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Drive towards these hidden hill stations of India to beat the heat

What comes to your mind when summer arrives? Well, for us, there are mostly two things – air conditioners and hill stations! The air conditions do become our permanent companions in the summer, but what about a drive towards the hill station for some natural nip in the air? We are sure the idea seems enticing and fun to you. So, what do you think? Are you ready to beat the heat by travelling to some alluring hill stations of the country?

Hot scorching sun, too much sweat and unbearable heat, your city feels as if it’s a fireball. It’s natural to feel the need to fly towards an amazing and cool hill station. And believe us, India prides in having some really awesome hill stations which would take your breath away because of their mind-blowing beauty and the really pleasant weather that’s immensely cool and enticing.

Top things to keep in mind when travelling to the Hill stations in India!

  • Best time to visit the hill stations of India — The Indian hill stations are some really admirable gems and have absolutely wonderful climate all throughout the year. And the best time to travel towards them is from October to February when there’s fog and chill in the air. But if you visit them during the summers, you get to enjoy the pleasant sun and escape the scorching heat at your hometown.
  • Things to do in the hill stations of India — You can enjoy lots of activities in the hill stations of India like paragliding, camping, trekking, boating, sightseeing, and even visit the heritage sites here.

Get cool by driving towards the enticing hidden hill stations of India!

If you want your summers to be the most amazing and refreshing, then opt for the road trips to the hill stations in India. Yes, we know you would have heard about some very famous ones across the country. But today we are talking about the hill stations which aren’t known to many but are truly spectacular. 

1. Chatpal

Believe it or not, Chatpal in Kashmir is one of the most magnificent offbeat hill stations of India. The stupefying beauty of the river flowing around the rocks is purely bliss. And the hills providing a sombre shadow above the lush green trees and bushes around create a magic that is totally incredible. And that is why Chatpal is a must visit when you are exploring the hidden hill stations located in India.

2. Askot

If you aren’t looking for the regular tourist attractions and really want a hill station all by yourself, then head to Askot in Uttarakhand. It’s a naturally blessed and totally unbelievable and flabbergasting beauty. It lies near the border of India and Nepal, and it is still unadulterated by regular tourists. 

3. Gurez Valley

Kashmir is no doubt the coldest place in India in summer. And Gurez Valley is a part of Kashmir that is entirely enticing and spectacular. The velvety green meadows, lush and rich flora, and breath-taking flowers, you’ll lose your heart to the awesome beauty of this valley for sure. 

4. Kemmanagundi

After bearing the summer heat, you certainly need a quiet but cool place to shed off the tiredness. So, let us guide you to one of the best and the most relaxing offbeat hill stations of India in South India. Kemmangundi has everything you’d desire in an ideal destination. There’s waterfall, green meadows, stunning valleys, and even beautiful mountains. What else do you require for an admirable journey in summer for rejuvenating your soul?

5. Kalpa

Isn’t the thought of travelling to the places to visit in Himalayas enticing after you have spent days sweating out there under the hot sun?  Well, then why not drive to Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh for a refreshing and marvellous journey and vacation? You’ll pass through large pine trees and multiple Apple orchards and even enjoy extremely chilled weather and mind-blowing scenery here.

6. Tungi

While all the hills of the Western and Eastern Ghats are totally incredible, but we are sure you wouldn’t have heard about the magic of Tungi in Maharashtra. It’s a very fine and quaint hill station located near a corner of Pune and provides a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for travellers. Apart from the glamorous mountains providing a wonderful view, the lake flowing around Tungi and the lush greenery make it a very nice place to relax and unwind.

7. Yuksom

It’s natural for all of us to feel the urge to visit and touch the Himalayas from the closest point. And Yuksom in Sikkim is that destination that lets you enjoy the Himalayas up. Close, and personal. It is a ravishing destination for trekking and adventure lovers, and you’ll be awed by the view of the mighty Himalayas and the surrounding nature.

8. Dandeli

South India and especially the metropolises here would be steaming now. So, if you are looking for a quiet and cool hill station nearby, then drive towards Dandeli. It has some really stunning natural beauty to bless your eyes and doesn’t attract many tourists’ attention either.

9. Haflong

You’ll be surprised to know that Assam has only one hill station and even that isn’t much known to many. So, you can travel to Haflong worry free this summer season to explore an untouched beauty that’s so impressive. Also, it’s fascinating that there’s a point in Haflong which makes the highest bird suicide point and the reason for the same is still unknown.

10. Sanasar

Sanasar (in Jammu and Kashmir) is another hidden gem which lets you think of the creativity of the universe. The forest with large pine trees, virgin and pure air of the green meadows, and the totally incredible valleys, the charm around here is too irresistible to leave! 

11. Munsiyari

Uttarakhand is that awesome State of India that is totally loaded with beauty and natural diversity. But there is still so much left to explore here. And one such town for road trip destinations in summers is Munsiyari. It’s a total marvel for the eyes. The hill tops will make you feel like a carefree teenager with the enchanting beauty around and the rustic ambience of this little place will create a pleasant spell on you.

12. Peerumedu

Peerumedu is a fantastic part of Kerala that is a true delight to explore in summer. Not known to many, this hill station boasts of luscious waterfalls, enticing greenery, open grasslands, and various trekking options waiting for you.

Feeling the heat wear off already? Obviously, these destinations are so magical that you’ll feel the need to jump in your car and drive towards them at the earliest. Want to know some more of these? Then do consider Nelliyampathy in Kerala – which is a paradise for greenery lovers, Raithal in Uttarakhand – a blessed offbeat hill station, Rajgundha in Himachal Pradesh that is totally a fascinating destination, and Lachung in Sikkim which is totally an unbelievably sensational destination to explore. Now, you just need to decide the destination that you liked the most, get a sanitized car rental from Revv, pack, and start your journey immediately.


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