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Getaway from The Rush via a Road Trips from Vizag

The hustle and bustle of the city life often becomes too overwhelming to bear! And getting away from such a rush is important if you want to keep your cool. Stress is a demon most city dwellers are fighting today, and weekend getaways are one of the best weapons to combat that. 

Vizag or Vishakhapatnam is a fabulous location proud of flaunting some exclusive sites and prominent tourist attractions. And even if you want to move beyond the boundaries of the town, then there are some really awesome locations to check near the city to keep you entertained. In short, road trips near Vizag are the super hit ways to make your family holidays or solo trips or friends’ getaways or romantic minibreak most memorable.

Important things to keep in mind when travelling in and around Vizag!

  • Best time to visit Vishakhapatnam and destinations around it — Vizag or Vishakhapatnam has favourable climate almost throughout the year, but winters are the most exciting to wander around.
  • Types of visits recommended around Vizag — Travel to Vizag and the areas around it to enjoy awesome beach time, view captivating natural sceneries, and admire some of the renowned historical and cultural monuments of the country.

Best places to enjoy the most amazing family vacation near Vizag!

If you are looking for some good family holiday destinations near Vizag, then believe us, you won’t fall short of options. Just start your car and drive towards these enticing locations near Vizag listed below.

1. Lambasingi

This is one of the best places to visit near Vizag which is also called the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. You’ll find a fascinating and pleasant climate here throughout the year — and especially during the winter, you’ll feel the Christmas vibes in the air. Getaway from your busy lifestyle to enjoy a happy time amidst the bounty of nature.

Distance from Vizag — The distance from Lambasingi to Visakhapatnam is just about 100 kilometres.

2. Araku Valley

The mesmerising hill station near Vizag — the Araku Valley — is surrounded by the Eastern Ghats and therefore is the most enchanting location you’ll find in the State. The lush waterfalls and massive greenery around are something to enjoy with your family. 

Distance from Vizag — The distance from Vizag to Araku Valley is 114 kilometres. 

3. Srikakulam

If you have a pious family, then head to Srikakulam. It’s a prominent city with lots of religious importance and also one of the best weekend getaways from Vizag. There are lots of Hindu temples, Buddhist relics, Jain Monuments, and ancient ruins found in this town as well. (Don’t forget to check them out while you are here.)

Distance from Vizag — 116 kilometres.

4. Yanam

If you or your family are inspired by the French lifestyle and culture, then Yanam is certainly the place meant for you. You’ll see a never-ending line of coconut trees here apart from the luxurious beach and lazure waters. A fun and interesting holiday awaits you if you travel here this weekend.

Distance from Vizag — The distance from Vizag to Yanam is around 181 kilometres.

5. Rajahmundry

If you desire to go for a long drive around places in Vizag that are famous for its temples, then Rajamuhndry is the destination most suitable for you. It has the famous ISKCON temple along with a number of ghats under its boundary.

Distance from Vizag — 190 kilometres.

6. Papikondalu

Surrounded by astounding and ravishingly lush green meadows and valleys, Papikondalu is the most charming location near Vizag. You’ll fall in love with the scenery the moment you step foot into this town. In short, it’s the best kind of destination to spend a calm weekend with your family. 

Distance from Vizag — 190 kilometres.

7. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

If you have wildlife enthusiasts in your family, then they’ll definitely love your visit to the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary. Considered as the second largest mangrove forestation of the country, this wildlife sanctuary prides in having some of the rarest species of birds and animals and spell bounding sceneries around it.

Distance from Vizag — 198 kilometres.

8. Maredumilli

Do you think that you hardly find things to do in Vizag? Then head over to Maredumilli. It’s a fascinating location that has everything for everybody. Like, you’ll find the jungle resorts here, exotic wildlife, natural sceneries, captivating lakes, and whatnot! Your entire family would get something of interest in this location and that’s why it’s the best place to spend your holidays with them.

Distance from Vizag — 228 kilometres.

9. Gopalpur

Want a beach holiday? Then how can you forget Gopalpur? It’s a magnificent place near Vizag that’s rich in having some of the lavish beaches and seashores amidst the marvellous mountains. You are sure to be captivated by this location if you travel here for a holiday.

Distance from Vizag — 285 kilometres.

10. Vijayawada

Vijayawada has some really astounding attractions like the Undavalli Caves, the Kanak Durga Temple, and the Bhavani Islands. A visit here is going to be totally worthy of your time and money as everything here is totally beautiful and enchanting.

Distance from Vizag — 350 kilometres.

11. Kanyakumari

If you have slightly more time, then you can drive a little longer and reach one of the most enchanting cities of India, Kanyakumari. You would be mesmerised by the beauty of the city with lots of ancient architectural heritage and cultural sites. Not only this, the pilgrimage places and temples here hold a prominent place. And if you have a family member who is a beach lover, then it is all the more suitable place to check when you are going for a short holiday with them.

Distance from Vizag — A Vizag to Kanyakumari road trip is the longest among what we have listed so far with a distance of 1520 kilometres. 

For a fun and entertaining family trip, these destinations are certainly worth checking. And if you want to explore more, then try heading towards Warangal — a historical location near Vizag, Konark – known for its magnificent Sun Temple, Puri – for some really significant temples and beaching, and Bhubaneswar — the socio-culturally rich town of Odisha. And when the journey involves your family members as well, ensure to be extra cautious and hire a car from Revv only in Vizag for the safest and the most comfortable journey. 


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