique and diverse culture to the exclusive heritage sites and some awesome natural beauty, there isn’t anything that India doesn’t have. This rich and lush country is full of surprises for every traveller and tourist. So, when you plan to visit India, you won’t be short of attractive destinations to check. But if you are looking for royalty, then let us tell you that India can give you an enriching regal experience as well.

If you have read the Indian history, you would know that India has been ruled by some mighty powers in the past. From the Mughals to the British (and many other colonists) and even the native rulers, everyone carved their own niche in this country and you can still find them in some parts of this nation. And that is how we have some very alluring palaces and forts still standing tall and proud in the country. And if you want to explore them all, just hop in a car and drive towards them.

Top things to keep in mind when traveling to India

  • Best time to travel to India — Well, India is diverse and the same diversity is seen in its weather patterns too. So, the best time to travel to India can be throughout the year. Every State has its own charm in each different season which should be explored by all.
  • Things to do in India –You just can’t imagine the things you can do in India. From exploring the heritage sites to visiting the religious temples and even sightseeing the most astonishing natural beauties. Apart from it, you can go to explore the beaches, wildlife, camping, trekking, and enjoy the adventurous trips in India.

Travel in the royal way by taking a tour to exclusive Indian luxury places.

Welcome to India, the land of royalty and richness. So here we present you with some really magnificent and marvellous royal destinations which would define luxury in a unique way to you.

1. Umaid Bhavan Palace

Commence your road trips to the luxury Places in India by visiting the royal city of India – Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The city is already very famous for hosting some of the very distinguished palaces of the country. And the Umaid Bhawan Palace is unique because you will still find the Royal family of Jodhpur residing here. Apart from it, it is one of the largest palaces in the world with 347 rooms in it. You will find that this Palace is divided into 3 parts which includes a museum, a luxury hotel, and the third wing is for the royal family to stay. You can experience true royalty if you are staying in this property while you are in Jodhpur or can even take a tour of this lavish destination if you aren’t.

2. The Lake Palace

No doubt in Rajasthan, forts and palaces are dotted in many places, but The Lake Palace in Udaipur is mighty regal. It is a proud part of the country since the 17th century and has been built by one of the rulers of the Mewar Dynasty. Standing tall on the Lake Pichola, this palace is a true example of beauty, creativity, and architectural excellence. Do you want us to give you more reasons to explore this palace?

3. Hawa Mahal

One of the most popular palaces in India, the Hawa Mahal located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a truly spectacular palace. This unique piece of architecture harnesses the wind to its advantage and the beauty of the palace itself is jaw-dropping. You will find around 950 windows in this place which were specially made for the women folks of the Royal family. If you are visiting this Palace, you will be awed by its exceptional architecture and the windows that would cross your way after each metre. 

4. Laxmi Vilas Palace

A truly attractive tourist destination of India, the Laxmi Vilas Palace or Maharaja Palace is a spectacular building located in Vadodara, Gujarat. Standing since the 18th century, this is one of the most costly palaces built in the history of India. You’ll find several palaces conjoined in this one royalty and both the architecture and the beauty of this palace is exquisite.

5. Jay Vilas Palace

Let us introduce you to another beautiful and luxury destination in the map of India, the Jay Vilas Palace in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The breathtaking white architecture and the lavish and grand area of this royal building make it one of the most astounding luxurious palaces of the country. You should definitely take a tour to check the 400 rooms out of which 40 are converted into a museum.

6. Amba Vilas Palace

One of the top luxury palaces of India, the Amba Vilas Palace, smiles beautifully in the city of palaces of the country, Mysore, Karnataka. Built by the Wodeyar dynasty using some very precious stones, this palace still holds its original charm. Do visit the mind blowing royal building as a large area of this palace is open for the tourists regularly.

7. Rambagh Palace Hotel

If you dream of staying in a heritage hotel in the land of India, then Rambagh Palace Hotel in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is ideal for you. This hotel is a true example of luxury intertwined with the rich history of the country. The amazing chambers of this hotel make your stay plush and opulent. And if you don’t want to stay here, just explore its fantastic architecture and marvel at the beauty of this palace. 

8. City Palace

Let’s not forget the astounding palace lying in the heart of Jaipur called the City Palace. It’s actually a combination of two grand palaces of the city – the Chandra Palace and the Mubarak Mahal. Built in the 17th century, this exclusive piece of luxury holds a prominent place in the history of India. Apart from the Royal rooms and chambers, you will be surprised to see a very beautiful temple in this Palace as well.

9. Ujjayanta Palace

The Ujjayanta Palace is one of the most exclusive offerings of the affluent past of India and lies in Tripura. This Palace is now serving as one of the most attractive and captivating museums of the country. The magnificent carvings and alluring architecture of this Palace is spectacular. But you will love the lush green gardens and beautiful lake around it the most.

10. Cooch Behar Palace

Located in Cooch Behar, West Bengal, the Cooch Behar Palace is a true example of awesomeness. Why? Because it was built inspired by Buckingham Palace. The huge verandah, the fabulous interiors, and classy exteriors make it truly a fantastic example of aristocracy, affluence, and architecture.

India is a land of many riches. And these 10 destinations are some of the best from the repertoire. You will get to see more Royal palaces and luxurious hotels like Raj Palace in Jaipur –a spectacular beauty, Neemrana Fort Palace at Neemrana which is a fantastic example of timeless aristocracy, Leh Palace at Leh – celebrating royalty amidst the snow, Gajner Palace at Bikaner- a true regal experience in every sense, and Deeg Palace at Bharatpur that impresses you with its wide land and fabulous architecture.  And exploring these would be better if you are renting a vehicle or going for a short-term car subscription in India and drive towards them. After this step, you just need to gear up and head towards those astounding and royal destinations of the country to have the most fabulous experiences of your life. 


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