What is Mahindra Cars Subscription and How it Works in India?

Gone are the days when we had to wait for years to have a car so that we can go on those long drives whenever we wish to. The concept of car subscription has changed the idea of having a car. Now you do not need to think about your finances, take a car loan, and then keep on paying EMIs to enjoy the several advantages of having a car. You can simply choose a car subscription service and start driving it the way you want. One of the best among all is the Mahindra car subscription offered by Revv. 

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What is a Mahindra Car Subscription?

Mahindra car subscription is the process in which you can subscribe to a car on a monthly or yearly basis. You do not need to make a down payment or take a loan to use this service. You can simply visit the website of Revv and browse through the list of Mahindra cars. You can choose from the various models and reserve the car online. Once you reserve it, you will soon get a call from the staff at Revv. They will explain everything about the process and even provide you with some information. They will then take at least 10 days to deep clean the car and sanitize every corner of the vehicle. The car will then be delivered to the doorstep; however, the person who has taken the subscription and provided his/her driving license and ID proof, has to be present during the time of delivery.

You can track the entire process and all the steps through notifications. Revv will keep on sending notifications to you, through which you will be able to understand the status of the car’s order. Apart from this, a dedicated staff member will also be assigned for you to give you an update now and then.

Revv Mahindra car subscription is available for both unboxed and brand new cars. However, if you want a brand new car, the car will especially be ordered for you. The Mahindra monthly car subscription for brand new cars starts at INR 17,810, while the monthly subscription for Mahindra unboxed cars starts at INR 12,499. 

In which cities Mahindra Car Subscription is available?

Mahindra car subscription is available in several cities in India. A few of them include:

  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Delhi-NCR
  • Kolkata
  • Chennai
  • Ahmedabad
  • Mysore
  • Surat
  • Mangalore
  • Jaipur
  • Vijayawada
  • Mysore
  • Kochi

Who is Eligible for Mahindra Car Subscription?

You can click on the “Check eligibility” on the Mahindra subscription-by the year website. You would need to share some of your information regarding your work and address with Revv. This will help them check your eligibility, after which you can go ahead and book the car. Besides this, you need to be 21 years old and have a valid driving license. 

Why Mahindra Car Subscription better than Buying a Car?

Lately, car subscription has been widely accepted in India. Mahindra car subscription is one of the most chosen ones. Let us discuss here why is it better to choose a Mahindra car subscription than buying a car.

1. Free from the down payment and EMI

One of the benefits of Mahindra car subscription is that you do not have to get the money ready for down payment or take any kind of car loan. You can just pay the monthly fee. While in the case of buying a car, you have to make a certain down payment and you may even need to take a loan, and as a result of which you will have to pay EMI.

2. Flexibility to discontinue or change the car

As an owner of the car you have to keep using the car until you buy a new one. However, in the case of a car subscription, you can discontinue using the service whenever you feel. You also have the option to change the model and brand of the car. You can use a car at least for a month and then subscribe to a new car.

3. Cost-effective to use for a shorter period

If you need a car for a shorter period, there is nothing better than going for a car subscription. If you buy a car for a shorter time, you would need to invest a lot of money. However, to use the car subscription service, you will just need to pay the monthly fee. You use it for the period you need it and then return it to the company.

4. Free from maintenance and insurance claims

As an owner of your car, you will have to take the car for servicing and every time it shows some problem. You will also have to take care of insurance claims on your own. On the other hand, when you take a car subscription from Revv, the company will take care of the maintenance part. Staff from the company will collect the car from your address and after serving is done, they will deliver it back to your doorstep. They will also take care of insurance claims. The maintenance, insurance coverage, and road tax are included in the monthly package.

There are several benefits to taking a Mahindra car subscription. To avail of the service, you can either get in touch with the company or just visit the website of Revv. By just following some steps, you can easily subscribe to the car of your choice and use it just like your own car. 


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