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Take your Diwali Celebrations One Notch up as You can Plan at 4 Places in Pune

Everyone is curious to know more about Pune! The city has shown a considerable development and is evolving as a leader within a very short period of time. Well that’s why it has certainly grabbed a lot of attention. From being a prominent place with historical places of interest, the city is also abuzz with some latest infrastructural development and contemporary progress. So basically, you can call Pune a mixture of ancient history and modern advancement — and therefore, a must visit place to explore its diversity. But that’s not all, as much charm Pune exudes in its land and landscape (or shall we say cityscape?), the same excitement and vigour can be seen in the lifestyle of the city as well. Especially during the festival times, the ambiance and atmosphere in this city is electrifying.

 You definitely are searching for a fabulous location to enjoy your festivities better. And let us suggest you try Pune this time. This city will make you understand what true festival celebrations are like – a balance of tradition and pomp. The way they decorate the entire city with lights, the local markets serving the exceptional food and sweets, the way the crackers are enjoyed by the kids – it all makes you reverberate with the spirit and you will definitely be impressed by the festival time in Pune.

Important things to remember when visiting to Pune:

  • Best time to visit — We know you are thinking of travelling across this city on the road, and that is why we are concerned about the best time to travel in Pune by road! Well, do try it mostly during the winters. Summer in Pune can be very hot, and you may not be able to explore the place at its best. Even monsoons are pretty much pleasant If you want to visit Pune and be enthralled by the drenched greens all around and the mellowed beauty of a rain-washed city life.
  • Types of visits recommended— Historical, Leisure trip, and religious journeys.

Make your Diwali cracking by celebrating it at Pune!

4 Best Places in Pune to Visit During Diwali

Well, you are presently in a mood to travel miles exploring some really stunning locations! We know Diwali has got you lots of off days and you intend to make the most of it. Let us assure you, that Pune wouldn’t ever disappoint you. In terms of great architectural beauties, heritage sites and aesthetic gardens and more — there are lots of things to do in Pune for all. And since it is Diwali time, the aura of the city would be totally captivating. So, let’s move ahead and pick the fastest route to visit the most fabulous locations of Pune.

1. Shaniwar Wada Palace

Now, get ready to sink in the rich history and diverse culture in Pune by visiting the Shaniwar Wada Palace. It is one of the most enchanting locations that you would find in the city. The huge area of the Palace has been standing on this land since the 17th century. It was during that time that the Marathas built this Palace and used it to flaunt their power and prestige. Unfortunately, the Palace was damaged by fire later, and only an iota of its awesomeness can be witnessed at present, but still this place offers a lot for the historically curious souls today. You will be surprised to see the fine decor and artistry used to build the Palace and the Persian Connoisseur rugs that are laid on the floor along with the grand chandeliers in the ceilings. And when you visit here especially during the Diwali time, this entire place glows like a Queen with lights everywhere welcoming you with open arms.

2. The Aga Khan Palace

No, we are not done with palaces yet. Let us take you on a wonderful trip to one of the main tourist attractions in Pune. This Palace was built by the late mighty Aga Khan during the 18th century. Apart from being a fabulous creation with the grandness and gloriousness that it exudes, this Palace holds a glorious position in the Indian historical movement as well. It was used as the location to lock down Mahatma Gandhi and his wife along with several other important freedom fighters. That is why the country respects this Palace a lot and considers it as an important site with immense historical significance. You can take a tour around the huge Palace and gaze at the awesome garden and be stunned by the luxurious architectural craftsmanship of ancient times.

3. Dagdusheth Halwai Temple

The Dagdusheth Halwai Temple is an important place to visit if you take a trip to Pune during Diwali. Though this is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha and you will see pilgrims and believers thronging this temple during the famed Ganesh Utsava, but even during Diwali, there are lots devotees seeking blessings of the Lord. The grand temple built by a sweet maker and his wife, has some distinct charm that attracts devotees from far and wide. Apart from having a graceful idol, it has some exclusive décor of marbles making it a spectacular sight.

4. Deccan Road

Diwali cannot be celebrated without gifts. We are sure you’re planning to drive to the local shopping places in Pune to get those fascinating gifts for your loved ones. So take your car towards the Deccan Road and halt for an hour or so. You will find a range of exclusive items here at really affordable rates (remember to make the most of the Diwali discounts!). The traditional bangles, Maharashtrian Jewellery like the nose ring, the local textiles (sarees) and the famous spices of Pune are definitely worth a bagful. And if by any chance you don’t get your favourite item here, (which is very much unlikely), you can check the other nearby markets like the Mahatma Phule Mandai. Juna Bazaar, etc. Pro tip — Halt at a local food outlet in Pune to devour those famous bhajjis and vada pav and pack some local sweets and savouries.

You will be highly mistaken if you think Pune is a satellite city and this was all that you can see in this place. You can also check the other places to visit in Pune like Parvati Hill, Lal Mahal, Raja Dinkar Keller Museum, Vetal Tekdi, famed educational institutions and Universities (Fergusson college, Film and Television Institute of India, Bhandarkar Institute etc.) and much more — and since it’s a Diwali vacation, we are sure you have the leisure of many more days to explore even the nearby places from Pune for road trips like Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavla, Aurangabad, etc. After all, these places are equally excited and eager to celebrate the festival of Diwali with you. So, when are you hiring a car from Revv and starting the glorious journey to explore the city of Pune?


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