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Best Road Trips to Hill Stations Near Chennai

Chennai, a glorious metropolitan city located in Tamil Nadu, South of India, is rich, diverse and really progressive. Being a prominent centre since the British rule and even before that era, this city holds around 2467 heritage buildings alone! And do believe us, it’s highest in the country. The city of culturally dipped monuments, buildings and beaches though is extremely fascinating to explore, but its hot and humid climate can be really unbearable at times. Don’t you think it’s then that you should research about all the Popular Hill Destinations near Chennai? Anything to lessen the torture of the hot ball of fire in this land of sand and sea, right? And fear not even if you are pressed on time and budget – you can plan short trips in the vicinity within driving distance. 

Quick tips:

  • Best time to take a road trip to the hill stations around Chennai

Chennai has scorching heat in summer, but pleasant weather during winters. Therefore, the best time to travel from this city to the cooler hilly areas would mostly be during the heated summers. But if you want to enjoy the same during winters as well, it would be truly a wonderful experience.

  • Things to do in Chennai

Chennai has never lagged behind in offering some exceptional destinations and monuments for exploring. So, if you are thinking about the things to do in Chennai, then go trekking at Nagalapuram, enjoy the sand and sea at Marina Beach, go for an adventure trip at Yercaud, and explore the temples at Trivanthapuram.

6 Best Hill Stations Near Chennai:

There are some idealistic locations at a very close distance from Chennai which make them immensely popular amongst the tourists and devotees that come to visit Chennai. Even the residents of this city love exploring these locations on and off frequently. Since we are talking about the hill stations in the vicinity of Chennai, the best way to reach them is to opt for the roadways, and discover let the locations gradually unfold before you step by step. And it also gives you the opportunity to mingle with the locals, taste the cuisine, explore the handicrafts, so on and so forth. Read below about some of these fantastic hill stations near Chennai that call for your attention this holiday season!

1. Nagalapuram Waterfalls

It is the most preferred trekking site amongst the adventure junkies, and is the closest and nearby places to visit from Chennai. A quick weekend trip to these waterfalls is highly recommended if you are crazy about swimming in a natural backdrop. The water falling from the height is heavenly pure and forms a wonderful pool below. Also, if you are keen on exploring a little, you should visit the Vedanarayana Swamy Temple on your way towards these falls.

  • Distance from Chennai — 3 Km
  • Time required to reach— 2 hours
  • Best known for — The famous Nagalapuram Waterfalls and Shri Vedanarayana Temple.

2. Yelagiri

The famous and most captivating location offering best sightseeing in hill places in the vicinity of Chennai, Yelagiri is ideal for a romantic retreat amongst the hills. You can go for boating or spend some lovely time with your partner enjoying the tranquil beauty of nature at its best. The stunning mountains forming borders along the clear sea, and the naturally green ambience is worth soaking in. But even if you are looking for some adrenaline rush, you won’t be disappointed by Yelagiri, as there are lots of exciting activities like paragliding, hiking, trekking, swimming and sailing that you can explore when in this location.

  • Distance from Chennai — 230 km
  • Time required to reach — 4 hours
  • Best known for— Lake Punganoor, Vainu Bappu Observatory and adventure activities.

3. Horsely Hills

An attractive site in itself, the Horsely Hills has been a hot favourite since the British rule in the country. The captivating beauty of the place, the stunning natural ambience and scenarios resembling paradise is enough to better anyone’s mood instantly. You should definitely visit this place in order to hike or trek in this wonderful surrounding. And even if you are too lazy to move, the divine beauty around you is enough to refresh you.

  • Distance from Chennai — 263 Km
  • Time required to reach— 4 and a half hours
  • Best known for— Lake Gangotri, Lots of viewpoints, Gali Banda, Horsely Hills Museum.

4. Yercaud

Travellers often don’t seal their journey to Chennai without visiting Yercaud. It’s a fascinating location with thick forests, alluring beautiful sites and some exceptional wild life. There are lots to discover in this place including the water sports (the place is famous for them!). You can also visit the lush coffee plantations which would make your trip informative too as you explore the process of coffee production.

  • Distance from Chennai — 368 Km
  • Time required to reach— 5 hours
  • Best known for— Kiliyur waterfalls, Bear Cave, water sports.

5. Kolli Hills

A perfect location for a short holiday, Kolli hills has a perfect and pristine landscape to attract the tourists. You can call it the best one for a family trip, as this hill station has something for everybody. If you are a nature loving soul, you get your food for soul amidst the arresting, picturesque surroundings. If you love exploration, you can visit the Siddhar Caves and discover more about this land. For devotional or Yoga lovers, this is a perfect spot to try out their Asanas peacefully. And for adventure lovers, you wouldn’t get short of trekking sites and hiking spots and other opportunities for sports activities when you are here.

  • Distance from Chennai — 297 km
  • Time required to reach— 5 hours
  • Best known for— Arapaleeswarar Temple, Agaya Gangai Falls, Sidhhar Caves.

6. Meghamalai

Lush greens, unending tea plantations, cosy hills and the ideal lake at the heart of all these, Meghamalai, also called as The High Wavy Mountains, is just the perfect creation of nature. The incredible beauty of this hill station is totally mesmerising. You would even love to explore the rich wildlife of the place along with tasting some of the best samples of tea and coffee from here. Just ensure to keep your phone memory empty because the gorgeous pictures you are going to get from here are going to be never-ending.

  • Distance from Chennai — 551 km
  • Time required to reach — 9 hours
  • Best known for— Spice shopping, nature walks, wildlife spotting.

Driving top these mesmerizing destinations in the comfort of a self drive car rental from Revv will enhance the experience. We always knew South India was astonishingly stunning. But until now were you aware of such beguiling hilly locations that dotted the area? Well, now that you do know, get-set-go!


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