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How do You Maintain Your Used Car That has Covered Umpteen Miles

When you own a vehicle no matter if it is a brand-new one or second-hand purchase, it becomes important to look after it. However, there’s always a lot more consideration and attention required to maintain a used car. Because that car was already used by the first owner for a while which resulted in some wear and tear. If you aren’t taking proper care of it, it might become a piece of junk in no time.

14 Best tips to maintain your used car!

If you are looking for quick, useful, and comprehensive tips for how to maintain the used car, then read on and put them to practice – and you shall be ready to enjoy seamless drives in your car for ages. 

1. Optimal tyre pressure

A very important criterion of used car maintenance procedure is to keep its tyre pressure at its best. Low pressure in your car is mostly the prime reason behind many damages and malfunctions happening in the vehicle. That’s why it’s important to drive the car only if you have the tyre pressure checked regularly and found to be in their intact condition.

2. Be a good driver

One of the best car maintenance tips that everyone will provide you is to drive the vehicle smoothly. Like, if you are too rough on the brakes and accelerators and are rash driving, you are bound to wear out your car soon — before time. 

3. Keep the windows shut while driving

If you have a habit of keeping the windows open while you are driving the car, not only it brings in a lot of dust to the interiors of the vehicle and spoils its beauty, but it also leads to excess fuel consumption. And greater fuel consumption automatically increases drag leading to more pressure on the engine and consequent increased fuel consumption.

4. Travel light

Your engine has to bear a lot of stress because of the extra weight that you carry in your vehicle. So, if you have the extra weight of damaged tyres in the trunk or a child seat that is no longer in use, better remove them from the vehicle and make the car lighter. This will not only improve the performance of the vehicle, but it also enhances the life of the engine and its parts.

5. Never leave the engine running when idle

If you are in a habit to keep the engine running when you stop at the signals, then it is better that you mend your ways. Otherwise, it automatically reduces your fuel efficiency and affects your engine’s life as well.

6. Keep the vehicle clean

Be sure to write this task in your car maintenance checklist without fail. Wash the car timely inside out and keep its upholstery free of spots and stains if you want to see it live longer happily. 

7. Change engine oil at proper intervals

One of the important engine maintenance tips that you should follow without fail is to change the engine oil at proper intervals. Because if your engine oil is contaminated, the same particles and dust (present in this oil) is transmitted to the other parts of your vehicle. This automatically increases the wear in the engine and its parts, and your car shows issues very often.

8. Keep changing the coolant as well

Since a used car has eaten up so many miles already, it’s natural for it to heat up quite frequently. That is why it is necessary to keep extra coolant in the vehicle. And after a certain period, be sure to change the coolant regularly. Because if it’s left in the vehicle for long, it gets contaminated and automatically affects the engine adversely.

9. Don’t go non- stop

Just as you get tired and require a break after a certain span of time, even your car’s engine does wear out. Especially if it is a used car, it requires stopping at regular intervals. So, if you are driving consistently for some hours, stop in between and take a break for a few minutes so that your car’s engine can breathe and let out the heat. 

10. Never ignore the warning lights in your car

If you want to keep your second-hand car running smoothly like new, make it a point to never ignore the blinking warning lights in the car. These warning lights are a signal of a problem in the engine or the refilling of fuel or the time of servicing, etc. Whatever they are, these are made to help you and you shouldn’t ever ignore them. 

11. Never run the car till the fuel is at the fag end

Refill the fuel in your vehicle as soon as needed. Don’t wait for the reserved fuel in the vehicle to get over. Because this fuel contains lots of sediments and particles which can contaminate the engine and tend to create issues.

12. Change and clean the air filters regularly

After a certain used car mileage, you’ll find that the air filers of your car are showing issues. (The common sign of this is leakage from the exhaust). During such a time, ensure to change the air filters of the car or clean it if it’s still in a good condition. 

13. Check for spark plugs and belts regularly

Whether you are purchasing used cars from Revv, or it is via some other source, make it a point to regularly check the spark plugs and belts of the engine. Because, you never know when these might get distressed and result in severe problems in the engine.

14. Use a route planner

A route planner is the best trick to keep your car which is already high on mileage usage stay on track. It is because if you are following the best guidelines for the routes to cover, you don’t go hither and thither and consequently prevent waste of the fuel or adding extra mileage on your vehicle.

These used car maintenance tips can assure that your car, albeit high on mileage factor already, will always be running without much ado last longer.


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