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12 Unexplored Places to Visit in Chennai

Chennai at the heart of South India carries the remnants of British rule as well as the rich Indian cultural heritage. Chennai is the home to temples, churches and British architecture that still attract pilgrims and history lovers to this city. Though there are famous tourist attractions, Chennai also has some unexplored places that are loved by the curious travelers.

12 Best Unexplored Places to Visit in Chennai 2021

1. Hiding Caves of Little Mount

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These are caves at Little Mount that says that St. Thomas who was one of Christ’s 12 apostles stayed in these caves for several years. Little Mount caves are well-preserved and are used by the local people to offer their prayers. It still has footprints of St. Thomas’ feet on the rocks. Legend says that there is a tiny spring located a little away from the cave that never dries.

2. Bodyguard Muneeswaran Temple

Image Source: Tamilnadu Tourism

This is a small temple located in Pallavan Salai dedicated to Lord Muneeswaran.  There is a legend that a British officer raised objections to the building of the temple and he faced a severe accident that same day. So the local people believed that praying to the Lord Muneeswaran assures safety and so it got the name Bodyguard. It is one of the best unexplored places in Chennai.

3. Demonte Colony

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This is considered as one of the most haunted places in Chennai. The Demonte Colony in Alwarpet is one of the most intriguing tourist places near Chennai within 100 kms. This area is named after John Demonte. After the death of Demonte and his family, the ghost stories spread so much that it became deserted.

4. Our Lady of Lourdes

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It is said that the statue of Mother Mary in the church had blinked and that brings a lot of visitors to Lourdes Church. Pilgrims visit this place from far away to witness this event. It is a beautiful and lively church that is located in Chennai and tourists also visit this place for its beauty.

5. Broken Bridge

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Adyar’s popular Broken Bridge is one of the most offbeat places to visit in Chennai. The scenic views of Broken Bridge is the place where Adyar River estuary joins the Bay of Bengal. This is a popular place for film shoots and the Broken Bridge is one of the popular tourist Attractions in Chennai.

6. Armenian Church

Chennai once had a community of Armenian merchants who settled here and constructed a church in the year 1712. This place exudes the Armenian architecture and is also one of the oldest churches in Chennai. This is an important heritage site. The church offers information about the Armenians in the city, their magazines and a cemetery.

7. Theosophical Society

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Created by the students this institution belongs to no particular religion or to no one. Take a peaceful walk in the Huddleston Gardens of the Theosophical Society. The main theme and aim of this society is to bring people closer irrespective of their religions. In India, the rich diversity of religion and culture is so intriguing and on top of that the peaceful existence of a Theosophical society really shows how accepting the people are.

8. Muttukadu Lake

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The Muttukadu Lake situated on the East Coast Road is a beautiful lake with boat trips which tourists love. You can do rowing, wind surfing, water skiing, Aqua scooters and explore all other watersports during your trip to Chennai.  There are beautiful bamboo boathouses and floating boat jetty here. The best time to visit Chennai is between October and February and during this time you can take a boat trip here in Muttukadu Lake.

9. St Thomas Mount

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The cathedral of St Thomas Mount is one of the best unexplored places in Chennai. During 16th and 17th century the place was a lighthouse that acted as a guide to Portuguese and British ships. This cathedral is made of granite with a beautiful arch that holds three crosses. The prayer services are from Monday to Saturday at 6:30 am, 12 PM and 6 PM. On Sundays it is at 7:00 AM, 12 PM and 6:00 PM in the evening.

10. Lighthouse

Image Source: New Indian Express

One of the famous landmarks on the Marina Beach, the Madras Lighthouse is one of the less explored tourist attractions in Chennai. In 2013 it was opened to the visitors. This is the only lighthouse with an elevator. This is open for tourists from 10 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 5 PM. You can get a glimpse of the city from this lighthouse.

11. Besant Nagar Beach

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The Elliot Beach also known as the Besant Nagar Beach or Bessie is one of the best unexplored places in Chennai. You can also visit the Velankanni Church and Ashtalakshmi Kovil located close to Besant Nagar. The serene beach, swaying coconut trees and the sea offers a relaxing view.

12. Film City Chennai

There is a thriving film industry in Chennai and the film city of Chennai has a number of film studios and a film school. The MGR Film City is a special tourist place in Chennai. Located in the sprawling Tharamani area, MGR Film city is the home to a number of film shootings and recording theatres.

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