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Dreams of an Offbeat Weekend Trip? Wheel from Bangalore to Javadhu Hills!

A picturesque extension of the Eastern Ghats, the Javadhu or Javadhi Hills are the best weekend getaway for people looking to escape the mad rush of the city life of Bangalore. The brownie points? This spot is yet unadulterated by the typical touristy pesky crowd. So, you shall be blessed with the peace and tranquillity that you were yearning for to feel rejuvenated inside out. You want more feathers on the cap? Well, you have the spectacular scenic beauty and wonderful view from vantage point.  Sip a cup of tea or coffee as you leisurely behold the day and hours passing by – a luxury we are sure you never have in your Bangalore schedule.  Still looking for more? Depending on what you want there is something for everybody. Milky cascade of waterfall to sit and stare at for the peace-loving souls, trekking trails for the athletic kinds, jaw dropping backdrops for Instagram addicts, a myriad bouquet of flora and fauna for the nature lovers, and more. When you thought you couldn’t be surprised anymore, you discover a whole island in the centre of the town! Feeling excited? Well, first, let’s get the facts right. 

Things to keep in mind when driving from Bangalore to Javadhu Hills!

  • Best time to visit the Javadhu Hills — The most appropriate time to visit in Javadhu Hills is during the winters. The weather is totally pleasant during the cooler months. However, even the monsoons here are truly admirable and worth a visit, but you won’t find the famous adventurous activities open here during this time. And summer is tough here since it’s a hilly area.
  • Distance from Bangalore to Javadhu Hills by road — The distance from Bangalore to Javadhu Hills is around 184.6 km by road and you’ll require to travel for 4 hours to reach this destination. And the best route preferred from Bangalore to Javadhu Hills is via NH 44 and 48.
  • Types of visits recommended here — You should plan for road trips from Bangalore to Javadhu Hills if you are crazy about nature, love adventurous activities like trekking and mountaineering, and are super obsessed about the rare flora and fauna. Or simply because you need a weekend escapade.

Get a super rejuvenating experience by travelling from Bangalore to Javadhu Hills!

Not known to many, but Tamil Nadu prides in having some really commendable locations on its map. You shall be amazed to spot lots of hill Stations near Bangalore like Javadhu Hills. And a quick and impromptu trip to these locations can actually cheer up your mood. So, let’s take a drive towards this stunning and arresting location and know why (although it isn’t hyped much in the travel books) it gets lots of visitors round the clock. 

1. Enjoy the Bheemanmadavu Waterfall

Though the number of waterfalls in the Javadhu Hills cannot be counted in a single digit, but the most famous amongst them is the Bheemanmadavu Waterfall. The pure and fast flowing water from a high level is the perfect site for beauty lovers (and a sight for the sore eyes as well). Even the greens around this waterfall is mesmerising and can gift you some fascinating photographs as memento. So, wouldn’t it be superb to explore this location and enjoy a crisp and calm day near the stunning waterfall? And don’t forget to check the Komittiyanur Lake as well when you are done enjoying the serenity of the waterfalls in Javadhu Hills, for this is the biggest lake in this location.

2. For the love of trekking

Trekking lovers and campers just can’t get enough of this location. It’s one of the most popular things to do in Javadhu Hills. The smooth terrain, the calm, and the picturesque view around it – cumulatively are just too enchanting to ignore. And if you are hitting this location during winters, then the fog makes the atmosphere more idyllic.

3. The rich flora and fauna of these hills

Let us give you a tip if you are in for some best sightseeing experience in Javadhu Hills. The rich flora and fauna of these hills isn’t much talked about. But if you ask the experts, they’ll tell you that you can actually witness some very rare and endangered species of animals, birds and even butterflies in this location. What’s more — some plantations at this location like the Jackfruit, gooseberry, mango, etc. truly make a nice cluster of greenery to soothe the soul. 

4. The Vainu Bappu observatory

So, have you ever had the privilege to visit an observatory and explore the world of the moon and the stars? Well, check this out, the Vaina Bappu Observatory at Javadhu Hills prides in having one that is easily accessible from the road and has a telescope that is about 40 inch long. Which means you can actually view the planets from here apart from the stars and enjoy a virtual tour to the sky while you take a glorious tour of the hills. 

5. Easily accessible places near the Javadhu Hills

You will find tourists flocking these hills not only because of the awesomeness this place exudes, but also because of the famous tourist places near Javadhu Hills. There is the Sripuram Golden Temple which is just 67.5 kilometres away from these hills —a much revered temple with a rich golden colour and exclusive carvings that make it a treat to the eyes apart from the religious significance. You should also check the Church of South India which is just 73.7 kilometres drive from the Javadhu Hills — this 150-year-old structure is one of the oldest churches in this place. Very near to it, you can also turn towards the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary which is a special elephant reserve in India. Even the Vellore Fort nearby the hills is known for its distinct architecture as it stands tall since the 16th century. 

We are sure you would be totally exhausted but refreshed after checking all the gems that the Javadhu Hills and the vicinity have to offer to you.  No wonder this place is fast gaining popularity among the locals and tourists alike. Since you are going to drive towards this location, ensure that you hire a good car for rental from Revv to make your journey more comfortable and convenient. After all, a bad car and a rough drive can be a mood spoiler for sure! And we definitely wouldn’t want that!


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