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10 Best Used Cars for First Time Drivers

The act of driving a vehicle gives you a sense of independence. With the right pair of wheels, you can explore not only your city but also many nearby places, without being dependent on anyone. All you need is a car in good condition and a valid driving license. However, if you have learned this skill recently, buying a second hand car would be the wisest idea. Everybody prefers a brand new car that has come out right out of the showroom but as a new driver you may end up getting small scratches or dents on your car sometimes. And when you get those in your brand new car, it will depreciate the car faster. When the same happens to a used car, it will not matter as much since you would have invested lesser money in a pre-owned car.

As we talk about used cars for buying, it is always sensible to go for a small-sized car. From parking the car in the narrow spaces to its monthly maintenance, it will be much easier for you in every aspect. Now the question is finding the seller that can offer you the best cars for learning the driving well. Well, in that case, you can totally trust Revv.

Whether you visit the website of Revv or the app, you will find some of the best-selling used cars listed on it. One of the major benefits of buying a used car from Revv is that you not only get a pre-owned car in the best condition and at a competitive price, but you can also resell it to Revv after using it for some years, at a pre-determined price.

Let us take a look at some of the best used cars for first-time drivers.

1. Hyundai I10 Sportz

It is one of the best hatchback used cars you will find today. The 2015 model comes with a petrol fuel type and manual transmission type, and the color is silver.  The price of the car is INR 3,80,000, all-inclusive.

2. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire VXI

It is a 2012 model that comes with a petrol fuel type and manual transmission. This car is also available in silver color. You can purchase the car at an all-inclusive price of INR 4,69,866.

3. Hyundai Eon Magna

It is one of the top cars for easy driving. The 2012 model car is available for INR 2,76,863, all-inclusive. The petrol car comes with a manual transmission and DG metallic color.

4. Renault Kwid RXL

This is a 2016 model which is available in Bronze color. This car also has petrol fuel type and manual transmission. You can buy the car at an all-inclusive price of INR 3,01,896.

5. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 LXI

This is an excellent car for people who do not have a lot of space for parking. You can also drive across the city in this car and will not have any problem parking the car even in the smallest areas. The 2015 model looks as beautiful as a new car. Available in gray color, the fuel type of this car is petrol and the transmission is manual. Buy it for a price of INR 3,11,450.

6. Hyundai Grand I10 Sportz(O) 1.2 Auto

Hyundai Grand I10 Sportz(O) 1.2 Auto is one of the most beautiful used hatchback cars that you can get at only an all-inclusive price of INR 5,52,988. This is a 2017 model and the transmission type is automatic, and the fuel is petrol. The color that is available for this car is red.

7. Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Highline

This is a 2013 model, available at an all-inclusive price of INR 5,24,442. The color of the car is gray, the fuel type is petrol, and the transmission type is manual.

8. Honda Amaze VX i-VTEC

Among the best sedan used cars in India, Honda Amaze VX i-VTEC is a compact sedan that many people opt for. The 2016 model is available in red color and you can buy it from Revv at just INR 5,70,000, all-inclusive.

9. Hyundai Elite I20 ASTA (O) VTVT

The car is a 2016 model and can be bought at an all-inclusive price of INR 6,81,124. The color of the car is white, the transmission is manual and the fuel type is petrol.

10. Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCI Titanium+

If you are confident enough in your skills and want to go for a slightly bigger car, you can go for this 2017 model Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCI Titanium+. You have to pay an all-inclusive amount of INR 8,50,825. The blue-colored car comes with a diesel fuel type and manual transmission.

While checking out the vehicles at Revv online, you can also check the best features of used cars. To know more about your desired car, you can even click on the ‘Enquire Now’ tab and pour out all the questions that you want answers to.

The second hand cars offered by Revv are checked properly and sold only after fixing the defects. Any car that you buy from Revv will come with a 1-year warranty, which means total peace of mind. If you do not find the car good enough right after buying it, you can return it to Revv within five days to get a full return. And if you want to resell it to Revv after using it for a few years, you can check the pre-determined price of the car you are buying. To sum it up, as you buy a second hand car from Revv, you not save a lot of money but also get a reliable car that is no less than a brand new car.


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