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10 Hidden Tourist Gems in Himachal to be Discovered

Gone are the days when people would visit common places. These days, everyone wants to travel to places that are not overcrowded and that have not been explored by everyone. If you are also one of them, you can choose unseen places in Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh is certainly no less than a heaven. You can choose any destination in this state for your vacation and you will never regret your decision. If you are traveling during the winters, you will find many of the places covered under the blanket of snow. Make sure you book your stay ahead and choose a room where you can wake up to the view of snow-covered hills. Now, let us discuss some of the unexplored places in Himachal Pradesh.

10 Best offbeat places to visit Himachal Pradesh

1. Renukaji

Renukaji is one of the undiscovered places in Himachal Pradesh. You can find beautiful architectural sites here. The popular Renuka Lake here is the largest in the state. You can visit the temple beside the lake. The town is perched at an altitude of 672 m above sea level.

Best time to travel: April to June, and September to November

2. Gada Gushaini

Gada Gushaini is a hamlet in the state which looks spectacular. The crystal clear water here passes through the rocks, and the sound of it is absolutely soothing. Even if you sit by the water, you will not realize how so much time has gone by. This place is perfect for adventure lovers as there are trekking trails here.

Best time to travel: March to June

3. Karsog Valley

If you are tired of your regular city life and desperately need a break, you must visit Karsog Valley. The town is surrounded by Deodar and Pine forests and apple orchards. Everywhere you see, you will find greenery here. This is a perfect place to relax and enjoy some time from your busy life.

Best time to travel: March to June, and September to November

4. Janjehli

Located at an altitude of 2150, Janjehli is an unexplored hill station in Himachal which is located at a distance of 70 km from Mandi town. This tranquil getaway is mostly covered with thick fog. Dotted with verdant greenery, this is a great place for nature lovers.

Best time to travel: October to Marchย 

5. Jibhi

This scenic village is located in the Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The road that takes you to Jibhi is enough scenic and you will have an awesome time traveling to this place. The hamlet looks like a fairytale. This is a great place for people on their honeymoon.

Best time to travel: March to May

6. Chindi

Chindi is one of the unexplored places near Manali which is filled with natural beauty and temples. The temples that you can find here are Kamaksha Devi, Mahunag and Mamleshwar Mahadev, Pangna Killa, and Shikari Devi temple. While you are here, you can find many apple orchards and pine forests.

Best time to travel: July and August

7. Solan

Solan is one of the unexplored places near Kasauli which you must visit at least once in a lifetime. The town was named after the Hindu Goddess Shoolini Devi. This place produces tomatoes in large numbers. This is a place that you should visit during the onset of monsoons to see its real beauty.

Best time to travel: February to May, August, and September

8. Pabbar

If you are looking for unknown places in Himachal Pradesh in winter, you can any day consider Pabbar. This picturesque village has snow-covered valleys, cedar, oak, and birch forests, and the best part is that you can find only a few tourists here. Make sure you explore the place as much as you can. And if you are an adventure lover, you can go trekking.

Best time to travel: January to May

9. Thanedar

Yet another beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh that is not much frequented by tourists, Thanedar is has gained popularity because of its apple and cherry orchards. When you are here, you can buy several products that are made of apples and cherries. The nearby tourist attractions to Thanedar are Nag Devta temple, Tani-Jubbar Lake, and St. Maryโ€™s church.

Best time to travel: May to September

10. Chitkul

This is an offbeat place in the Kinnaur district in the state. The hamlet is located on the Indo-Tibetan border and the last village that is inhabited by people. This is also the last place in the country where you do not need a permit to visit. Rich in vegetation and fruit orchards, this is a beautiful place that should be visited by every individual who appreciates nature. This is certainly a hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh.

Best time to travel: May to October

Some of the best activities in winter in Himachal Pradesh that you can indulge in are skiing, trekking, camping, etc. Road trips to Himachal Pradesh in winters get better because of the chilled weather and the scenic beauty. There are several things to do even on the way to your destination. All that you need to do is to plan the trip properly. And if you want to travel through the mountains with your bunch of friends, you can go for a car rental from Revv. You can choose a car that you find the right for the trip and enjoy the service for as many days as you want.


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