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Things You Didn’t Know About Parashar Lake Mandi, in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh; we often talk about this state and its beauty every time we talk about hills and a much-needed vacation, don’t we? And if you have been longing for a trek, you must make your plan successful this time. One of the best places in Himachal Pradesh for trekking and similar adventure activities is Parashar. 

Located at a distance of 60 km from Mandi, Parashar is one of the destinations where you can make some lovely memories, whether you are going on a solo trip or with your loved ones. The best time to travel to this amazing place is between December and February. This is also the time of the year when Parashar remains shrouded by snow. One of the things to do here is to visit the very popular Parashar Lake. As you plan your visit to Parashar Lake in winter, you will be flabbergasted by its beauty. Let us talk about some of the things that you did not know about Parashar Lake, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

9 Things to know about Parasar Lake in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

1. A holomictic lake

A holomictic lake is not a very common term that you will often get to hear in India. However, if you want to see one, you have to visit Mandi to see Parashar Lake. It is a type of lake in which once a year the water in the lake blends completely. As this gets mixed, the density and temperature become uniform from top to bottom.

2. A sacred lake

Parashar lake is one of the top attractions near Mandi also because it is considered a holy lake. Only the priests from the nearby temples have access to this lake. The water of this lake is used for rituals. The lake was named after Rishi Parashar, who was believed to meditate beside this water body.

3. A floating island

A very interesting fact about this lake is that there is a small piece of land on the lake which is an island. The island covers only 7% of the lake and completely changes the look. The oxygen in the roots of the plants on the island keeps them floating in the lake. Therefore, you can often find the island in a different position in the lake.

4. Depth of the lake

It might sound a little weird but nobody knows the depth of the Parashar lake yet. Locals claim that they have witnessed entire huge trees drowning in the lake and they could not even see a ripple on the surface.

5. Connection to Mahabharata

Believing the legends, the lake was created by one of the Pandavas, Bheem. As they returned from a long ordeal, they along with Lord Kamrunag found this place and liked it quite a bit. Therefore, Bheem decided to live here. He elbowed one of the mountains in the nearby area and made a dent which became the lake then.

6. Legend of Parashar temple

It is a Pagoda-style temple that dates back to the 13th century. It is still not confirmed who built this temple. Some say it was built by King Ban Sen and the construction was completed after 12 years, while others say it was built from a single tree.

7. Rhododendrons blooms

If you visit this place during the months of January to March, you will find the entire valley blooming with rhododendron bushes. It brings a hue of fuchsia pink and looks extraordinarily beautiful. Make sure you click the number of photos of this sight.

8. Saranahuli Mela

Saranahuli Mela is a fair held annually each year during the month of June. On attending this fair, you will be able to witness Himachali rituals. The fair is attended by several people across the state. Each year, the fair is frequented by several devotees who even participate in the rituals.

9. Sukhasar Lake

One of the tourist spots around Parashar Lake is Sukhasar lake, which is located at a distance of 2 km. However, due to heavy snowfall, it might take some time to reach this place. Just like Parashar lake, this is also one of the oldest lakes in the area. This is a must-visit place during your road trip to Himachal Pradesh.

As you know about these things about Parashar lake, it will make your trip even more interesting. Like Parashar lake, there are several places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, and you are going to fall in love with all of them. The only choice that you have to make carefully is the time of the year.

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