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Get The Best Culinary and Travel Experience – Travel to Odisha by Road

Want to explore a land rich in heritage, divinity, artistry, cuisine, stunning ancient remnants, scenic beauty – all in one? Welcome to Odisha. Known as the land of Gods, Odisha is renowned for its stunning and iconic temples. But that’s not all — there are still some parts of Odisha that include fabulous beaches, wonderful forts, and serene lakes —all of which should be explored to experience the essence of Odisha. If you love intricate artistry and heritage weaves, shopping is a must in Odisha. Oh, and don’t miss tasting the famous dishes of Odisha which are unique and exquisite. 

Top things to keep in mind when travelling to Odisha

  • Best time to visit Odisha — The best time to travel in Orissa is from October to March because the weather other than these months can be quite erratic.
  • Things to do in Odisha — Beach holiday, visiting the temples, exploring the historical monuments, sightseeing, shopping, tasting local cuisine, and wildlife spotting.

Best food items to try in Odisha

The cuisine of Odisha is an amalgamation of a variety of dishes and cooking techniques. The main food of Orissa is rice based, while many gravies have yogurt as bases. You may try the staple affair Pakhala Bhata which is rice soaked in water and curd overnight and enjoyed with various kinds of fries and fritters. Spicy on your mind? Try the Macha Ghanta — a scrumptious curry that is made traditionally with fish-head but can be twisted to make a vegetarian affair too. Then there is Dalma –the quintessential moong dal with a twist of tempering and companionship of vegetables. No Indian meal is complete without desserts, and the Odisha sweet treats have chhena (cottage cheese) as their base. One of the famous sweets of Odisha is chhena pora while a close second is Rasabali – both of which are offered to Lord Jagannatha. 

Enjoy a fantastic holiday at Odisha through a road trip

Road trips to Odisha can be soul stirring. You will get to see a phenomenal monument or temple in every lane and each new destination has something exciting stored. The place is steeped in mythology and history, and you shall almost time travel when you set foot on these edifices. .

1. Bhubaneswar

The capital city and one of the best places to visit in Odisha, Bhubaneswar, has this special charm of blending modernity with tradition. You can enjoy a peaceful time at the local parks in this city. But yes, we aren’t forgetting the iconic temples that have exclusive architecture dating back to some 100 years. Maybe that is why you will see lots of tourists and devotees hitting Bhubaneswar very frequently throughout the year. Do visit the Lingaraj Temple, Udayagiri, Khandagiri Caves, and Nandankanan Zoological Park when you are here.

2. Puri

The list of tourist attractions in Odisha cannot be complete without talking about Puri. This place has the famous Jagannath temple which is a profound pilgrimage centre. That is why there is a huge rush of devotees each day at this temple. And the plus point of visiting Puri is that after you have paid homage at the temple, you can relax and enjoy the beach located very close by. Apart from these, do visit the Gundicha Temple and Golden Beach as well.

3. Konark

Konark is well known for its incredible temples and monuments. But missing the Sun Temple isn’t just possible. It’s the famous temple of the country and its exclusive architecture is noteworthy. (It’s actually one of the seven wonders of India) Well, konark is way beyond being home to this temple. You’ll love the serene beaches apart from the famous archeological Museum. Do visit all these destinations for sure if you are a real art and sculpture lover. 

4. Cuttack

Love vintage cities and their atmosphere? Hop into a self-drive car rental and drive towards Cuttack. It is a fantastic heritage city that is full of ancient monuments, forts, and temples which have their own unique stories to narrate. You will be transformed into a nostalgic era and would be gripped by the beauty of the destination. Do explore the famous Mahanadi Barrage, Fort Of Barabati, Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, and Ansupa Lake during your time here.

5. Bargarh

Bargarh may be not known by all, but this offbeat location can be easily found if you have a car rental from Revv. This town finds prominent mention in the Hindu mythology, the Ramayana. Indulge in a fantastic sightseeing experience by feasting your eyes on the most spectacular sceneries of this location and get dazzled by the Pamganga hills and templesaround in this place.

6. Jeypore

If you are really zealous about nature, you will love the splendid waterfalls and greeneries at Jeypore in Odisha. The Green Mountains and the lush forest around are refreshingly beautiful. There are also some caves in this location which are intriguing and interesting at the same time. The Caves of Gupteshwar, Duduma Falls, Jagannath Sagar, and Sunabeda are the best destinations to explore when you are in Jeypore.

7. Barbil

Located just at the banks of River Karo, Barbil is a rarely explored destination of Odisha. The breathtaking beauty of this hidden gem will fill up your senses for sure. The luxurious forest and calm serenity of this place has a lure that you just can’t avoid. The Hawa Mahal, Murga Mahadev Waterfalls, and Hanuman and Shiva temples are worth visiting in Barbil. 

8. Rourkela

The largest city of Odisha has more than just ancient temples to offer you. There is a famous steel plant in this city which is really commendable. But apart from it, there are some profound parks and dams in this city to keep you entertained throughout your stay in this city. Darjeeng, Nehru Traffic Park, Hanuman Vatika, and Mandira Dam are very famous too.

9. Sambalpur

Let us not forget Sambalpur when we are talking about the profound places of Odisha. There is a famous wildlife sanctuary – the Ushakothi sanctuary — here where you can spot the splendid animals of the country. Also, you’ll simply get impressed with the alluring landscapes of this city and the famous tourist attractions like the Cattle Island, Hirakud Dam, and Hatibari.

10. Chandipur

Chandipur is quite famous for its sea turtles, apart from the sand and sea of course. But you will also love the seafood that you get here — one of the famous cuisines in Odisha. And what’s more, the Chandipur Beach is a real paradise to enjoy some calm time under the sun on the sand or the serenity of it all on a moonlit night.

With these destinations in your mind and a right route map with you, exploring Odisha would be much easier and enjoyable. We bet the trip to this amazing land would really be worth cherishing for a lifetime.


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