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Why is Car Subscription a Good Idea during the Pandemic?

Remember the pre-COVID times when going out was one of the most normal things to do when we would plan a trip every 2-3 months, and going to work was no big deal. However, now the times have changed. We work from home, planning trips is no less than a dream, and going out for grocery shopping even on weekends is a lot of work with the face masks and bottles of sanitizers. One of the biggest challenges for people, especially without a personal car, is traveling from point A to point B. This has led to the rise of people buying a car. What about those who cannot afford to buy a car yet? Well, worry not, if you are one of them, you can consider a car subscription.

Over the years, the concept of car subscription has been well-accepted by people. And especially in a situation like the ongoing pandemic when hygiene is a big factor and neither can you purchase a car nor you can travel through the public transport, car subscription comes as a better idea. Let us check out some of the advantages of a car subscription:

8 Best advantages of a car subscription

1. Affordability

A car subscription is one of the most affordable options that you can go for. If you take it from a reliable company like Revv, you can subscribe to a car for INR 10,000 a month. Even the other options are equally affordable. There is no down payment or need of taking a loan. You can use it for as many months as you want and return it whenever you want.

2. Car hygiene

Car hygiene during the pandemic is a big concern for almost all of us. If you take public transport, you just cannot rely on them 100% if the seat and mostly touched areas have been sanitized each time the passengers deboard. However, when you get a car on subscription, you do not have to worry about the sanitization part. You will certainly get fully sanitized cars for a subscription. Subscribing to a car from Revv is also suggested because of the hygiene and social distancing norms. You do not need to doubt the car sanitization from Revv as each of the cars is deep cleaned and sanitized by the executives before they are delivered to the customers. Even while handing over the car to the customers, the vehicle is again sanitized.

3. No depreciation

The depreciation might be the most financially painful part of owning a car. The minute your car comes out of the showroom, its value starts going down, and even if you sell the car after just a year or two of usage, you can struggle to find a good rate. With a car subscription model, you do not need to worry about the car depreciation hitting your finances.

4. Self-drive option

With the car subscription service, you get the self-drive option. This means you do not have to wait for the driver to come to pick you up, like the way you do it as you book a cab. There is just no need to be dependent on anyone. You can use the self-drive car for a subscription the way you would use your car. It is also a much safer option for you and your family as you can maintain complete privacy and even have transport at odd hours.

5. Easy return

You can take the car subscription service for a certain period; however, even if you find the need to return it before the scheduled date, you can do that. You just need to keep the company updated about the change of plan. All you will be charged with will be a nominal amount that may be equal to one month’s subscription fee, although it entirely depends on the terms and policies of your car subscription provider.

6. Choice of cars

Having an extensive collection of cars as a part of their inventory, the premier car subscription provider company such as Revv are well-known for offering the company many make and model cars. The Revv subscription also offers you the option of upgrading your car anytime and getting a different vehicle that might better suit your needs. This option is simply impossible in case you have bought a car.

7. Doorstep delivery

Once you have selected a car at the Revv App or Website, your car subscription from Revv will begin. The car will be thoroughly sanitized and delivered right to your doorstep. All the KYC and other paperwork will be carried out then and there, and once successfully completed, you can start driving the car from that very moment.

8. Maintenance and Insurance included

Maintenance and insurance are essential parts of car ownership and as a car owner you need to take care of them. While the advice by experts at the time of the pandemic includes you having to remain indoors as much as possible, you still need to go out to get the car maintenance done. That is not the case if you are opting for a car subscription by Revv as it all is included in your subscription cost and will be taken care of by Revv executives who will pick up the car, get maintenance done, and get it dropped off safely at no additional expense.

While some of these factors may seem unimportant to you, they all make a big part of your car ownership once you have the car. You can easily go for a Revv car subscription by visiting the Revv website or installing the App from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. You can then simply choose your vehicle and enjoy driving the car for as long as you wish.


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