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Are Consumers Preferring User Cars Over Brand New Cars – Here’s Why?

Everyone wants the freedom of owning a vehicle that they can use for going places near and far. Having your own car can remove your dependence on public transport and give you the feeling of being independent to move wherever you want and whenever you want. Although many people preferred to buy only brand new cars for themselves, the trend has shifted with the rise of certified used cars. With the rising popularity of used cars, it is worth it to take a second look at this popular option and understand the reason behind its growing popularity. There are several factors when it comes to evaluating the benefits of owning used cars v/s brand new cars as well as their individual demerits. If you have been wondering which option will be better for you, you can read the below writing to make up your mind regarding used and new cars.

Benefits of brand new cars

When it comes to the benefits of brand new cars, there are plenty of good points that you can consider. The biggest of these benefits are as below.

New Car Feel

The best part of getting a new car is the new car feel, which may be difficult to be put into words. The new car is absolutely clean and you will be the first one driving it which gives you a great feeling of joy.

Fault Free Vehicle

You will most likely receive a fault-free and well-working vehicle that may come with a warranty. This minimizes your risk if a big problem comes up in the car that requires extensive repair work.

Clean History and Paperwork

The new car will have you as the new owner and there is no need for you to worry about the history of the car. The paperwork of the car will also be in perfect order and there are very few chances of any fraudulent transaction.

Fewer chances of major repairs

When you buy a new car you have all the original parts that have been fitted by the manufacturer. The chances of breakdown and the need for major repairs are minimized as you start using the car.

Latest technology

The newer cars come equipped with the latest technology in the market. Although there has not been a major breakthrough in car manufacturing technology in the past few years, you might still miss out on the important features if you don’t buy a brand new vehicle.

Benefits of used cars

Even though you are buying a vehicle that has been used before by there are several benefits of used cars that make it a worthy choice for car owners who are looking for a trusted vehicle at a good price. Let us take a look at some of the biggest benefits that you can get while buying a used car.

Buy a better car for the same amount

There are many times when the price of a new car forces you to compromise on the brand, the size, or the features of the new car due to the premium price. By buying a used car you can get a better value for your money as you can select the make and model of the car that you want. You can even buy cars from better brands that you can not afford while buying a new car.

Less Depreciation

All cars depreciate; however, the depreciation on a used car is far lesser than the depreciation on a new car. The lesser depreciation also means that you will be able to get a better value for your money with better rates when you are selling the car.

Lesser Insurance Premium

The insurance premium on second hand vehicles is much lesser compared to the new vehicle. When buying a used vehicle, you can even get the no claim bonus, if available with the old vehicle which can help you save more money on your vehicle insurance.

Accessories included for free

The new car usually comes with bare minimum accessories from the factory which means that you need to pay for each little accessory that you want in the car. Some of the important accessories such as a music system, speakers, and seat covers can still cost you additional expenses. When buying a used car you can benefit from the accessories that have already been purchased and placed on the car by the previous owner.

Sustainable option

The used vehicles are also great for the environment as you are saving a vehicle from going to the landfill or scrap yard and reducing the carbon footprint of humankind. This is not only good for the environment but also the economy of the country.

Buy a certified vehicle with assurance

When you buy certified vehicles such as a certified used car from Revv, you can get even more benefits such as one year warranty on important parts, a detailed inspection report, a home test drive with delivery, and even EMI facility. This makes the used cars by Revv even a better buy than many new cars which might now fit your needs.

In conclusion, both new and used vehicles have their own advantages and disadvantages which makes them a good option for car buyers. The used cars have come a long way from their earlier image and make a good buy for most users. While there are still disadvantages of both present, buying a certified used car from Revv makes it a risk-free decision for the buyers looking for a better car for their money.


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