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Indulge in The Hiemal Magic of Hills in Himachal Pradesh

We all have heard about the mystical aura of Himachal Pradesh. It’s a lovely destination with cloud capped rolling hills. And if it’s winter, then the magic doubles. You get to witness an enchanting view of snow-covered mountains and fabulous sceneries. And of course, the fog in the air makes you feel that you are in a magical wonderland.

Winters are finally here. You’ll find the Christmas vibes embracing the entire world. Then how can India stay behind? You can find all the charisma of this joyful festival at Himachal Pradesh and the areas in the vicinity (not many places in India would let you build a snowman during Christmas time!). A road trip to this enticing State and the nearby areas is going to ensure that your holidays are going to be the most memorable one this year.

Important things to keep in mind when travelling in and around Himachal Pradesh!

  • Best time to visit himachal pradesh — Himachal Pradesh looks captivating throughout the year. But in winters the weather is absolutely magnetic and filled with snow. So, the best time to visit here is amidst the snow, that’s during winters.
  • Types of visits recommended — Road trips to Himachal Pradesh in December leads to many opportunities like sports activities, religious trips, pilgrimage journey, sightseeing, etc.

Enjoy a fascinating winter amongst the thrilling hills of Himachal Pradesh!

Himachal Pradesh prides in having some ravishing locations under its wings. And some of the places are so adventurous that it takes all your might and dare to reach them safely. And even after so much risk, tourists are crazy about these locations because of the snow-capped sobriety of the mountains that makes you have a fresh perspective towards life and the stunning beauty of the places that helps you unwind and rejuvenate inside out. So, let’s talk about the famous hilly locations in and around Himachal Pradesh that can give you the best holiday experience of your life.

1. Shimla to Manali

If we talk about the road trips from Himachal Pradesh, the Shimla to Manali tour tops the list. Shimla is the fabulous colonial example in India and Manali is the honeymoon capital of the country. The beauty of both these locations during winter is totally mesmerising. And if this wasn’t enough, the route between the two locations is full of enticing landscapes, unique birds, and awesome valleys and hills. A road trip between these two locations is going to be full of exotic memories and happy times (not to mention Instagram worthy pictures).

Distance between Shimla to Manali — 247 kilometres.

2. Chandigarh to Dalhousie

Chandigarh is one of the famous nearby places to visit from Himachal Pradesh and Dalhousie is the pride of Himachal Pradesh. A road trip from the cleanest city of India to the most rustic and naturally beautiful location of the State is certainly going to be very inviting. After crossing the tough but beautiful roadway, you’ll reach Dalhousie which has some prominent churches, peaks, and lakes ready to embrace you in their enchanting arms. And what’s more, during Christmas time, you’ll love the beautiful decorations at the Churches here.

Distance between Chandigarh and Dalhousie — 314 kilometres.

3. Kullu to Rohtang Pass

One of the best things to do in winters in Himachal Pradesh is to take an exciting road trip from Kullu to Rohtang Pass. Kullu provides a perfect picture postcard image during the Christmas time and Rohtang Pass takes you to a jaw droppingly beautiful location on one of the topmost points of Himachal. We agree the way is risky and quite adventurous. But the exhilaration when you visit Rohtang Pass is truly heavenly. The view of the Himalayas from that point and the ice all around are enough to mesmerise you.

Distance between Kullu to Rohtang Pass— 100 kilometres.

4. Chandigarh to Chail

When you are ready to experience the pleasure of travelling to some unexplored places in Himachal Pradesh, then start from Chandigarh and travel toward Chail. You’ll love the magnetic view in between the two beautiful destinations of the north. And Chail is the village with some charming lakes, beautiful sceneries, and also a fabulous wildlife sanctuary. 

The distance from Chandigarh to Chail —105 kilometres.

5. Delhi to Kasol

The trip from Delhi to Kasol is one of the best trips with some of the fascinating tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. You will start with the capital of India and reach this naturally blessed location after crossing some spectacular locations in between. Kasol can be called a paradise for nature lovers. The beautiful greenery (which is covered with snow in winter), the village here provides a perfect example of the rustic lifestyle and the weather makes the hills around it look all the more alluring and magical.

Distance between Delhi to Kasol — 511 kilometres.

6. Manali to Leh

Searching for the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in December? Then think of going from Manali to Leh. The mountains are going to look all the more amazing with the snow shield. And Leh provides you a captivating view of heaven on the Earth. 

Distance between Manali to Leh — 473 kilometres.

7. Shimla to Spiti Valley

After you indulge in a fabulous experience of Christmas celebration in Himachal Pradesh in Shimla, you can start for an exciting journey from here to the Spiti Valley. The ambience in Shimla during this time is totally loveable and Spiti Valley is a fascinating valley providing you the glimpse of the natural beauty. The hospitality and the simple lifestyle of the people here would make you appreciate all that you have and forget about what you don’t – key to inner peace, right? 

Distance between Shimla and Spiti Valley — 414 kilometres.

8. Shimla to Bir Billing

Let’s start towards the most adventurous journey of your life to the magnificently amazing location – Bir Billing. Drive along the most beautiful sceneries and reach the place that’s famous for the best skiing experience during the winter season in Himachal Pradesh. 

Distance between Shimla to Bir Billing — 209 kilometres.

9. Delhi to Dharamshala

Starting from the capital, you can pass through some enthralling locations in between like Amritsar and more. And on reaching Dharamshala, you’ll be enchanted by the phenomenal natural beauty and impressive greenery.

Distance between Delhi to Dharamshala — 469 kilometres.

10. Shimla to Kufri

If you aspire to see those winter wonderlands in India, then move from Shimla to Kufri. The skiing slopes, ravishing beauty of the valleys, the stunning forests here – all are worth checking while you visit here. 

Distance between Shimla to Kufri — 15 kilometres.

These places are truly a treat for eyes and soul especially during the winter season. And if you want to widen your horizon, visit Rohtang La — a mesmerising ice clad location, Khajjar – the mini Switzerland of India, Parashar Lake – the best beautiful holiday destination in the north, and Churdhar — an iconic village. Just to remind you, a trip to all these places requires a safe and tough vehicle that you can get by hiring a car from Revv in Himachal Pradesh.


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