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Cruise Through The Mumbai Roads with Exclusive Revv SUV subscriptions

Mumbai can be considered one of the busiest cities in India. It is not only the commercial nerve point of Western India but also one of the first 24Γ—7 open cities in the country. While the Mumbai local train network and the BEST bus service are the lifeline of the city, the up and coming Mumbai Metro is also likely to strengthen the public transport in the metropolitan city. Despite this, there is a growing need for having your own transport in the city, and the SUV cars in Mumbai are perfect for the city residents who do not want to compromise on the comfort and safety of their ride.

There are many advantages of getting an SUV in Mumbai and no matter which SUV car model you name, you can find it running on the roads of the city of dreams. Here are the biggest benefits that you can enjoy of having an SUV in Mumbai.

4 Biggest benefits of SUVs in Mumbai.

High driving position

The design of the SUV provides a higher driving position with better visibility of the roads. It is also easier to get in and get out of the SUVs than Sedan or Hatchback cars. Driving an SUV you get better and safer control of the vehicle while going on the highways.

Better driving capability

Many of the SUVs are enabled with a 4Γ—4 drive and powerful engines which enables them to be driven on a variety of terrains. The tyres of the SUVs are also designed to provide a better grip on the roads so that they can traverse on demanding road connections.


Safety is one of the biggest benefits of having an SUV in Mumbai. The robust construction and the heavy-duty components of the SUV provide more reliable performance on the road with a lot of safety.

More Space

The SUVs have a lot of cabin space as most of these are suited for seating 7 people. The boot space is also much larger compared to other cars which makes them a much preferred vehicle for long distances.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of having a reliable and stylish SUV with you in Mumbai, we have some great news for you. You can now enjoy some of the best SUV cars for subscriptions in Mumbai. With no need for a down payment and EMI, you can enjoy just the best benefits of your SUV without any commitments to tie you down. If you are wondering how can this become possible, we can explain to you all aspects of how to get a car subscription in Mumbai. The process of taking a car subscription in Mumbai works the same way as it does in the rest of the country. The process starts with you visiting the website of the car subscription provider and choosing your city which with show you the car selection in Mumbai. Among these, you can pick the vehicle that you want and specify the subscription period that you want to take it for. You also need to provide your KYC details and the executives from the car subscription company such as Revv will soon get in touch with you. The SUVs cars in Mumbai for subscription through Revv include some of the best SUVs that you can find on Indian roads. Some of the well-known SUVs with respective SUV subscription prices that are available on Revv include the following.

4 Best SUVs for subscription in Mumbai

Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta is one of the most popular SUVs that is available on Revv with Diesel fuel and manual transmission. The subscription price is INR 26,599 per month.

Ford EcoSport

One of the hot favorites of people everywhere, this car is available with Diesel fuel and manual transmission. You can have it for the monthly subscription fee of INR 22,899.

Mahindra Scorpio

This is one of the best and tough SUVs for Indian roads from Mahindra and it comes with manual transmission and Diesel fuel. The subscription starts from INR 28,799.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Available with diesel engine and manual transmission, this is one of the most comfortable SUVs available, and it is available for the subscription fee of INR 39,199.

There many other SUVs that you can subscribe to by visiting the Revv website or installing the Revv app. You can view the SUVs in diesel and petrol with prices, and also sort the list by budget, fuel type, transmission, brand, etc. Just look through the Revv inventory, choose your dream SUV, and get ready to travel not only through Mumbai but also to millions of other places that you want to travel to.


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