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Explore Cars

Starting at 10,499/month

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Sanitised cars for personal use
Safer than public transport
Min. 1 month, extend anytime
Only 5,000/- refundable deposit

Revv Cars at affordable prices

  • Maruti Alto K10 
  • Maruti Alto 800 
  • Hyundai Eon 
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Sanitized Cars with Revv Subscription to keep you Safe

The recent outbreak of novel corona virus has made everyone conscious about the hygiene standards of their choices of services. For us, this translates to an increased focus on the safety and sanitization standards for each Revv car subscription booking. We have made consistent efforts to integrate measures that assures our customers of their safety and well being while using our cars. The Revv sanitized cars meets the stringent standards set by us keeping in mind the WHO guidelines in combination with our extensive experience in automobile management. The sanitized self-drive car subscription by Revv will free you from the health and safety hazards that you and your loved ones encounter everyday on the public transport. The monthly Revv car subscription enables you to take the car for the entire month at extremely competitive rates, and if you want to extend the subscription, you can do that as well easily.

Enter the world of Car Subscription with Revv

The biggest reason for many people to shy away from committing to car ownership is the hassle that is often associated with it. With Revv offering car subscription in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and more 18 cities in India, it’s helping many commuters to experience the joy of owning the chosen car of dream without the facing the other hassles. It is a fun, flexible and feasible way of ownership with the sanitized Revv car subscription plans. The Car Subscription model by Revv provides users a car of their choice, for a monthly fee covering the maintenance part and taxes that take away a big part of the ownership cost. The total amount of money that the user pays over the month for the car subscription comes much lesser than the monthly EMIs, down payment, road tax, maintenance, and insurance amount of an owned car.

Revv Subscription with your choice of good as new cars

The Revv car subscription plans in India lets you choose cars from a range of make and models available in your city. You can choose the usage period for which you wish to have the car with you which you can extend if you want to continue. You also have the option of returning the car before the stipulated time period for a nominal fee. If you want, you can choose to buy out the car as well.

Choosing a good car subscription plan on the Revv website is extremely easy. For example, if you choose a Hyundai car subscription or a Mahindra car subscription, you can see all the cars of that company that are available in your city. If you are wondering about reliable yet affordable car subscription near me, then look no further and explore the available cars with car subscription by Revv. You have the option of choosing the cars that are available in your city from any of the Revv car subscription centre in India.

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