Subscribed Car damaged? Know Your Responsibilities and Liabilities!

We understand that you are going through a serious financial strain and couldn’t afford a car presently. And life without a car seems unmanageable today. With all the public transports almost closed (or so full due to limited availability, that your safety would be compromised using them!) and the fear of COVID-19 outbreak in the air, you just can’t survive without a four wheeler vehicle in your garage. But what if your old car has given away and you can’t manage the expenses of a new one? We understand that there are lots of EMI options available for your preferences and the banks are ready to provide you the loans as well. But don’t you know the extreme charges you have to pay as down payments? And even if we consider that as a side-lined point, with the dwindling job market, what if you miss an EMI? The penalties are too high. So, under the circumstances, the car subscription plans are God-sent for you! 

With car subscription schemes, you get your choice of cars at your doorstep within a very short period of time after the verifications and confirmations are carried out by the team providing you the facility. And would you believe it if we said that you have to pay nothing, absolutely nothing at the time of getting the car! Yes, car subscription is so flexible and customer friendly. And what’s more exciting, you can subscribe to the car you want for a short period of time – say, one month — or for as long as two to three years. The choice is yours and when the time is up, you just have to return the car to the service providers. And above all — you can even revoke the subscription anytime you want – plus, you don’t have to pay the insurances and taxes either. But in order to keep your subscriptions safe and fruitful, know your liabilities in this matter as well.

A comprehensive list of your liabilities when you subscribe for a car!

So, finally a car subscription company is offering you a fabulous car for your family. And they even got it delivered within 15 to 20 days at your doorstep. Awesome! Now you’re super happy that this is going to be yours as long as your heart wants. But when you’re returning the car ensure, that you are following the below listed guidelines. Of course, when the company is providing you so much flexibility and a plethora of services, it’s your duty to ensure that nothing goes wrong from your side as well. So, let’s take a look at your liability of car subscription when returning your subscribed car and the rules attached to it.

1. A car is to be checked and inspected before being handed to the subscriber

The car subscribing company hands you a used car after properly inspecting and studying its condition. And everything is properly noted down. But it is even your duty to check the same once again. This inspection and the notes thereof are very useful at the time when you are returning your subscribed car back to the company. 

2. The same study is carried out when you are returning the vehicle

After you hand over the keys back to the company, the same inspection takes place. And if the vehicle is supposedly found severely damaged and the cases of excessive wear and tear are noticed, you are liable to pay the charges for the same.

3. What are considered as extreme wear and tear

If your car at the time of subscription was already somewhat damaged and worn out, then obviously when you return it, a little bit more damage isn’t an issue. And you won’t be really charged for it. But when the car is considered to be used beyond a certain mileage than it is appropriate for the time it was subscribed for, then obviously it is considered to have been used too much. And the charges for it should be paid by you. Similarly, if the condition of the car is normal (like, having just one or two scratch on a car), then you don’t have to pay anything as the damage fee. But if it goes beyond — like the headlights are broken or the tail light is dislocated or there is a severe damage in the interiors of the car (like, cigarette burns on the upholstery or if it’s torn badly), then obviously you are liable to pay the charges for the repair required. 

4. The missing accessories of the car and your liabilities for the same

If any important paper, keys or a part of the car is missing, then you have to pay the charges for it. And this payment has to be made when your car is sent back to the company.

5. What charges are you liable to pay

Don’t you worry! You won’t be taxed too much because of the damage or missing items. It would be an entirely transparent procedure and the penalty would be only for the items that are damaged or lost. 

6. Who’s to pay at the time of accidents

Cases of accidents can happen to anyone — whether it’s a subscribed vehicle or your own. But if unfortunately, your subscribed car happens to face an accident and there is a severe damage to it, then there is the insurance policy in car rental which can be used and the damage for the same is easily provided for. So, you can rest assured that your company will help you out in this totally and you won’t be taxed illogically for anything.

Well, after this useful information about car subscription, we hope that you know where and how much you have to pay when you return the subscribed a car to the owner. The intention to provide you with these details wasn’t to scare you about this scheme (which is actually very beneficial for you), but to ensure that you don’t get duped by anyone. Finally, make sure that you are aware of your responsibilities as a subscriber and act as a responsible user.


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